Saturday, March 7, 2009

It Could Make You Blind...And Worse.

This is the kind of crap I wonder about in the dead of night...3 a.m. to be precise. It probably has to do with being raised in the South and forced to attend Sunday School and church EVERY Sunday, and being told by an almost illiterate person of the cloth, who spoke through his nose, that my skinny young ass was for sure, going to burn in Hell forever...FOREVER. And me, having just discovered at age twelve, Mary Lou Graham, sitting in the pew in front of me, and tight short shorts...and...that I had a do-hickey thingy down there, that was also for pleasure, not just relief...being told that THAT was primarily the reason...THE reason for the burning...forever. I'm thinking at the time that that is a bit about just striking me blind, would that work? Nope. FOREVER! BURN, BABY

That's a long damned time...forever. A longer time than it will take for our children to pay off all the free money being printed for our distressed bankers and CEOs at this very moment. FUCKING FOREVER. BURNING. No chance of rolling over and putting it out, just flat out non-stop burning. God almighty I can smell my buns and thingy on fire at this very moment...just relating it to you. No vestal virgins for me in the hereafter...just eternal, hell fire...and a cindered, useless thingy.

So, here I am quite a few years later with this shit embedded in my brain, no matter how hard I work at shedding it, and in the wee hours my thoughts sometimes turn to God...humanity and Mary Lou...and our need to avoid hellfire by living a clean life...and above all, not masturbating...even though I don't believe one damned word of it!

This is what perplexes me (besides the vestal virgin thing.) Back in the olden days of God, people occasionally went astray from worshiping the one and only and did evil things like...Sodom and the Mora place...and coveting...and dishonoring...and blasphemy...and whacking off, not to mention murder, thievery, making golden bulls, and downright fucking meanness. So, when these atrocities occurred, and God saw it, what did he do? He sent pestilence, big flying bugs to eat the wheat, boils, and above all...he spoke. He spoke to his representative here on Earth...usually a guy with a beard...but never a woman. He spoke and told the rep what the deal was going to be if HIS people didn't fly right. And the people straightened their asses out. They flew right. Time and again, humanity was saved from itself because Jehozefat SPOKE.

It is apparent to me and it may be apparent to you that here we are in the 21st Century, warring, whoring, fighting, killing, drugging, making excessive profits, ignoring our starving brethren, fucking the next guy and gal, polluting the atmosphere, dumping waste into our water, ignoring the sick, not providing for the young, shoving our elders aside, allowing maniacs to kill others in our name, killing others of a different religion in the name of God, consuming goods beyond reason, and masturbating. And why is God not speaking? Because my childhood nasal speaking pastor was wrong...God is not going to save us.


becomingkate said...

It's my firm belief that much of the bible was written by man to keep parishioners in line. I'm pretty spiritual, but think we're going to implode as a species sometime during my grandchildren's generation.
Masturbation should have been encouraged, and we should have taught our kids to not be so greedy.

Doug said...

We have free will, and the Giant Spaghetti Monster has only so many noodly appendages to reach out and save folks.

jadedj said...

becoming---spontaneous combustion is my guess.

Doug---better idea than the one I was brought up on. Pasta rules.

mr-stu said...

Religion is the cause of most of the worlds evils I believe, never been into any of that mumbo jumbo spoken by the so called God Squad and the likes.

Masturbation kills less people if any)than any of the other options you mentioned and it's a lot more fun!

intelliwench said...

You make your own hell, don't you?

(I've heard that masturbation can help with that getting awake at 3 a.m. thingy, too.)

jadedj said...

mr-stu---worse idea ever conceived of by man. Hear, hear for masturbation!

intell---yes, sans brimstone. Hearsay, eh?

Gavin said...


Ahhh only joking, was gonna try go on a big pro-religious rant, but the truth is I didn't know what to say.

I think I agree with everything you say, strongly, passionately. The world is a fucking disgrace. World 'leaders' disgust me. I have to take breaks from reading the news cos it makes me soo fucking angry.

Organised religion is a farce, the world over. I am quite spiritual, I do believe in a higher energy, a God if you wish to use that word, but I also believe we are totally free to experience whatever we choose, its not God that has kept us down, its mankind!

I am starting to believe the Mayan prophesies, the way the climate and economy is going, and how out of control man is getting. After all these years on the planet we have barely evolved past power and greed and control.

theredhead said...

I don't think the world is a disgrace. I think that the gods gave us free-will and said, "Let's see what they do with it. We will be here when they need us (ie. afterlife), but we will not interfere."

jadedj said...

Gavin---see my response to you comments on my next post.

Man is indeed a bitchy little twerp on the planet.

Ah the of my favorite historical peoples. Don't know if I agree with prophesies, however...especially given the fact that all the Maya rituals of ripping out living hearts to appease their gods...did not work. Although, I'm rethinking that regards certain politicians.

theredhead---that's my point...God is not going to interfere...or speak to us. As to whether the world is a disgrace...that's a judgment call, don't you think.