Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Two Cents Worth

I went over this morning to check out the "new" Journal Space site. It's a bit bare, but ok. Without creating a new blog, I signed up. Really, I wanted to see how things went before making a decision about going back. The truth is, I had mostly decided to stay here, but thought I'd just go see.

After signing in I saw a discussion group for former JSers. I clicked on sign up for the group and began scrolling to see who was there. I got to the last page, where my name and my roaches are and then the shocker...my ferking real name was on the screen beside the roaches...not my screen name...my REAL LIFE, ACTUAL, GIVEN MOFO NAME! WTF? This truly pissed me off. One other person had made that same observation...they wanted to know why their real name was up there. This was not a case of typing in my real name in the screen name space...this was a JS fuck up. Of course there was NO WHERE on the site to get help on this issue. So...I deleted my account.

No big deal maybe...but then on the other hand it is.

First, I never...never...give out my real name on blog sites. It is a bad policy and if you do it, you are crazy. The reason is, doing so identifies not only you, but your family. Nobody, but nobody needs to know who I am, thereby being given a means to trace my family.

Second, it is very easy to piss off people on the internet and there are some loony tune types trolling out here. Paranoid? Yep.

Third, this issue is probably indicative of how that site is going to be run...I am not impressed thus far with their programming skills...not to mention obvious bad translations of whatever their language is, to English. If it's not a case of bad translation, then it's a case of bad grammar.

Ok, so they are new...so give 'em a break. My answer to that is...they have jumped the gun before they were ready and I don't see a reason at this point to go back.

Getting a blog up and running and tweaked is a lot of work, as you all know. I'm tweaked here...Blogspot displays ONLY my screen name when I'm here...every time...and best of all it's ferking FREE.

JS, sorry, you are a fond memory...gone with da wind methinks.

After reading several blogs and comments related to this, I want to add one thing (MY Opinion, mind you). One thing I didn't say above is...if one is going to assume a business (and JS is a business...no matter what else it pretends to be), one ought to be ready to open the doors, full service...when one opens the doors. See what I mean? I am not interested in a half-ass, "well, golly gee, things are gonna get better," effort. Either be ready to roll, or don't open the doors. Blogspace ain't going nowhere, to use the venacular...and no matter how much we loved her, the old gray mare ain't what she used to be.


CaptainMando said...

It displayed your first and last name because YOU typed it into the boxes where it ASKS you to fill out your first and last name. Granted, they probably should have had a marker explaining that it is not a required field, but you CAN go back in and take your first and last name off of there so it's not displayed.

I can't believe people are giving up so freaking easily.

Judy said...

Oh nooooo! That's horrible!

I signed on (giving in late last night) with my name Sunnylane.

Then my first name: Sunny and Last name: Lane

That's freaky how they got your REAL name!

There is a way to delete a real name out, though. Twp people had to do that.

I just wanted to get my own blog name I've had since (SunnyLane) in 2003. Before anyone grabbed it! (or stole it!)

I'm staying here too, as I love my cozy little spot here in Blogspot. :)

Keep posting, and I'll keep commenting,reading!

Take care,

antic said...

had the same problem but it was because I typed my real name into the blanks, I went back and redid the process

would hate to lose you from the community if it revives in an appropriate fashion, I will still follow you here though

love your stuff

Mary Kitt-Neel said...

I used a pen name as my first and last names, and it calls me that, thank goodness. But here's the weird thing: somehow, some way, it had an old photo of me from last summer and was using it as my profile picture. I don't recall using it on JS, but perhaps I did. How in the world did it connect that picture to me if JS was obliterated? Strange.

I still have an account there, but as far as I know I haven't had any readers, so unless and until that happens, I'm going to hang out here on Blogger.

jadedj said...

Captain---well it wasn't very plain was it...and a thing like that needs be. I think they are in such a rush to get us back that they aren't paying attention to detail. Also, what I say here is, obviously, MY opinion, as it applies to me. After all, this blog is my venting mechanism, as it were. As I stated, it's a pain to start from scratch...that's not giving up...it's a fact. What about Blogspot...are we to give up on it, just because there's a site calling itself Journal Space? I don't feel a need to go back and start over, just because it's called Journal Space. And I'll say it again I, ME, I am underwhelmed thus far. Regards of who's where, I intend to keep up with my favorite people...of whom, as I hope you know, you are one.

jadedj said...

Judy---see CaptainMando's comment above. It explains how I screwed up.

Antic---I'm probably going to stay here, but I have no intention of not visiting yours or any other of my favorites sites. Thanks for the compliment and ditto.

MaryKitt---Well so there ya go...they just don't have a viable blog place yet. I'm sure they will eventually work it out.

paulboylan said...

I'm getting very comfortable here at wordpress. When all is said and done, I feel there is less chance of the kind of end-of-the-world errors that forced me to migrate here. Your reporting this recent fuck up only reinforces my decision to be very, very careful about returning to whatever JS becomes.

It all boils own to confidence in management, and I am not confident that JS was or will be managed well.

someone said...

So sad. But if they don't know correct grammer, then who are they? I tried to become a member, and did not receive an email back yet. I tried to sign on, but no luck. Maybe they are backed up, or FUped. And who starts up a website this poorly? I will not be giving them my credit card number either. And how did they get Mary KN's old photo? What's going on here? Noone

jadedj said...

Paul---Intelliwench's theory is that they are the Russian Mafia...trying to make us a deal we can't refusenik.

Nor am I.

Someone---See Intelliwench.

intelliwench said...

I'm not Russian in to resurrect my blog on JournalSpace :-) If they don't offer pro access, it's only a matter of time before they have to resort to advertising as a revenue-generator, and I'm 1) not going to pay to blog, and 2) not missing the ads that my JS basic service pasted on my page.

jadedj said...

Intell---inaudible mooooooan! Yeah, and that's another thing, being the Scotch/Irish cheapass that I am, I always paid my pro access a year in advance at JS. I had 8 months to go. Major lesson learned there.

paulboylan said...

Intelliwench - I want to have your child. No. Really. Give it to me. Come on, hand it over. Where are you going? Damn it, we had a deal! A deal!

paulboylan said...

Please forgive that outburst. I missed my meds (again) today. When that happens, I tend to channel my inner Rumpelstiltskin.

Back to the point, it looks like JS isn't really back. It looks like another wordpress site - which I already have.