Thursday, January 15, 2009

Delirious From Nebraska

I don't want to be left out here (in the cold as it were...ha ha ha) as being the only blog not talking about the cold weather. It's ferking cold.
And I warn you, I am delirious because of it. There.

It was -10F when I took my oldest daughter to school at 7:30 this has now warmed up to a balmy 6 degrees at noon. At least the wind has died down from yesterday...we were having gusts up to 45 mph...coupled with 10 degree temp, that will pucker any aperture you have...including...well...

I truly can't find anything amusing about it. It is a crying situation. For example, when you're standing there pumping gas, because your car is on empty, and you have no choice but to pump, and the wind is blowing right up your sorry-ass, thin corduroy pants, which roast your skinny little legs in July...and you're there pumping because many years ago America gave up FULL SERVICE gas stations...which not only included pumping the gas, but checking the tire pressure, and cleaning the windshield, and making sure your car wasn't a quart low...even in -10 degree weather...your mind zeros in on one word...and you cry...bastards!

You better believe, it's always somebody else's fault. Cold hearted bastards!


Mary Kitt-Neel said...

i suppose it won't help if i tell you that my town has two full-service gas stations that charge the same as self-serve stations. yup. they have many little old ladies who are extremely loyal.

Judy said...

Oh for the good ole days when a customer was a 'customer.'

I won't blog anything about the *Cold* because all of you will come down here and stomp on me,lol!

Shhhhh>>>>>> it's going to be 37* in the morning here. This a.m. was 45* Shhhhhh>>>>>>>>>

jadedj said...

Mary KItt---you tell me this, after reading about my self-serve pain (literally), on a cold and windy hill (wasn't that a movie, or song or something?)? You are a cruel person.

Judy---we won't stomp you, but can we just come down and get warm...pretty please. I'm going to tell if you don't say yes.

O~ said...

You can come down here but I'm afraid it is only going to be a balmy breezy 13... 11 tomorrow evening... brrrrrrrr.... but I do have the fixins for hot toddies!!

hsack said...

It's cold here too. I think I saw a dog stuck to a fire hydrant in what looks like a painful position as I drove by. :-)

intelliwench said...

It's frigorific here, too, jaded (I've been waiting to be able to use that word!). One usually doesn't associate negative wind chills with Tennessee, but today we've got 'em. They are lettin' the young'uns go to school 2 hours late -- maybe the buses don't have heat.

(I WOULD have had to pump gas in this weather, but had the foresight to fill up Tuesday, when the temp was still in the 30s.)

jadedj said...

O~---13...I'll take it.

hsack---or was it just a horn dog?

intell---we have to have 2 feet of snow and temps in the minuses before the school system here declares a late day...irritates my daughter to no end.

You obviously practice the 5 Pees, Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance...that was drilled into my head at OCS. I always sounded like Porky Pig when reguritating it.

someone said...

I would just stay under the covers, and tell the kids to go back to sleep. I know Nebraska cold, and it is no fun at all. As for service, in Oregon they won't let you pump your own gas. I like that. If I don't have to get out of my car to get a hamburger, my prescriptions, or my cash, why the hell do I have to get out to pump GAS?

jadedj said...

My ex-wife lives in Oregon. She always LIKED the idea of pumping her own gas. I am not in touch with her, but I am sure this Oregon law you're telling me about is a thorn in her was I.

Where did I get the idea that you are in Atlanta?

jadedj said..., no, no, sorry...someone, it just occurred to me...I'm not in touch with my ex-wife, who is in are in Oregon...are you, by any, ah,...? No, don't LIKE pumping your own gas. Whew!