Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Vater's Day and other news...

Happy Father's Day to all you dad's everywhere. I hope your children bring you as much joy as mine...enjoy your children and they will enjoy you.

And now for a sensitive and smooth transition, other news.

JadedJ reporting out here on the plain Plains, where everyone except me is of Teutonic origin...i.e., fair skinned...white as a Limbaugh baby's ass.

The news is, the weather has been struggling to reach Summer temps for the last couple of weeks here. Last week it was barely in the 60s, and cool 60s at that. The past couple of days we've reached 85F or so, and still not really hot. But enough to put away the jackets and long pants.

And then...and then...tomorrow, the prediction is...99F for sure...and...possibly...up to 107F. Yes...from basically 60F to 107F in one week. It is to continue for the balance of the week!

In fact a heat wave warning has been issued by the authorities. Stay inside if possible. How cheering.

I heard people rumbling in the grocery store yesterday something about the Rapture and end times, when the weather becomes screwy...and if what I described above is not screwy, then Barbara Bush birthed some mighty fine leaders of men. Fact is, my grocery bill was more than double the predicted temps...and I'm not too sure I wouldn't welcome the Rapture, just to keep down my grocery bill (see, the joke is, one doesn't need food up there...see? And don't ask me about the streets paved with gold, and why would they be paved with gold if there were no grocery bills...just don't go there, OK?.)

Here is a photo of what we are expecting BEGINNING tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. A shot of Nebraska's State Capital, aka, the Penis of the it melts into oblivion. Which, come to think of it...nah...I'm not going to say it...I gotta live here with these capital-loving, sunburned people.

You gotta click on it to actually see the melting.


The Peach Tart said...

oh lord

jadedj said...

Peach---you get the award for the quickest response to a post ever recorded! Congrats. You Alantenians (yes, I made it up) are on the ball! I grew up in North Florida where it gets muggerly muggy in the Summer, but I can't remember it EVER getting up to 107...ever...oh Lord is right!

Doug said...

Happy fathers day, and protect your own capital from melting, OK?

PENolan said...

It gets awfully hot in Texas, but we just sat in a inner tube in a cold lake or river and drank beer. Up here these Yankees start getting testy when they're hot. They bake in the subway tunnels. Very unattractive.

Mr. Charleston said...

Been over a hundred degrees in Baja Georgia for some time now. Evidence from core samples, arctic ice, ocean muck, etc., all indicates great weather spikes prior to major climate change, i.e. Global Warming. Which, amazing as it seems, many boneheads still fervently believe is fiction. I don't get it. All you have to do is walk from a shaded, grassy area onto a WalMart parking lot to realize the staggering difference in temperature. Even without carbon dixoide, multiply that parking lot by tens of millions of parking lots, roofs, and other denuded areas world-wide and it's pretty obvious what kind of effect mankind is having on the Earth Mother.

I truly fear for our children and grandchildren's future. Oh, by-the-way, Happy Father's Day to you too. :)

The Plashing Vole said...

What's all that in Celsius? I hate summer - 22 degrees C is about as much as I can handle. My friends in the UK think it's hilarious that I find Britain too hot, but I'm Irish, where summer is marked by soothing drizzle instead of the habitual howling gale. I am waterproof though…

My answer to climate change is to be mighty relieved I'll be dead in another 35 years, fury that all the poorer nations will suffer first without even contributing to the problem (sorry, Bangladesh), and to learn Norwegian. Follow the snowline!

Punch said...

Some towns just look better as melting ice cream.
Happy fathers day to you

the walking man said...

Sow the heat, reap the heatwave or something like that.

But Remember not only to check in on shut in neighbors but pets left out, by idiot owners, without water and shit too...

The picture looks like something the "Ace of Cakes" made gone awry.

Fancy Schmancy said...

It's been like that in New England all spring, also. And it's rained for the past month. Today our high is about 65, 90 and sunny predicted for Saturday. We won't know what to do with ourselves!

jadedj said...

Doug---it's too late. It was last seen flowing toward Kansas.

PE---They do indeed. I spent a month in NYC one summer and the testiness made it even more unbearable.

Mr. C---you hang out at Wal-Mart? But seriously, what you speak to is beyond conjecture. Muttonheads refuse to believe any of it, because it might interfere with their lifestyle.

Thanks...I did have a fine Father's Day.

Plashing---41.66666666666667. Considerably higher than 22, methinks. Godtag.

Punch---thank you. Can't think of even one rebuttal to that.

Walking man---your insights are always...insightful.

Checking: depends on the neighbor.

But would you eat it?

Fancy---yeah, N.E. is quite similar...but with beautiful trees.

Comrade Kevin said...

It is entirely too soon to be this hot here, as well. I'm not sure if it's the Rapture as God's punishment towards sinners. Or something.

jadedj said...

Comrade---MY a/c has been humping all day and it feels warm in my house. The only way to feel cool is to step outside for a few minutes and then come back in. All things are relative.

I would put the wrath of God theory right in there with belief in the good intentions of Rush Limbaugh regards The President. Not likely :)