Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Opening Salvo on a Closing Dunce

This is a continuation of Banquet of Consequences at Journal Space.com. It would seem that JS is undergoing one of it's bi-annual crashes...and I just can't help myself while they fiddlefart. So here's a quickie for you and me which I found over at pundit kitchen. I changed the caption to suit myself...it's an ego thing, you see:


Trebor said...

He never stopped drinking.

Trebor said...

If you find other "friendly" JS bloggers, please let me know. CHIMP

jadedj said...

I never bought into that...or the "christian" crap either.

So far, you're it. I'm surprised Navywx isn't over here. Several of the bad guys are out here though...I'm trying to ignore them and keep my blood pressure down.