Thursday, July 12, 2018

For my sanity...and Blood Pressure

"I am not a good American...I prefer to form my own opinions" - George Carlin

The daily bullshit (aka...lying) coming from the slime currently in the White House has finally caught up with me. I find myself in an almost constant state of fury...which, of course, is counter productive, unhealthy and well...stupid. But it is hard to shake.  I try to skip any news related to the sorry POS, doesn't always work...good intentions notwithstanding.

When I'm in my studio painting, or drawing, I usually play music. My oldest daughter recently introduced me to Spotify and I have discovered the perfect music source. No, not discovered...introduced to.

. The great thing about Spotify is the ability to search for any song, record, group, genre and you will find it. And I have discovered not only my blues and classical favorites, but some damned soothing guitar pieces. In particular a category called Peaceful Guitar.. And, not calms my rage. I can't post Spotify here, but YouTube has many videos which fit this category. I wanted to share this with you. The following is a three hour one, so listen to a little to get the idea. Or, go for the Full Monty.


anne marie in philly said...

it IS hard not to go into a full-on shouting punching cussing slamming kicking rage on a daily basis. I find my job and my knitting help me keep my sanity, as well as listening to classical music. and my 2 blood pressure meds.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That is beautiful music indeed! Glad it is calming and soothing for you. We all need to maintain peaceful lives, if possible!


lovely and I do love spotify..

I am so afraid I'm going to go fucking jackiesue on a trump supporter I'm afraid to leave the house

Ol'Buzzard said...

First I have heard of spotify
the Ol'Buzzard

Professor Chaos said...

OMG I love Spotify. I only just downloaded it a couple weeks ago because I always thought it was for purchasing music like iTunes. Now I know better, and I can listen to John Prine or Gillian Welch or Townes Van Zandt all day at work. Love it!

Mildred Ratched said...

Numb as a stump Trump does one thing better than anyone I can think of...cause major distress throughout the world. I still can't wrap my head around why he was allowed to worm his way into the White House. He may be president, but I see him as pig in every sense of the word. I'm sorry but I prefer my presidents to look and act the part.

jadedj said...

Well crap...for whatever Blogger convoluted reason...I'm not getting comment notifications for my blog posts. So, best I can do is apologize and say, I wasn't ignoring you all intentionally.

It is gratifying...and encouraging, to know that there are kindred souls struggling with the crap pot drivel coming out of the White House. I know am not alone. Thank you sweet Spaghetti Monster! Spotify Matters!