Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great Minds...or How Surprised Am I?

On occasion, I get ambitious and submit cartoons here and there and about. I've had limited success with that, but I still do it, more as therapy...and hell, I just can't stop drawing...even silly stuff. Believe me, I have a drawer full of rejection slips.

When I first started blogging over at Journal Space, my original intent was to post drawings, paintings and cartoons that have collected in my dusty life. One day I stumbled across something humorous on the web (I don't remember what it was...a news article, I think) and posted it to my blog. At that point, the blog became something else...something verbal. And the visual me, here, went away.

Below is one of my first JS postings back in ought five (my grandfather used that term, ought, ((or is it aught?)) for the number zero...just thought I'd throw that in.) I do remember this was a cartoon I had submitted to the New Yorker 12 or 15 years ago. It was promptly sent back haste post...or, maybe even hate post...I dunno.

Right below my cartoon is one by Bizarro, posted by MickH on his blog, SoapBox Opera

What are the chances that Bizarro saw my blog? Not very good. So I think it is a case of great minds in the ether of insanity, blowing about, and landing in chance places. Huh? Here they are:


intelliwench said...

Yours is funnier. And sadder.

I've been meaning to ask: Are the dining roaches your creation, too?

jadedj said...

Intell---ah shucks. Unfortunately no. I think they are brilliant...and for sure fit the theme of this madness. I'd be more than happy to acknowledge the artist, but I've had them in my computer so long that I don't remember where I got them. Hope I don't get sued.

SunTiger said...

Wow. Cool stuff. Your work is a whole lot better than the comics I read in the daily paper (most of which reads real boring-like and wouldn't make a hysterical monkey laugh if it had a feather dangling around its own armpit).

You're just undiscovered so far. {Keep up the good work!}

Mary Kitt-Neel said...

i sent a story to the new yorker back in the late 80s. their response was a very prompt "don't call us, we'll call you." one thing i am very glad of as a writer is that we don't deal in such laborious and old fashioned means as paper copies and SASEs so much anymore. can cartoonists submit things electronically too? seems like it would be much more efficient than snail mail.

jadedj said...

Sun---Thanks, I appreciate thata. Newspapers opted out for more family, milk toast type of humor at about the same time Gary Larsen retired his "The Far Side". Kinda like McDonalds...going for the common denominator...it's safe.

Mary Kitt---I really haven't submitted anything in about 10 years, so I don't know about electronic submissions. Truly, the cartoon you see here is pretty old.

fragilewisdom said...

I like this. Of course one of the virtues I lack is promptness so I guess I would have been left behind too.