Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eyes that don't see

Currently I make my living as a free-lance graphic artist. I have an MFA in painting. I spent a few years as a museum exhibits designer/curator. I was an Art Director for a major special events company for several years. I have been involved in visual pursuits for most of my adult life. In other words, I am a visually oriented person.

Ordinarily I wouldn't bring all this up...because, who cares, right? But let me tell you this pitiful tale of my miserable search for perfection here on my blog and how it relates to the above. And how blind anger, well...blinds one to the truth and the way. An how there is symmetry in even the simplest of things.

I've been irritated with Blogspot because at Journal Space we had a widget (that's my new blog buzz word...never heard of widgets 'til recently) which allowed us to keep up with our comments on other was called a comment bookmark (not a true widget in the classical sense...but a widget by any other name). This meant that we could just go to our bookmarks and check on follow up comments. Nifty. But, over here at Blogspot, Blogger, whatever, I have found myself having to remember what post I'd commented on, which sometimes, on a slow day at work, when I'm goofing, gets to be a long list. Try as I would, I could not find the bookmark feature on Blogspot. I even asked answers provided. So, I finally did what no self-respecting, macho, computer savvy man, such as yours truly, would ever do...EVER. I went to the help page. As I have experienced in the past, the help page is as usual, daunting and intimidating for the timid, pansy of heart. But not I. I dug in. No matter how long it might take...I was going to get answers. I began the task at about 7 this morning and about 10:30 I found my answer over at tips.blogdoctor.

I am going to share this with my expense. At my expense because it is so obvious that even the visually impaired...people who have gouged their eyes out...mutants who live in subterranean environs...moths...bats and even I, should be able to see "it" is in two forms:

So much for elitism.


cartguyforever said...

A museum designer/curator, a Vietnam veteran, a history there anything you can't do? A Renassisance man, you are.

Thanks for the heads up on the comment tracker. I hadn't figured it out you win.

SunTiger said...

Oh too funny. Especially love the "Duh!" and "Duh!" in red circles.

jclouds said...

Oh, thanks for that!:}

jadedj said...

catguy---I never said I was GOOD at those things.

The only problem with the blasted tracker thing is, it keeps emailing me even when responding to comments on my own blog...and I can't track word press blogs. I am determined to tweak this thing.

Sun---as they say down there in South Georgia/North Florida, "If it a ben a snake, it a bit cha"

jclouds---my bill's in the mail.

becomingkate said...

That's the kind of thing that I do all too often. (I just found the "edit" pencil at the bottom of each post, lol)
I used to like the email notifications at JS because I could hear them coming into Hotmail while I did other things. My youngest daughter once heard an alert and said, "hey, a comment!"

KIT said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I had seen the link, but, like you, I didn't realize the significance.

intelliwench said...

I guess if they had to devote an item on the "help" page to this issue, it wasn't obvious to others, as well. Still makes you feel "duh" though, doesn't it?

jadedj said...

becoming---Yes, it was one of the better features on JS.

KIT---and I'm sure I'm missing many other wonderous things one can do here at bloggerland.

intell---only briefly.

someone said...

I want to know who visited my BLOG Damn-it. I just don't like this new all. Can't you do something for noone?

jadedj said...

HEY, NOONE! We've been looking all over for you. Where have you been?

I haven't found a way to do that yet...but I ewill. Otherwise, I'm actually liking it ok over here...and it's totally free.