Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Wondering

If there was a last supper...was there a first supper? And who was there? And who catered both?

I know, that's more than one's three. That's just the way it is when one gets to wondering. Sort of like the in vitro multiplies...and multiplies...and suddenly one has eight wonderings. Very lucrative, though. Multiple puppies, that is. And babies, it would seem.

On a totally unrelated note. I am very busy this week (that's good) my blogging activities have to go to the back. Quick posts, and outta here. Which, unfortunately, doesn't allow me to catch up on my favorites...and look over there on the right, I have a bailout number of them. So...ain't ignoring you.


Moko 2.0 said...

IT was an apple, an there was Adam and Eve and a snake, I believe.

Hmmmm Wonder if that's metaphorical for anything?.

...mighta been a coupla cherries there too.

becomingkate said...

It's so easy to get behind on faves. At least most people don't do their posts in parts. That would take forever!

jadedj said...

Moko---pretty sure there were short ribs, barbecued to perfection, Menage e' Trois, snakiness and, in the end, babies, involved.

Cherry tree?

becomingkate---but so many are way too prolific.

Lou said...

Glad that you're busy (am assuming this means much work is available). Blogging is an incredible time user (waster?) especially for prolific publishers like myself.

jadedj said...

Lou---it does take away from my falling snow flake watching time.

mr-stu said...

Your days sound like mine at the moment a quick stop and go blogging to try and catch up with everybody.

jadedj said...

mr-stu---and cook dinner (I am the primo chef here)...and catch up with the daughters...and the missed...and...well, you know.