Wednesday, September 9, 2009


You all do realize that this is September 9, 2009, don't you? If you drop the 200 in the final figure, you have, 9-9-9 (does anyone see where I am headed with this?)

And, this also happens to be the night that the prez goes on the tube, at last, and gives us his definitive health care detail...unambiguous...succinct...clear...but, with flexihose. Oh, ok, maybe not so written in concrete...that is, not so written in concrete as the concrete of last year this time...during the campaign...before he was prez.

In fact, this not so concrete, I am open to *wink*, suggestions...har har har, proposal, leads me to think it is going to...PISS ME OFF...because I did not vote for flexihose politics. I voted for kick their sorry fucking asses, jam it down their goddamn throats, and get this country on a humanist track. But, this post is not about being pissed off, because I am in perpetual pissed offness, and I can do a post about that at any hour of the day. No. This is about 999, and invertness. Invert that number and what do you get? 666. See? Get it? Bad fucking day to be bringing us all together, you know. And I am simply pointing this out before the lunatic, bible burping, major-minor-majority puts it all together.

And incidentially, the It poster has nada to do with this post...I just like it.

It Breathes...It Hunts...It Kills! Yeah! Momma!


Doug said...

as I post this comment, it is now 9:09,09/09/09

PENolan said...

I'll be damned.

Punch said...

run away!! run away!!! the sky is fallin'
run away!!

jadedj said...

Doug---Canadian devil!

PE---Yes. And moi.

Punch---It, is after your sorry ass. It knows!

Holte Ender said...

That poster is pretty significant, I believe it took 999 dollars at the box office. 1958 dollars.

jadedj said...

Holte---back when men were men...monsters were monsters...women were sex-slaves...and popcorn was plentiful.

mo.stoneskin said...

Flexihose? Beautiful word and one I intend to use more often. 666 is the sign of the beast. 999 is the sign of the upside down beast, which is altogether a different thing.

the walking man said...

The best thing of the 09-09-09 speech to the combined congress was that it was easier to see them who were bought and paid for by the corporacracy the runs the country.

In bred, ill mannered, white men afraid of losing their personal power for the good of the nation.

As to the 666 speech itself...*shrug* I didn't see any balls at the podium; but I did see a lot of ass kissing from the floor.

Mr. Charleston said...

Methinks you've been dwelling in the dark recesses of pissed-offidness for so long you fail to see the light even when it is right in front of your face. 999 is the direct opposite of 666. 999 is a glorious number with great magnetic power proven throughout history. It's the reason why merchants price everything at 9.99? Even big oil has succumbed to the power of light... gas is priced at $2.49.99 per gallon, not $2.50. It's the power of 999. The power of hope! 999 is the first cousin of a perfect 10!
Therefore, President Obama's brilliant speech will succeed.
Unlike Walking Man, I believe it takes far more scrotum power to face your distractors with charity than with a fist.
But I too had the same reaction WM to the tight knot of tight asses on the right. Fuck em!

The Peach Tart said...

I thought the speak was great and long overdue. I like to dwell on Mr. Charleston interpretation of 999. More empowering.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Mr. C should run for office or become Barack's bodyguard. The stupidity of the right is getting--stupid. I have had enough and even blogged on it even though I've been trying to stay away from politics--I get too worked up.

Tom Harper said...

Perhaps 999 will be the year of...dare I say it...The Rapture?!?!?!?!?! Hallelujah! Jesus is coming back and he gonna whisk all us good people up to Heaven.

Enemy of the Republic said...

If I have to be whisked up to heaven with the right wing evangelicals, I'll take a pass. Hellbound always!

jadedj said...

mo---unless one is an Aussie, in which case 999 would be right side up, methinks. Pleased that you like the word. Use it's very...flexible.

wm---went in pissed off...came out mellowed...however, possibly the merlot had something to do with that.

Mr. C---see my comment to mo.
No question he is a bigger man than his distractors, especially the douchebag from S.C.
oh, and I second your fuck emness.

Peach---great, long overdue, and a tad...long.
And,Mr. C loves empowering.

EotR---Mr C abhors blood...lousy body guard. Getting too worked up is exactly what my wife says to me. She thought I was for sure going to drop dead last year. I didn't. This year is another matter.

Tom---one can only hope. However, I would amend that to exclude me. I sure as hell do not want to spend eternity with those nimwits.

EotR---I just said that. Great lefty minds, it would appear.
To hell with their rapture. I'm opting for the sane train.

jadedj said...

Walking man---I have re-thunk it. After reading the speech, more carefully, I think we's bout to get the weenie. He is so smooth, that I lost sight of what he was really saying. An analysis very near my own is here...linking it saves my lazy butt from a whole lot of typing. It's at the great liberal blog, swashzone: