Sunday, June 28, 2009

Would you buy a used car from this man?

DISCLAIMER: My Grandmother, God love her, use to say, don't speak ill of the dead. I didn't understand that shit then...and still don't. I have never been one to honor the dead simply because they are fucking death. That is, if they were obnoxious, or an asshole, or mean in life, why all of a sudden because they are dead should I change my opinion of them? I don't. So, if you are offended by my philosophy regards the dead...don't read this.

Last week I did a post about the butt wipe thing and in it I mentioned Billy Mays---unkindly. So, I mention him and the next week he goes to bed and doesn't wake up.

I've not made any secret that the man irritated me. In fact, I refused to listen to his loud mouth when I accidentally came across him on T.V. And from what I have read of him, it wasn't an act...he really was loud, and obnoxious. Unfortunately, it seems that in this country, even the obnoxious can be revered (remember John McEnroe?-but even McEnroe had an admirable talent) I've read that Mays had a very large fan club and groupies. WTF?

Also, I've never figured out why, but he seemed to turn up on kid's channels, such as Noggin, and Nick at Night. And of course those are our five year old's favorites. In fact, I am familiar with him by osmosis, as much as anything.

He was a huckster...a successful one, but a huckster nevertheless...and sleazy to boot. Seriously, those ferking gold chain necklaces, and the big rings, errrrrrgh. Hell, he earned his wings on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, and the Shopping Network. What does that speak to?

I came across this photo on line, and for me, it says it all.

If this guy is the American dream...leave me the ferk out.

Adios Billy---I hope I don't have to listen to your big mouth up, or down there---and for sure, down here---except when they rerun your dumb ass commericals, ad nauseum---FUK!.

Wait, there's more! Who I used to think about when I heard this guy was Robert Preston, in the Music Man. Preston's character too was a huckster...but, a classy one. The reason why? Because his character was in amour of the word...not the money...nor the product. The power of the word. Just listen to this:


Mr. Charleston said...

Hot-almighty JJ, I think you rang the bell! What the hell is it about a huckster? Aren't they the ones the sweet innocent girls always fall for? And you wonder, WTF is wrong with this picture?

I'm sure he would have been on the list I was talking about the other night. You know, faces you're glad to be rid of.

The Music Man on the other hand... "He's a fake and he doesn't know the territory." Great entertainment.

mo.stoneskin said...

Maybe your comments about him did take effect. I woke up last night to see the ghost of Billy Mays doing some sort of Noggin dance in my room.

Punch said...

I don't watch the news as a rule. I sat down last evening to relax and could not find a rerun that i had not seen and the news seem to be an option. So here they are talking about Billy Mays, even had an interview with his kid. I thought he was some baseball player. Never heard of him! As it turns out looks like i lucked out. Well untill i read your blog this morning. Thanks a lot, buster.
Swell! Sos your ol' man!

the walking man said...

Aww shit the guy was making a living, nothing more nothing less. By all accounts Oxy-Clean works and he always gave free samples of the shit away to visitors to his home. Although I am fairly certain his brand of hucksterism excited the same pleasure centers in the brain as say cocaine...still he was just making a comfortable living.

You don't have to not speak ill of the dead, they're dead and I am certain they don't give a rat's ass what anyone say about them anymore.

O~ said...

LOVE Trouble in RIver City! - best part of the Music Man!

jadedj said...

C---you're probably better off without the girl. Good riddance is exactly my point. Fuk him.

Mo.---sorry...didn't mean to bring that down on you.


WM---without getting too serious over such a trivial thing (please take note), and not to give you a short answer, Fuk his living. As to Oxiclean, read, gave to, as huckstered to his friends and visitors...I, for one, find that obnoxious. Kind of like insurance salesmen and fundimentist christians...they just can't shut the fuck up about it.

O---Thanks...that was the real point of this post :)

Fancy Schmancy said...

Love that picture, too funny!

jadedj said...

Fancy---would that I could claim it. It's work of someone else who held him in the highest esteem.

KIT said...

Very well said JJ, I couldn't agree more.
Love the Music Man clip too!

jadedj said...

KIT---Hey, glad you enjoyed it :-)

the walking man said...

*shrug* fuCk it...soon enough there will be another to fill the shoes of all the others that came before and died. No big deal.

Doug said...

I haven't seen The Music Man in at least 40 years, but I remember that bit.

Vince Shlomi (Shamwow) could replace Mays, but he says, "this isn't a career". Neither is slapping a prostitute around...

Speaking of Vince, you need to youtube "Shampon", the Bob and Tom version...

jadedj said...

WM---...such as the Shamwow jerk.
btw---yes, I know how to spell fuCk. My fuk it is to appease the censors. I've been using it for years...just thought I'd mention it.

Doug---even more reprehensible. However, he does give new meaning to the term, "bite your tongue."

I'll check it out. Thanks.

Comrade Kevin said...

So, you're saying that we live in a decadent society? :)

Harlequin said...

thanks for River of my all time favorites, and everything old is new again!
as for your jerk, agree agree... how does this happen?? BTW...McEnroe has a ( somewhat ) reformed career in tennis broadcasting and he often times approaches lucid and thoughtful commentary. Mays, however, could quite well be beyond rehabilitation.

jadedj said...

Comrade---running amok! Oh, and I detested Mays.

Harlequin---you're welcome. Yep, Mays is beyond rehab for sure. He's up there with Barnum and Bailey in the carnival in the sky...which makes another case for purgatory.