Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fessing Up


I caught this article on Yahoo this morning. Another bit of proof that there is symmetry, and maybe justice in the universe.

The quotes in this article are taken from an AP article this a.m. The entire article is HERE.

Seems the U.S. Internal Revenue, through the courts, has forced the Swiss Bank, UBS, to reveal U.S. Citizens who have secret accounts with their bank.

Take a look at these numbers: "The U.S. and Swiss governments announced a court settlement last week in efforts by the IRS to force Zurich-based UBS AG to turn over the names of some 52,000 Americans believed to be hiding nearly $15 billion in assets in secret accounts.

Who are they after? Those with OVER $100,000 tax obligations!


But here is the catch: "In March, the IRS began a six-month amnesty program that sweetened the offer with reduced penalties for people with undeclared assets. IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said the response has been unprecedented.

Shulman wouldn't say how many people have applied so far. But the IRS said 400 people applied to voluntarily disclose undeclared assets in a single week in July, compared with fewer than 100 applications all last year.

The amnesty program, which ends Sept. 23, is part of a larger effort by federal authorities to crack down on international tax evaders."

Here are some of the other countries targeted by the IRS: the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Hong Kong and Panama.

I realize that my next statement is probably a little over simplified...but, why give amnesty? Fuck 'em. The bank is naming names, and has admitted to, and been fined $750 million for advising American clients as to how to dodge paying U.S. Taxes. Prosecute their sorry asses...fine them to the hilt. I would bet a nickel to a donut that many of these hypocrites are the first to scream about their tax dollars being squandered by lazy good-for-nothing social services violators...not to mention pending social legislation...and you know what I am referring to there.

Here's a little song for all y'all $100,000 + tax violators. Oh, and don't worry about the anal penetration part.

This is a great country, isn't it?


PENolan said...

You also brought up anal penetration in the post about the kiddie porn guy. Does anal penetration simply go along with jail time or is there something on your mind?

jadedj said...

PE---yes, they all need to get butt fucked.

Punch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PENolan said...

JadedJ - what if they like it?
A lot of people do like anal sex, you know. And I hear a prostate massage is healthy for a man.
I'm just saying . . .

I got nothing to say about Wiggers.

Punch said...

Take Two (2) On second thought...
Is it me or are all the dead beats in this recording n(see right here i used the proper spelling of this word. It has occured to me that more people will get upset that i used the proper spelling than of that word, than those that would get upset the n(impropperspelling)ers were the only ones in prison. so Now I'm saying "Is it me or are all the dead beats in this recording N's?
Where are the recording of whigger? I would love to hear rich white fuckers swinging a hammer in unison, going huhhhh!! when the hammer hit the rock, huawhah!
Be good to have a long shot panning in on the trophy c()t, (from the rear, showing, closer (slowly) and closer, (slowly) the hair, the ear, the square eyeglasses, camera (slowly) brush down across the pushup bra cleavage, of a weeping blond (tears on the page), in German SUV. while the kids played hockey on the iced pond.
Camera back to the cleavage (crisp clear focus)(show outline of bra) and now focus on the letter from her loving husband who is in prison for doing no wrong, just the mean people who he stole from getting even with him.
Fade into a dark country road, illuminate a deer, bright eyes, BAM, show deer hitting windscreen, fade to black, white letters. "It was the Deer's Fault!"
'a paid political add by the 'fuckyou' PAC.

jadedj said...

Punch---I know what you mean with this comment, but I am not sure others will. Negro is the word you meant...right?

That is the point for sure. These people, white or black, need to swing an axe on the side of the road, for a while.

the walking man said...

I understood Punch...and yes I too think that convict labor should be shot gun ridden on the side of the roads. That wouldn't deter white boy crime committed in corporate board rooms but it sure as hell would be great to see the bastards actually swinging something other than their fat asses out of a 10,000 dollar chair.

That guy in the picture at the top, you have to admit looks like he has fucked a few people in the ass in his day.

I know it's a stereotype but what the hell...every raider needs an image.

Simon said...

Sweet justice indeed. I know that all of us are hypocritical regarding what is ‘real’ crime (ie any type that we don’t commit), but the way that wealthy tax dodgers look down on poor dole scroungers has to be a classic example.

The case in the UK recently of MPs being forced to publicly disclose their expenses claims, revealing hundreds of them to have been ripping off the taxpayer in some way or other (albeit not usually actually illegal), is another good illustration. To hear your MP talking about how the number of benefit claimants must be cut, only to find he’s been making false claims on his expenses, brings things into proportion.

The Peach Tart said...

I totally agree with you that the IRS was foolish to grant amnesty to these white collar criminals. In fact, I think the financial penalties should be astronomical since their money seems to be what they care about the most.

