Sunday, January 11, 2009

News Flash for JSers

I don't know if all of you realize that Journal Space has been up for sale on eBay this past week. Well, today it got sold. eBay has a policy of not revealing the name of buyers who purchase through their site. However, my wife, who is a eBayer from way back, checked with her secret sources and with a minimum of bribes, found out the name of the JS buyer. This is highly confidential and I only request that you not reveal this to non-ex-JSers.

It would seem that the buyer is none other than George W. Bush, himself. The rumor is that the soon to be ex-president really has nothing to do after January 20th, except a few brief notes for the Bush Museum regarding his accomplishments as POTUS. Laura Bush has been quoted as calling this soon to be period their, "afterlife". It is felt this would give him a venue where he can apply all of his executive experience from the White House Years for the benefit of all bloggerdom. It is also thought that this purchase will keep him out of Laura's hair...thereby also keeping his "afterlife" period from becoming his "afterwife" period.

I am sure this is good news...for those of you who want to return to good ol' JS.

George is seen above practicing his speed typing on a friend's computer.

I for one, ain't goin' nowhere.


MauritaMason said...

Great. Now we're really screwed.

intelliwench said...

Not. Even. Funny.

Chimpplanet said...

What will the name of his blog be, "My Pet Goat"? Or a HOW TO blog. How to screw the world and get away with it. How to go to bed drunk and wakeup sober. Unfortunately none of this will work as George can hardly read or write.

kit said...

JJ I can't believe that you only have 3-comments on your earth-shattering scoop.

I'm thinking that GWB will use the JournalSpace site just has he has used the US government. He'll use the site to launch attacks on the rest of the internet. He'll probably sponsor one of those evil websites that hijacks your browser. It might even force your browser to go to a secret website where your will be held captive while the evil web site tortures your hard drive and makes it spill all your information.

Steve said...

I think the Bush museum could be contained on one wall of a BBQ joint in Crawford TX, and his "presidential notes" probably take up about a pad of Post-its.

jadedj said...

Mauri---with no smooching.


Chimp---a blog with lots of photos?

KIT---I'm a three comment kind of guy. Webs Of Mass Destruction?

Steve---Post-its with lots of photos.

someone said...

George can not read, write, or type, or understand them internets. SO we are screwed. Maybe Laura can help. Where do you come up with these concepts? What a mind.

Steve said...

That's what the wall of the BBQ joint is for, the photos. Bush shaking hands with all the people that ever bailed him out of failed business ventures.

The BBQ joint could be one of those with the clear acrylic table tops that have the menus underneath them, and scattered among the menus would be the post-its.

jadedj said...

noone---I'm simply an humble reporter of the weird and criminal.

Steve---Only his croonies would be able to eat there. I'm thinking both items would ruin most appetites. In fact, every time I see a photo of him, I have to take an antacid.

Judy said...

What KIT said.


I have reservations of going to join along with all the rest of them.

Maybe I'd make an account just to see what's happening. And one thing for sure: I sure as heck hope to drop the 'sunny' name, lol!

I don't know, but I DO know I'm staying here in my cozy spot in Blogspot!


jadedj said...'s FREE.