Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's Cinco de Mayo in ol Mehico. I'm little late in the day acknowledging the fact, and really don't have much to say on the subject. Except...my brother, aka The Bull, lives in Southern Cal and of course, there is mucho Cinco celebrating there. He was kind enough to email me a photo of himself and a couple of new Mexican friends, enjoying the festivities.

He called me a few minutes ago to tell me about the new gas grill he bought in honor of the fifth---yes, he's a grill whore---and the ribs he's planning to have tonight. Something about, "mighty fine swine", sauteed in cactus fermentation. He had a hellofa time plucking all the feathers, however. I may be wrong, but I DO know my brother, and I'm thinking the fermentation is taking place in his cabeza.

Please note that for purposes of anonymity to protect my family, I have altered his appearance...those are not his real ears. I have no doubt that those ARE his El Toros, though.

A belated fifth to you all!


Xanadu said...

First time reading you, but I liked what I saw. I'll be back. Very good sense of humor. LOL. Happy Cinco De Mayo to you, too. The pigs in that picture look ill...like they have Swine Flu or something! HUGS!

Lou said...

I know nothing about Cinco de Mayo so must go look it up. Happy day to you!

Doug said...

I don't think I could drink a fifth of Hellmanns...

jadedj said...

Xanadu---and happy Cinco, oops, no...seis to you. Pigs...air sickness.

Lou---It's actually, as I am sure you have since found out, a Mexican Holiday (see the next comment by Doug).

See Lou...it's about Mayonaise.

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