Friday, January 2, 2009

Non Equadors

...actually, I'm just too lazy to look up the spelling of non-sequiturs. I have nothing to say about Equador. Although my brother just returned from Costa Rica, which also has nothing to do with sequiturs...or Equador.

Is there a sequitur? Please, could some of the more brainy out there tell me?

Third, I'd like to thank Baby New Year for throwing out the old bum. Good riddance, bad rubbish!

I love Netflix. Through Netflix I've been watching old British spy-guy type TV programs such as, The Prisoner, Secret Agent Man and currently, The Saint. The Avengers is next on my list. No, I am not embarrassed by this guy thing habit of mine.

Although these programs are, for the most part, shot on cheesy film sets, some of the scenes are shot outside. Besides getting a sense of 1960's Europe...these shots also show some great 50's and 60's cars...such as the P1800 Volvo (in the middle) and the Hillman on the right (?), shown below.

I LOVED that model Volvo! But my favorite Sportscar of all time was one that I owned. A 1964 MGB. The one below is exactly like that one. I never dream about past paramours, but I still dream about that car. Hmmmmm, that sounds a bit pathetic, doesn't it...who, cares.

The MG had a red leather interior and I used to just sit in the damned thing just for the smell of the leather. I know, even more pathetic. But then, what do you expect from a guy who has never been to Equador.


Tristram said...

looks a little like a Triumph Herald on the right to me but cars of that era aren't a specialized subject for me.

I do like MGBs though they were very prone to falling apart in the UK climate.

jadedj said...

You're probably right about the Triumph...I couldn't conger it up.

The MG, I loved the damned thing, but it WAS a maintenance pain-in-the ass and I finally, after two years, got rid of it.

becomingkate said...

I drove an old Volvo for awhile, but I don't even remember the year or model. All I knew was that it had a standard transmission and that thing tortured me.
The MG looks like something an International Man of Mystery would drive :)

jadedj said...

becoming---yeah, those old standard transmission Volvos were, ahem, "shifty" little buggers.

Yes, my Sneakly Pete days are known only to the Shadow...not to mention that I simply cannot talk about's an oath thing, you know.

cartguyforever said...

I think it's freaking cool that when I come to your journal there's a warning for adult audiences only! It's like you have one of those "Danger! Pedophile present!" signs in your yard without having to go through the tedious task of being convicted.

Fitzgerald said...

You said, "I never dream about past paramours, but I still dream about that car. Hmmmmm, that sounds a bit pathetic, doesn't it...who, cares."

And it made me admit to myself that the cars of my life have probably spent more time in my dreams then the women of my life. Just don't tell Mrs. F. that I told you that.

Excuse me madam, but I'll be doing the driving. ;)

jadedj said...

cart---That's basically for my daughters, who are not allowed here. I just don't want them to know what kind of guy I really am.

Fitz---I knew it wasn't just me and I'll never tell. Oh, yeah, and the radio was/is ALWAYS tuned to a Blues station. Now there's a fine dream.

Chimpplanet said...

I used to watch and liked The Saint and The Avengers. I found Mrs, Peel (or Peal) very appealing. During my stint in the US Army, I had a buddy who owned a '57 red, convertible MGA That was a sweet car. Her name was "Betsy".

jadedj said...

You wanted to peel Ms. Peel, didn't you, Chimp? I know all about it.

In deed they were sweet '57 MGAs...I'd almost vote Republican for one of those...nah, not even one of those. Whew, almost lost my head there.

intelliwench said...

Sorry, guys, but my dad's '58 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider trumps those British buckets. Alas, it was no longer in running condition by the time i was driving, but it helped me lure a few guys into the carport, anyway.

jadedj said...

intell---Sooooooo, your father nothwithstanding...besides insulting our British cousins by mentioning one of those pasta eating 'etta things...with the mushy gear shift and creepy creature the same breath as a beloved, sensuous, candy-apple red MGB...with odorous leather're the wench with the wrench in the carport, huh? Question you still dream of the carport?

theredhead said...

If you are looking for good British spy dramas, have you tried MI-5? That show is brutal!

jadedj said...

red---thanks for the tip...I'll check it out...I love brutal.