Friday, September 14, 2012

Whiskey and Wimmin'

John Lee Hooker...AND Canned Heat!

Whiskey and wimmin' almost wrecked my life
Whiskey and wimmin' almost wrecked my life
Weren't for whiskey and wimmin'
I have money today

Nightlife, nightlife, nightlife
Ain't no good, ain't no good for me
I had a good start but wimmin'
And whiskey tore it down

Whiskey and wimmin' ain't no good for me
Whiskey and wimmin' ain't no good ain't no good for me
I had a lot of money and big fine car, but I lost everything I had
Aw I did - John Lee Hooker


Rubye Jack said...

Nice! Very nice!

Tom Harper said...

Nice sounds. I saw John Lee Hooker live at Keystone Berkeley about a million years ago.

Sarge said...

You are so wrong! Ain't nuthin better than younger women, faster horses (which there was a damned shortage of this meet at Ellis Park)and older whiskey.
And, yes - I am in dire danger - I say, even fucking peril, of falling into the clutches again of the queen of the gold diggers!

I shall be cautious with Miss Cynthia Ann and seek that special single barrel batch jug distilled in Bradstown...

Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels

the walking man said...

Whiskey an wimmen make for a hell of a night and sometimes a hell of fright the next mornin'.


LSD and early morning flight to Reno,makes for a second marriage.

jadedj said...

Rubye---Ah, a fellow traveler of taste and discernment ;)

Tom---I actually missed two chances to see him when I was living in L.A. (a million and a half years ago).

Sarge---You really need to learn to let yourself go, dude. ;-)

w m---Ha...I knew her!

YD G---HAHAHAHAHAHAHAR! I can't attest to the first, but sure as hell can to the second.

Beach Bum said...


Mr. Charleston said...

It seems like it should be whiskey OR wimmen ain't no good for me as one without the other is manageable. It's the two together that get you in trouble.

Haven't heard Canned Heat in a while. Nice listen.

jadedj said...

B B---Yes indeed.

Mr. C---The man was most likely not into the semantics of it all; the Shemantics maybe...know what I mean?

Glad your ears are please.