Friday, June 10, 2011

Despicable Asswipes!

"I am not a good American...I prefer to form my own opinions" - George Carlin

Is there no level to which the Cock (sic) Brothers and the stinking Americans for Prosperity (read, the Tea Party) which the Cocks own, will not stoop to reward their cronies and butt fuck the rest of us?

It seems that there is a proposal to build a bridge from Canada to Detroit, to be called the International Trade Crossing Bridge. There is already a bridge in existence, but it is privately owned and is a toll bridge. Who owns it? Glad you asked. Read this, which I took from an article by Liz Goodwin, a writer for THE LOOKOUT...A News Blog. Excerpts indicated in italics and quotes.

"Republican donor Manuel (Matty) Moroun is lobbying against the proposed bridge because it would siphon traffic and tolls from his privately owned Ambassador bridge that traverses the same span between Detroit and Ontario. Moroun would like a second bridge--but one that he would own."

Well, fine and dandy, an entrapemanure who wants the exclusive on the market. WTF, it's the free-enterprise way...the Amurican way.

But what makes this particularly onerous (as if the above isn't onerous enough) is a typical right-wing scare tactic. In this case, the slimebags spread fake eviction notices throughout neighborhoods in Detroit. "The flyers said  'eviction notice' in big block letters and then warned residents that the state of Michigan could take their homes to make way for a new proposed bridge to Canada, the New International Trade Crossing bridge."

And then the second half of the lying is put into play:

"Moroun's company told the Free Press that it had nothing to do with the fake eviction notices, though Americans for Prosperity's Hagerstrom would not reveal if the group has received money from the bridge company to help fund its anti-public bridge campaign."

What does Peckerheads for Prosperity have to say about it?

"It was meant to startle people," Americans for Prosperity state director Scott Hagerstrom told The Detroit Free Press

 And are Peckerheads for Posterity even a teeny tiny little bit sorry for scaring the shit out of thousands of Detroit citizens. And are they going to apologize?

No follow-up to answer that question dudes and dudettes. A big fatheaded NO.


intelliwench said...

No offense intended to Detroit, but I think one bridge -- and a one-way, Northbound one, at that -- is sufficient.

jadedj said...

intell---OK, for that I'd pay a toll.

Sue said...

another question besides "are they gonna apologize",

Are the voters gonna wise up and believe what we say about the rightwingers, they are destroying America, bit by bit!

Chimp said...

First off, I don't even understand why any individual should own a bridge that controls international traffic.

Secondly, you would think there would be a law that would put these scare tactic individuals and groups in jail after hefty fines.

Third, the US should just impound the bridge from this "MORON" asshole due to 'National Security reasons'. I'm sure a provision in the Unpatriotic Act will cover it.

Tom Harper said...

Don't worry, the Kochsuckers will stoop even lower than this next time. Every time you think they couldn't possibly sink any lower, they do.

jadedj said...

Sue---I think liberals are vehemently hated by the right and because we liberals are the ones pointing the shenanigans out, they simply will not listen. Just think about two of your regular right wing many meaningful dialogs have you had with them? They just keep on repeating the same stale propaganda, ad nauseam Nope, they will keep voting for them.

Chimp---Good points, but I haven't a clue of an answer for them.

Tom---Getting kind of old, isn't it.

PENolan said...

I hate those )#$*(#$(Y#Y)*P(*Y(#&#P(Y#*(*&^*
dirty tricksters

Loved your car story, though.

jadedj said...

Tricia---Hey, how are you? I would never have thought you didn't _)*(^&^%+ the f'ers.

Thanks. There are some follow ups to a couple of the cars coming up, maybe...or not.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Remember weapons of mass destruction, the mushroom cloud and terror levels of orange and red? Scare is what they do to keep from having to justify thair actions.

the Ol'Buzzard

jadedj said...

Ol'Buzz---and they piss me off every time, too.

squatlo said...

This type of thing reminds me of the flyers that are put up or mailed out to voters advising them that the election is a day later than the actual date of voting, or that all voters will be checked to see if they have outstanding warrants, unpaid parking tickets, etc. in an effort to suppress the vote. Are these horrid tactics ever used by Democrats? Nope. Never. This kind of thing is exclusively Republithug whenever it happens.

jadedj said...

Squatlo---As I recall, the dirty trick school of politics was started by Tricky Dicky, but even he didn't stoop to this level...and I can't believe I just said that because if there ever was a man I hated, he was it.

Jolly Roger said...

Moro(u)n is practicing bizness, the Uhmuhricun way. Only Dog knows how many times they've used scare tactics to get people to leave their homes.

jadedj said...

Jolly Roger---You are spot on.

My feeling is the bastards should be prosecuted for acts of terrorism. Many of the people who received the "notices" are uneducated and unconnected and have no idea how the world works in these matters. It scared the crap out of them. If that isn't terrorism, it don't rain in Indianapolis in the fucking Summertime.