Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's Cooking Tonight

I don't think I've ever mentioned here that I love to cook. It all started after I came back from saving the world from...people just like me. Soon thereafter, my wife and I departed company, which ended in divorce. Wasn't her fault. In fact, I really can't say anything bad about my first wife. She was a classy lady. Intelligent...understanding and indulgent to a fault, and well, didn't deserve the likes of me...the me of that period, that is. We have stayed in contact all these years, and are still friends.

But I digress. When I got a divorce, my cooking skills were in the neighborhood of scrambled eggs, mixed with tuna...and Denny Moore Stew. But, I met and dated a lovely young lady from New Orleans. She was a ragin' Cajun, in so many ways, but especially in the kitchen. God she could cook. She basically taught my I-should-not-go-near-the-kitchen chauvinist to cook. And not just Cajun either. Frenchy...Mexican...and middle-class Amurican. To her I owe my adventurous cooking forays...not to mention eating habits. A tip o' the hat to her.

All of which brings me to tonight. One of my family's favorites. Roasted root vegetables. It is acooking at this very moment.

For those who just might be interested, here is the recipe (done in my macho, rather than Galloping Gourmet) style:

- 2 baseball sized turnip roots
- 2 elongated sweet know, an elongated baseball
- 4 big ass carrots
- 1 zucchini...size comparison left to your imagination
- Sweet Basil...Faulty
- 1/4 cup olive oil...please, no references to Popeye.
- salt and ground pepper to taste...this has nothing to do with Sammy Davis Junior.
- 1/4 cup brown sugar...not the song, fool.
- 1 can, fat-free chicken broth...too many cooks spoil this.
- an undetermined amount of balsamic vinegar.
- X number of boneless pork chops

So now, preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Go back to the cutting board, peel and cut up the a reminder, the turnip, the carrots, the sweet potato...into bite-sized...size. Cut up the zucchini...hold it back. Line your oven proof pot with the olive oil. Mix the brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and chicken broth. Throw the cut up roots into the pot (on top of the OO). Dump the mixed up liquid on top of the root thingys. Put the X number of chops on top and the zucchini on top of the chops. Sprinkle sweet basil over all...a lot of it...I like sweet basil. That's it I think.

Cook for about 40 minutes. Check it at may need to cook a bit longer, depending on your oven's quirks.

Oh...the Merlot is for the cook, not the dish.

Next time: One kick ass pasta sauce.

Bon you know what.


MauritaMason said...

Sounds fabulous, and reminds me that i didn't actually eat dinner tonight.

jadedj said...

Maurita---quit reading this asinine blog and go eat! Oh, it is fabulous.

becomingkate said...

I will definitely try that. Thanks!

Judy said...

I made chopped steak and mashed potatoes and carrots tonight. Supper was late at 8:00p.m.!

Your recipe sounds great! I love zucchini, and all the root veggies too. I make mine lots like this but with chicken instead of pork chops.

Mary Kitt-Neel said...

Wow, taught by a New Orleanian, that's terrific! They KNOW food, that's for sure. The recipe looks delicious. I have always speculated that the human body needs whatever goodness is in root vegetables in the winter when they're in season. Sweet potatoes alone are amazingly healthy. I need to try your recipe.

jadedj said...

becoming---you have turnip roots up your way?

Judy---chicken works too. Also, I neglected to mention that the pork can be cooked on the side. One of the things my friend taught me, was that really creative cooks are flexible.

Mary Kitt---Sweet potatoes rock, for sure.

Stranger(s) in our own Land said...

thanks for the recipe and to that wonderful lady from N. Orleans. Delightful

jadedj said...

stranger(s)---I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by :)

Doug said...

*Spreads arms, makes two Victory signs, says in best Nixon voice* I am not a cook...

jadedj said...

Doug---you are way beyond subtle. I was sitting here looking at your comment, and thinking, "what the hell is he talking about"...and then 20 minutes later, my vegetable dulled brain realized that there was an "r" missing in crook. In the words of Forrest's mama..."cooked is as cooked does." Best laugh of the day!

yankeedog said...

Looks interesting. I'm not sure about turnips and sweet potatoes together, but hey, if you say it's good, I'll believe it.

jadedj said...

yankee---if you believe...I mean BELIEVE...then they are good together. Actually, they are.

theredhead said...

I've learned that I am an okay cook. I can follow recipes but sometimes meat tends to trick me. Gets all dried out.

jadedj said...

redhead---hmmm...if there's liquid in there and you're covering the pan, pot, whatever and simmering, it should stay moist. Keep an eye on it though.