Thursday, February 26, 2009



A quick post.

Peckerwood: A term coined by southern blacks in the late 19th Century, and applied to poor white trash. Growing up down there, I've used the term on many occasions...and I am not black. It is not something one should aspire to. Think, poor trailer trash married cousins. See?

I was looking for something else on YouTube and ran across this. Peckerwood driving constantly amazes me...and this one is the mother of peckerwood driving.


MickH said...

He was lucky to survive!!
I hope he was insured!

yankeedog said...

Ouch! We have the Truck-Eating Bridge here, but I don't think it's injured or killed anybody. This one looked deadly.

Lou said...

Arghhh! What a doofus.

uamada said...

holy crap - i was expecting a torn up trailer or something.

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny! Don't you just love idiots?

jadedj said...

Mick---Kind of what I was thinking too. The corner definitely smashed the driver side.

YD---I can't find any information as to his survival...I'm assuming it's a him.


uamada---probably lives in the thing.

Dedene---There's a special place in my heart for them.

Occupied Funk... said...

Very funny but the dude in the video may have hurt himself. On the other subject, I had never heard of the term in that manner. Only in terms of nature and had I not read this one may have misused it and caused offence. But on googling it I came across a reference to the woodpecker's head plumes. Thanks for the education. Your blog is such a delight to visit

jadedj said...

Occupied---Thanks for visiting my blog again.

Not to worry, subsequent investigation by me reveals that the guy wasn't even scratched.

A better definition than I gave above is contained in

Southern blacks used "peckerwood" as a derogatory term to describe poor and/or rural Southern whites. A dictionary of African-American slang explains that the term "peckerwood" had its origins in the word "woodpecker." Blacks saw blackbirds as a symbol of themselves and the contrasting redheaded woodpecker as a representation of whites. Eventually, the word "woodpecker" was inverted to become "peckerwood" in an attempt to hide the meaning and origin of the term. Later, peckerwood came to be used in the North as well, as a general description for white people.

Doug said...

Peckerwood seems to be a word that could describe a few different things, eh?

I think Kim Darby called Glen Campbell "Peckerwood" in their movie "Norwood".

jadedj said...

Doug---Yes. It does have a certain ring to it as applied to certain types down yonder though. Thinking on it, Kim probably did.

Gavin said...

oh god,i kind of know that feeling, forgetting your towing something, until its too late. Coulda bin nasty though!

jadedj said...

Gavin---was, methinks.