Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today was a feel good day...for me...and millions of other Americans. Most of us feel good, because President Obama called for non-partisan politics to solve our very real problems. I actually saw die-hard Republican politicians in agreement with him. So what the hell is Senator John Cornyn's problem (R-Texas ((where else?)) )? Jesus...he should have gotten on the fucking helicopter with the Bushes. No more asshole.

Here's an article I picked up on VOA News.

By VOA News
20 January 2009

A single U.S. senator is threatening to delay the expected confirmation of Senator Hillary Clinton as secretary of state when the Senate convenes later Tuesday.

Unanimous consent votes are possible Tuesday on various Cabinet nominees of President Barack Obama. But a Republican senator from the southern state of Texas, John Cornyn, said he will not give such consent for Senator Clinton.
Cornyn said he is not satisfied with Clinton's responses to questions about her husband's foundation.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton runs a charitable organization called the Clinton Foundation. Cornyn said he wants Senator Clinton to increase oversight of Mr. Clinton's international fundraising efforts to prevent governments from trying to sway U.S. policy through donations.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday approved Ms. Clinton's nomination as the next secretary of state by a vote of 16-1. The full Senate was expected to confirm her nomination Tuesday shortly after President Obama's inauguration.

If Senator Cornyn does indeed withhold his consent, a full roll call vote likely will be held on Wednesday. Ms. Clinton is expected to receive bipartisan support for her confirmation at that time.

I think I need to go to bed early...maybe the whole damned thing just ain't gonna work. My head hurts.


yankeedog said...

I think that might be a valid concern though, Jaded. There are governments and organizations out there that may think a generous donation to the Cause might get them an ear in the White House.

That said, I don't think one disgruntled Senator is going to hold up the confirmation that much. There is poular pressure out there for everyone to play nice in Washington-at least for a while.

yankeedog said...

Oops! Delete one of those-sorry.

fragilewisdom said...

It is a valid concern. And no, it's not going to work. The day we cease to have honest disagreements and dialogue in this country is the day we will lose whatever is lost of our democracy.

fragilewisdom said...

whatever is left of our democracy.

CaptainMando said...

Happy first-day-of-the-new-era-of-hope-and-hard-work, J!

Things are gonna be alright. :o)

intelliwench said...

That's why they call it politics, j.

cartguyforever said...

I don't believe it's a valid concern because, ultimately, Hillary Clinton isn't the one making the decisions - President Obama (has a ring to it, doesn't it?) is. And after watching the Democratic Primaries and how he didn't bow to public pressure to make Hillary his vice president, I'm not concerned with Obama being intimidated or persuaded by Hillary or Bill Clinton.

That being said, there could be two motivations for this: one, the man simply hates the Clintons and wants to make them jump through every possible hoop. And if that's the case, so be it. He's going to lose regardless. And secondly, it could just be yet another Senator looking to make the news and get his name out there.

I wouldn't worry about it either way. The Democrats have a majority.

Doug said...

There is always a clown in class, always someone who boos in a crowd. Shush him and ignore him.

jadedj said...

All---cartguy said it for me...before I could get to it. However, I want to add a couple of things.

I knew the nomination would be confirmed today. That wasn't my problem. What shot my BP up, was the feeling that Cornyn pulled this stunt simply because he could. I didn't mention in my post that I saw a Republican yesterday on television, when asked about Cronyn's ploy, say that he didn't know what his problem was...and he needed get on with it. So he's suddenly concerned about transparency. Bull. This wasn't about honest political discussion, it was a publicity seeking power play. The fact is, Clinton's foundation did, in the interest and at the request of the Obama team, revealed it's donors in mid-December, and will continue to do so from now on, annually. So, what additional transparency is needed...and what additional debate is needed. None, methinks.

Don't misunderstand, not being a blogger superstar, I do appreciate any comments I can get...especially from those I highly respect.

Steve said...

If it was any other Senator, it would be a valid concern.

From Cornyn, though, it's just him being a dick.

This may make you feel better:


jadedj said...

Steve---agreed. If one does a little research (which I did) on Cornyn, one finds that even Texans disown him.

Yeah, the White House site...as I said...class act.

cartguyforever said...

I'm not very familiar with Cornyn. I'd do research on him but for some reason I feel as though he wins if I do so.

jadedj said...

Good point cartguy. It does give him the audience he seems to be seeking...albeit, not a particularly sympathetic one.

cartguyforever said...

Well, there's no such thing as negative publicity, right? Even for assholes!




Chimpplanet said...

Good News:

Senate Confirms Clinton as Next Secretary of State

jadedj said...

Chimp---well, they damned well better have. I would have been wanting to know why, if they didn't.

I know you're going to miss Condi, Chimp...my condolences.

Steve said...

I still think Wes Clark would've made a much better Secretary of State. Considering his experience being the CINC-NATO, all of the languages he speaks, and even his knowledge of the banking world, he would've been a valuable person to have in the Cabinet. And he's not likely to lose his head over small things, considering he's a combat veteran. He's stared down more imposing foes.

jadedj said...

Steve---can't argue with that...but, he didn't ask us, did he? Having said that, almost anyone would have been better than her predecessor...that appointment was about as low as the bar gets.