Monday, July 18, 2011

A call to arms

We cannot let the Republithugs get away with this transparent attempt to discredit President Obama, and thereby lessen his chances of re-election. While in their pea brains, it's all about defeating Obama in 2012, the consequences of their shenanigans will be severe to say the least.

I received this today from MoveOn.org I am passing it on, because we are at a dangerous crossroads in our history. If the debt ceiling is not raised...the reprecussions will be draconian in scope. It won't be just seniors affected by not getting their Social Security monies...WHICH THEY HAVE EARNED AND WILL affect all of us. Believe it! This is the best my feeble ass can do. I made my call...please do the same.

Call your member of Congress right away!

If you receive Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, your benefits could be suspended on August 3.

In order to keep making government payments, including your benefits, Congress needs to raise the official "debt ceiling" by August 2.

But Republicans may force the government into default unless the President agrees to more tax breaks for corporations and the rich  and big cuts to Social Security, Medicare and other vital programs.

If Congress doesn't act, President Obama says, "I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it."1

We can't let that happen! Call your member of Congress TODAY. We need to make sure they all know we don't want our benefits threatened just to protect tax breaks for millionaires and big corporations.
Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or click HERE to find your member of Congress and their phone number (click on Find Your Representative).


Punch said...

I called all of mine last week and did the best i could to 'splane to them about things and such. don't think it got though, but i did my part. May God have pity on my soul.

jadedj said...

Punch---Speaking of God, souls and other shit, in my case our "representative" is one of the soulless gang that caused the current problems. A pox on him!

Ol'Buzzard said...

Maine always reelects their representatives - republicans - don't know if it is just habit or laziness.
Unlike Cool Hand Luke the problem we have here is not the failure to communicate, but the intelligence of the elected officials.
School teachers, doctors, lawyers all have to take a test to prove their qualification for their jobs; but any fool can be a politician - up to and including the president.

And the people that vote are prone to vote for mediocrity - education and intelligence seems to be a handicap it you are running for office.
the Ol'Buzzard

I'll call, but Snow and Collins will vote the Republican line.

Chimp said...

I'm at a quandary here. Raising the debt ceiling is like raising the limit on your credit card once you maxed it out. It can't be good.

Sometimes I think Obama is also part of the conspiracy to destroy Social Security like the Republicans have tried for ever.

Now, he can cut Social Security and Medicare benefits and still come out smelling like a rose claiming that he had to do it to save the country's financial future.

I still believe that Social Security is not part of the BUDGET and has it's own Social Security Fund which is billions of dollars pouring in on a weekly basis from American payrolls. It's it's own income-producing BANK. That the government stole this money and never paid it back is inconsequential. So scaring seniors with a lie is not nice.

First, he scares seniors into believing that they may not get their August 3 check and then says,"OK, you'll get you check, but it will be smaller and your Medicare won't be as good." and all will think he's a hero am the Republicans will continue to buy jet planes with taxes they don't pay anymore.

In the meantime, unnecessary wars that have cost our budget four trillion dollars continue, 15,000 US troops in Iraq who will be called "diplomats" will be paid to protect the oilfields forever, large corporations and the very wealthy will pay no taxes and the rich will be richer and the poor poorer.

jadedj said...

Ol'Buzzard---Yep, that would be my situation as well. But at least it is jamming their Goddamned switchboard.

Chimp---As you know, I am 99% with you over these years. But, all I can say is, I don't really give a shit who is right and who is wrong. When that fucking check does not show up, a whole hellofa lot of people are going to be on the streets. Not to mention the stress involved as well. And I am speaking of the disability and Social Security checks, only.

I could sit here and carry on about the 1 percenters (as I have done) not carrying their fair share, as does not the biggest corporations in this country.

And I could sit here and scream about the military budget being out of fucking control and why aren't we talking about cutting that shit dah, do dah. None of which will put a check in my bank account.

So, while what you say is true...the niceties are lost on me at the moment.

Susan said...

Obama will not cut social security or medicare as it would be political suicide.

The Republicans are killing themselves by identifying with the tea partiers and forgetting that moderate Republicans are far more attractive to independent voters.

The debt ceiling will be raised or the world economy will fall apart. The Democrats need to get a heck of a lot meaner.

Everything the Republicans are doing is a ploy to get themselves in the White House. Obama didn't start the spending crisis, but he didn't help it either--I don't know what he could have done.

Personally, I hate both parties as I don't think they give a hoot about us.

jadedj said...

Susan---I just read this today:

"A CBS News poll released Monday found that Republicans are losing the battle for public support in the debt limit fight with 71 percent of Americans saying they don't approve of the GOP's handling of the crisis."

This gives me hope.

Btw, somewhere I saw the Republican leadership referred to as "The Gang of Four". Yep.

jadedj said...

Actually, make that "Gang of Six".

Tom Harper said...

I'll make that call, but I don't really think we'll default. Maybe I have my head in the sand (or somewhere else), but too many powerful groups are warning Republicans not to let the country default.

There may be millions of teatards who stand around with their misspelled signs and their George Washington costumes, but they have nowhere near the money or influence of the US Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, and most of Wall Street -- all of whom have warned Republicans that they're toast if they don't vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Mr. Charleston said...

Social Security and Medicare are not on the table for discontinuance. They are not funded by the budget. In fact, just the opposite, the friggin budget is funded by them. The changes Obama wants to make to SS is to raise the retirement age from 65 to 67 beginning 2014. Seems reasonable to me. The biggest problem with SS, apart from Congress stealing from it, is that people are living a lot longer than they used to.

Anyhow, Walking Man did a great post on the debt today. Check it out.

jadedj said...

Tom---You are probably right. What I am talking about here is the fact that we need to be vocal. And my point about the posturing back and forth is meaningless to those who would suffer catastrophically with even one missing check. To suggest that as a real possibility, is criminal in my mind...including Mr. Obama suggesting it.

Mr. C---Sorry bro, I cannot find anywhere in this post where it was stated that either program is up for discontinuance. That is not what this post is about.

That being said, I do agree, the Social Security program has nada to do with the debt, and the real culprit is the government itself, stealing from it. So here we have a classic Republican tactic...say it repeatedly and it becomes true. In this case, Social Security becomes an entitlement program (which it isn't) and Medicare is broken (which it isn't) and they both are breaking our backs, along with all that socialism shit going on in the administration.

BTW, I did read walking man's post this morning and it was an excellent analysis.

Susan said...

Social Security and Medicare threats are exactly that--threats. They get the public all emotional. It can be dangerous or ingenious strategy.

Even though Bush was a dumbass, the Republicans weren't as stupid under him as they have been under Obama. They need to watch some Godfather: "Never hate your enemies. It clouds your judgment."

Off to Walking Man...

jadedj said...

Susan---I'm going to chew on that for a bit.

Meanwhile, enjoy the walking man post.


I live in Texas..talking to a brick wall would be easier.

jadedj said...

YD G---Oh, yeah, good point.

Ol'Buzzard said...

Using the family analogy: when your expenses go up and you income goes down - you have to increase your credit spending.

Republicans don't seem to understand that taxes are income and when you cut taxes you are giving the nation a salary cut.

The cost of living (and the cost of government) goes up every year
You can decrease you spending, but when you tie it to a salary cut you will never get break even.
the Ol'Buzzard

jadedj said...

Ol'Buzzard---To apply logic and truth to Republican motivation is futile. It doesn't fit their re-election sound bites.