And no more country club prisons for these types. Put them in with the regular population and give them some KY as a welcome present.

PENolan said...

I have a friend who used to be a dominatrix. Since she's a young, attractive Asian woman who looked great in black latex, she did quite well "on the job." Some of her customers were Wall Street turds who should be in jail. I'm telling you, a lot of them like it when someone says, "Bend over, bitch." They pay to hear, "I wouldn't let you touch me with that pitiful piece of shit you call a dick." A little Asian girl with a vibrator is different than a big, black buck, however.

I understand Punch's reference also, and frankly it didn't bother me the first time - but I grew up thinking Brazil nuts were called Nigger Toes. He was calling a spade a spade, is all. I find the word whigger jarring in this context because it makes me think of teen-aged white boys who pretend to ghetto rappers as represented in the movie Malibu's Most Wanted. That fellow in the picture doesn't have on a proper Whigger outfit. Where's the bling? What about a grill?

In any case, it would be nice to see all those rich assholes in shackles on a road side work crew. They may like to get whipped, but they don't like to sweat.

intelliwench said...

After reading the article, J, I'm fairly amazed that so many offenders *are* running scared. Don't these types usually think that they're faultless?

I'm also kinda disgusted at the idea of any "amnesty" for these b*stards. Like I'd have a chance of any amnesty if I made an honest mistake and underpaid my taxes a few bucks...

otin said...

It is hard to talk about justice when the biggest crooks are the people that are trying to nail the crooks! I actually really don't give a shit about what people get away with or don't get away with, financially, of course, now violent crimes are different.

jadedj said...

Punch---as usual, my brain, sans coffee at this hour, isn't ready for this. However, it would appear everyone understood your intent, except me.

wm---the guy in the photo at top, is Ken Lay, the Enron capo. Unfortunately he's not on a chain gang.

Simon---it would appear that slime is universal.

Peach---hear hear.

PE---the term Whigger was a new one for me. A friend enlightened me to it's meaning, just yesterday. Given that, I'm not sure how it applies here, either. But then, I don't know from shit...and every day I wake up, that fact is confirmed.

Shackles and bustin' rocks. Yep.

intell---that is precisely what is so insulting about it. You would be nailed mercilessly.

otin---who's talking about justice? I'm talking revenge. And let's get the others too.

Also, it doesn't piss you off that these people are laughing at you, when they do this shit? It does me. Fifteen Billion Dollars is a lot of laughing money.

Mango Girl said...

Great post! Lots of fun reading the comments, too!

jadedj said...

Mango---thanks. They are a wordy bunch, aren't they.

Punch said...

Ok, Ok, I miss used Whigger, but I would like to revise and extend...nevermind.
I would suggest it is the otins of the world that allowed this shit to happen. When were ethics, morals, decency, replaced with 'get away with'? Sounds crooked to me. I guess it ok to kill a kid as long as they starve to death do to lack of food, 'cause Daddy was not smart enough to not let Fat Daddy 'get away with' robbing him blind. I don't know still sounds fishy to me.

Mr. Charleston said...

Well, sounds like you boys thrashed this one out pretty well. I guy can't even take a day off around here before all hell breaks loose.
I with the put the fuckers in prison group only I'm certain the whole amnesty thing is a ploy to make the IRS look good, just like the insurance and pharmaceuticals giving billions for health reform. Right. Throw a bone to the dog to keep him quiet. In the end, the rich will get richer. They own the IRS.

I've noticed that JJ and Punch seem to have this anal/oral fixation myself. What's going on here guys? Is there something you'd like to tell us?

jadedj said...

Punch---Eating Crow = C-
Grasp of the Subject = A+
Presentation = Incomplete
Civil Discourse = B+
Association with dubious bloggers = F

Ethics, Morality, Decency? Dream on pal.

Mr. C---Right!

What I love is the way you stay focused, and on track, never wavering off the subject. Oh, wait. Oops, wrong this time. I am trying to ignore the reports regarding your supposed campaign advice to Sarah P. I am sure they are not true, because you are simply (or is that simple) not one to make things up, or engage in innuendos, in the way that the moosegal does. It's just not your style.

BTW-how is the heavy-duty vinyl Tom Cruise in leather, you bought on line, working out for you? You know Simon could give you some pointers on the optimal psi, and proper lubricant accessories.

Mr. Charleston said...

You can always tell the guilty as charged by the way they attack those simply trying to help. It's OK JJ, we still love you. Everyone has their fetishes, even though some are stranger than others.
And that's Penelope Cruz, not Tom Cruz. I know you want to deny it, but the fetish really is apparent.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---speaking of you still have that goat? You know what I'm talking about...the one that does the pole dance for you.