Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't like your job

...irritated with it? Check out this...in China. Meitai keyboard factory in Dongguan City...rules and regulations. Meitai makes keyboards for Lenovo, Microsoft, HP and others.

Big Brother Is Watching

Employees should actively monitor each other.

Infractions punished with the loss of over two hours’ wages:

--Being 1 to 5 minutes late to start a shift.
--Not periodically trimming fingernails, which will affect product quality.
--Not lining up correctly while punching time cards or at the cafeteria.
--Wearing work shoes outside the work room after work.
--Putting hands in pant pockets while inside the factory or workroom.

Infractions punished with the loss of 4 ½ hours wages:

--Answering a personal telephone call in the workroom.
--Not diligently working or raising ones head to look around when guests or cadres come to visit.
--Putting personal objects on the work desk.
--Listening to the radio while on the job.
--Not parking bicycles according to company regulations; riding bicycles in and out of the company in a way not in accordance with company regulations.
--Returning to the dorm after regulated hours [curfew].

Infractions” punished with the loss of seven hours’ wages:

--Switching beds without authorization. Dorm beds are assigned by management.

Infractions punished with the loss of 1 ½ day's wages.

--Workers who arrive one hour late.
--Riding the elevator without permission.
--Plugging in electronics [using electricity] in the dorm room for personal use.
--Using the company phone to make personal calls.
--Producing products of low quality.
--Workers who…go to visit other workers during working hours.
--Chatting at the workstation during work hours.
--Entering or leaving the factory area without allowing door personnel [security guards] to inspect [search workers].
--Treating supervisors with an arrogant attitude.

Infractions punished with the loss of three days wages:

--Leaving one’s workstation without permission.
--Putting up personal notices…or handing out flyers.
--Revealing confidential company or production-related information.

Infractions punished with firing:

--Violating labor discipline…and not obeying the company’s work arrangements.
--Taking part in illegal organizations.
--Not following the procedures spelled out by government regulations on stopping work, slowing work down, encouraging others to stop or slow down work.
--Missing three days of work.
--Disobeying China’s one-child policy.
--Not obeying company arrangements or directions or…collectively causing trouble as a group.
--Any behavior similar to that listed above or helping or colluding in such behavior.


yankeedog said...

Guess that 'dictatorship of the proletariat' thing doesn't work out so good if you're one of the proletariat.

I'll keep this for next time I get dissatisfied with the job. Could be a LOT worse!

becomingkate said...

I recently read a bit of 1984 (my daughter left it laying around) and that sounds a bit like that.

MauritaMason said...

I've worked for Asians before...almost made me crazy. One of the funniest things was they told my American boss that he couldn't whistle anymore, so he started humming instead.

Doug said...

Guess I'll keep with the driving gig, then.

jadedj said...


becoming---power corrupts the corruptible, and they'll do anything to keep it, is the lesson here, methins.

MM---Well hell, they can't think of every thing. Actually, would that not be an arrogant attitude towards supervisors?

My brother's significant other is Chinese, having been raised in mainland China. She has some very different attitudes toward work than westerners.

Doug---...and the photography.

All---did anyone else pick up on the fact that there was no mention of excessive bathroom time?

Mary Kitt-Neel said...

Crap. My main work rule is, "Don't let the cat sick up a hairball on the copy you're marking up." I wouldn't last long in that factory.

jadedj said...

Mary Kitt---that one is death by firing squad.

Judy said...

When I was a insurance associate working in Miami Shores, we were not allowed to chew gum....even in the back offices or file rooms!

But...we had a 30 minute break in the a.m. and and hour for lunch and another 30 minutes break in the afternoon.....loved when 5:00p.m. came around!

Zoom! I was out running to catch my buses back to Miami Beach! :)

jadedj said...

Judy---Hey, before moving down to South Dade, I lived in Biscayne Park for a year or so...neighbors...sort of.