Friday, July 10, 2009


In the interest of harmony and agreement, pesented here is something I think we can all agree upon.

Or not.


Simon said...

It’s ambiguous. It doesn’t make it clear if it’s referring to the text or the background: I’d say what’s called black is white, and vice versa.

jadedj said...

I knew I could count on you Simon.

Simon said...

Always glad to help.

The Peach Tart said...

Black and white...isn't that a Michael Jackson song? Oh shit I'm sick of that...I'm not supposed to utter his name again for a while.

What about gray?

jadedj said...

God knows you do try Simon.

Peach---Michael who?

Good point...although I'm not sure what I said, but...good point.

Oh, and please, we don't use the word gray around my house. Experienced is the word.

Mr. Charleston said...

I think Simon is right. What's the hidden agenda here, segregation or inter-racial marriage? Or, more probably, your sneaky way of slipping in Creationism vs. Darwinism. And if you were really looking for harmony you would have made it Yin and Yang the all encompassing symbol of theological harmony,not some scientific rectangle.

Ooops, I'm sorry. I promised I wouldn't start any more trouble on your blog. Never mind the above.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---that's what I like...a person of courage and conviction. Feel free to vacillate over here any time you so desire. Ommmmmmmmmmmmm.

mo.stoneskin said...

I completely disagree.

jadedj said...

mo---I am in agreement with that.

Punch said...

I am in complete agreement with what Mo. said, but have to take execption to Mr.C' wishie washie points of views. Peach that's ok I thought it was Paul McCarty. Simon says to the Pie Man I was going to be fair and vice versa.
Damn! JJ this is tooo deep or is it deep too? Damn?

jadedj said...

Punch---Que pasa hombre? Does that stuff give you the muchies or some such?

Mo makes a valid point, being British and all, and he is an observant sidewalk cafe type (see his latest post) with whom one does not want to be observed against. Whilst the Mr. C's point appears to be on the top of his cabeza.

Incidentially, did you know that Peach is commenting here in the raw? Yes. Sans propriety, that's what.

As I understand it, Simon does not eat fair pie. Nor does he hang out at sidewalk cafes with Mo. He does read certain naughty magazines however (see HIS latest post).

Next time wear your high water don't git no deeper n' this, pal.

JennyMac said...

That is an MJ song and I agree with will be nice to have a break from talking about him.

Punch said...

JennyM... ahhhh but you are talking about him? See how it works. Is it black or white?

the walking man said...

Actually it was Ebony and Ivory by both McCartney and Jackson and it came out before Jackson bought the rights to the entire Beatles catalog, which is about the only thing of any value left in his estate.

As for the graphic...we been seeing shit like that in Detroit for forty years and not a damn thing has changed do in my humble opinion it is just a graphic without point.

Comrade Kevin said...

Can I choose the implied shade of grey in between the black and white?

Doug said...

Too deep for me. B&W is overrated anyway, I prefer color.

jadedj said...

Everyone: just coming off the high of a one day marathon garage sale (re-scheduled after last week's rain cancellation). This is what I said last time: I. WILL. NEVER. DO. THIS. AGAIN. I did. And, I. WILL. NEVER. DO. THIS. AGAIN!

So, on to the subject of everyone agreeing on black and white...what? No? Hmmmm.

JennyMac---Amen. Put his ass, and mine, to rest.

Punch---him? As in Him? He's black and white? I don't want to talk about it.

Wm---Admittedly, some of us por' folks live out here on the plains, in the wilds of black and white land...graphically AND otherwise, that is. So you see, we can't all be as sophisticated as Detroit...where the nuances of graphic d'shit are probably more evident.

Comrade---indeed you can.

Doug---If you were a cat, or dog, this would not be possible. I have no idea why I said that, or what it means. Know this...color is my name, and color is my game...and I am neither a cat or dog.

intelliwench said...

I am reminded of the time I went to buy some white paint . . . there really is no such thing, you know?

Congratulations on your safe (?) return from garage sale hell.

jadedj said...

Intell---As our British friend Simon would point out:

Technically, pure white is the absence of color. In other words, you can't mix colors to create white. Therefore, white is the absence of color in the strictest sense of the definition.

However, when you examine the pigment chemistry of white, ground-up substances (such as chalk and bone) or chemicals (such as titanium and zinc) are used to create the many nuances of white in paint, chalk, crayons - and even products such as Noxema. It's worth noting that white paper is made by bleaching tree bark (paper pulp). Therefore, you could say that white is a color in the context of pigment chemistry.

The garage, but awash in a sea of left-overs.

Punch said...

Absent of color???
One can't create??
in the strictest sense??
However? Noxema is made by bleaching tree bark?
I thought i was at a garage sale.
I need to get out in the Noon Day Sun.

jadedj said...

Punch---I think the Sun IS your problem...that and the funny little rolled things.

the walking man said...

OK jadedj I see a white line with a black word and a black line with a white word and a flat demarcation that does not allow one to leak into the other.

The problem is that they should be all over, through, within and without, mixed, and swirled together until there is absolutely no clear demarcation point and no words left that could be adjectives defining anything but colors of paint in a can.

I had to laugh at your phrase Detroit sophistication...dude the only thing sophisticated about Detroit is whether to drink from the bottle in the alley behind the liquor store or wait until you get home and use a give-away glass left over from the days when they used to give such things away.

Mr. Charleston said...

It's amazing. 22 comments about nothing. I suddenly understand Seinfeld.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---Thank you. My point exactly. The post was tongue-in-cheek, as were my comments, and it was about nothing. Most got it. Some did not.

Lou said...

I look forward to your posts and especially the coments these days jj - always entertaining :-)

Time for a new post please.

the walking man said...

But the chord resonates with some which actually makes it about something, now this comment means nothing.

Mr. Charleston said...

As always, Walking Man cuts to the chase. LOL

jadedj said...

Lou---Methinks this post is going to run ad nauseam. But, in deference to my NZ friends (you), I'll get some ideas from my daughters and do a new post.

wm---now we are in sync...I am nothing, there fore I ain't.

Mr. C---I've been meaning to ask you...who is this Lol person you keep attributing your comments to?