Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cooking the Books

Here is a example of my previous post...from Crooks and

WASHINGTON -- The Treasury Department's inspector general is probing the Office of Thrift Supervision for permitting a backdated capital infusion into IndyMac Bancorp a few months before its collapse in July.

The infusion allowed the bank to be classified as "well capitalized," instead of "adequately capitalized," at the end of the first quarter. That let IndyMac avoid having to take certain steps with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

A top OTS official, West Region Director Darrel Dochow, was removed from his current duties in connection with the inquiry, according to letters released Monday by the office of Sen. Charles Grassley (R., Iowa). An OTS spokesman said Mr. Dochow wasn't available for comment.

Not available for comment? MOTHERFUCKER NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL!


Trebor said...

Wall Street and Banks gamble with their money. The Casino wins, they loose. The government gives them our money to continue gambling. Our infrastructure crumbles and money for poor people for food and medicine is cut. The rich get richer, the poor "eat cake". EAT THE RICH!!!

jadedj said...

I'm wid ya...serve the tasteless bastards up!