Monday, January 19, 2009

Beyond Ready

It's Monday night...10:30 here. I am very tired and headed to bed. I was going to post this, first thing tomorrow morning. However, I simple can't wait. So, jumping the proverbial gun, here's something I've been saving for a couple of months now...for January 20th:

I'm getting up early because my daughter and I plan to watch the entire inaugural ceremony tomorrow. She's almost as excited as I.


TuesdayPillow said...

Keep hope alive - we're gonna need it! And I would have said that regardless of who won the election. Sorry but the two party system has us trapped in corruption up to our arses.

O~ said...

Its a little after 5 AM here - ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! and its still dark out... its like Christmas, my birthday and mardi gras all rolled into one!!!

Ding Dong the King is Gone!

I hope you and your daughter have a lovely time watching the inaugural - hope IS alive and we are living it~

yankeedog said...

Be careful not to expect miracles from the man. The nation's problems are going away by midnight on Tuesday.

And Mr Obama and his crew will stumble along the way. It's bound to happen.

Hopeful? Cautious, I guess. Historic, at any rate.

O~ said...

You're right YankeeDog - our problems won't go away overnight and ONE man isn't going to change anything - but at least we have our HOPE back at least we have someone who has a clear vision and sense of direction. Miracles will come if we can stay together and work together as a country and finally at least for day I for one BELIEVE again!

Chimpplanet said...

I didn't believe this day would ever come. I really believed the decider would become an official dictator and stay on. That's probably why he was crying. Maybe the onions he had for lunch. I also thought we'd be deep into an Iran war by now. Glad it's all taking shape for the better. Anything is better than the past 8 years!

theredhead said...

Oh my goodness. Have we fallen so far as a country that the hope for complete sentances seems like a miracle? ;)

Judy said...

That's right, complete sentences!

JJ, I hope you had a wonderful time watching the 2009 Inaugural with your daughter! You sound like a great Dad. :)

I watched it today, too, after I got back from running errands.

jadedj said...

To all---My daughter and I watched every second of today's coverage. The school system here, felt it was historic enough to cancel school today. And my family is even more charged than we were yesterday.

For me---and evidently, for a whole hell of alot of other people also---this day represents a positive change in attitude, as opposed to the last 8 years of negativism. That crap got on the helicopter and flew out of Dodge today...I hope. We, as a nation need to get away from one another's throat, bear down and get on with it...or we're doomed. And we have got to quit acting as we goddamned well please, without regard to anyone else on the planet.

I don't for a second believe that President Obama is going to get out his magic wand and turn us around overnight. But I do think he gives us hope, and aspiration to be better than we have been. For that reason alone, I think he is the right man, at the right time in our history...and I refuse to accept the premise that he's not going to be able to get anything done...if our leaders move beyond partisan politics. Today represents the hope of a new order. I believe it.

Oh, and yes, I feel that it's about time for a little more classiness and complete sentences from our leaders. I don't accept sloppy thinking from my doctor, and I want no less from my president.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to comment on this post...both those who are excited by today, and those who aren't.

yankeedog said...

"We, as a nation need to get away from one another's throat, bear down and get on with it...or we're doomed."

Now that I'll drink to!

Nothing wrong with hope, everyone. Sometimes 'they can because they think they can' works. I just want to make sure we're not thinking the current boss is a big Miracle Worker.

I was happy to hear him talk about the importance of personal responsibility, which I think has been lacking.

jadedj said...

yankee---totally agree.