Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Intelligent Falling

Okay, yes I posted a similar subject a few posts back...Creationist vs Evolutionist, do dah. I simply couldn't let this go by, as a sort of follow up to that post.

The artwork is by a blogger who is apparently no longer blogging, politically. A very clever fellow in my view. The site: idrewthis.org (birdbrains)


Punch said...

Gravity is a THEORY? the sky is falling! the sky is falling!, what about the edge of the world!, oh thank god!? it is just a theory.?
So? WE? really will not fall off the edge of the earth? for believing in ourselves, cool.
I need a hug.

jadedj said...


Gravity is real! Don't believe it? Look in the mirror. Look at that lady who is your age. Her ass no longer protrudes...and no longer causes you to smile with intimate and dirty old man thoughts...it sags. As does other things.

Therein lies the humor for the humorless.

Mr. Charleston said...

You guys wouldn't know gravity from intelligent falling if you fell over it. That sagging butt, those bags under your eyes, your lifeless dick... intelligent falling. Sooner or later you are going to fall down and you can't get up. The lesson: the older you get the closer to the ground you get so it won't hurt so much when you fall. Intelligent falling.

What a bunch of maroons.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---I rest my fucking case. You have restated what was already stated, but in the vernacular...per usual.

Jeez. I teach you everything I know, and you still don't know anything.

Maroon is my favorite color, btw :-p

Mr. Condescending said...

Lol I've read a few texts saying gravity is not real. Do you know that centrifugal force is made up?

mo.stoneskin said...

Funny. And that guy is no longer producing material? Shame.

Simon said...

Have you seen the excellent spoof on Intelligent Falling as an article in The Onion? I think someone commenting on Moko’s post about atheism originally linked to it. Extremely funny.

Sorry if this has already been brought up before, but of course the point about Christianity is that it has no requirement for proof: indeed blind faith is regarded as a virtue. So criticism on the grounds of unlikelihood isn’t accepted in the same way that scientific hypotheses can be challenged.

Scientists accept that all they regard as fact is only ‘proved beyond reasonable doubt’ – we cannot, as any agnostic would point out, prove anything absolutely. And they are certainly aware that our understanding of how gravity works is incomplete. The problem is that Christians don’t seem to understand that essential difference, and thus they come up with rather pointless statements such as ‘the law of gravity cannot be proved’. Hence spoofs such as Intelligent Falling.

Dedene said...

HA! You Americans are a goofy bunch.

the walking man said...

My balls fell...but not so intelligently. They fell into the bowl after I deposited some floaters. Aging is just a theory until you run head long into the shitty truth of it.

Mr. Charleston said...

Must respond to Simon. I'm no Bible thumper by any means. If you doubt that, visit my blog. But what I'm going to say will most certainly bring forth prejudged responses, if any.

I used to feel differently, but it's become evident that the most egotistic and dogmatic community in the science/religion debate are the scientists. It's also been my observation over my lifespan that not one scientific fact is in fact a fact. Not one. There's a long litany of so-called scientific truths that were later proved to be nothing more than somebody's mistaken theory. Brilliant and logical, but wrong.

The Christians only insist that Creationism be taught in school because scientist insist, and have indeed codified, that evolution is the only explanation of life that is allowed to be taught.

Every other developed nation on earth teaches theology in public school. There is no reason why we can't as well. It has nothing to do with separation of church and state, which is a myth to begin with.

Until science comes up with "proof" of everything, (Which of course will never happen) then there is room for belief in something greater than that which we can imagine.

Suggest you study Sartre, particularly his later years.

Doug said...

Why does theology have to be taught in public schools? Aren't there churches and Sunday Schools for that?

the walking man said...

By teaching creationism along side of the big bang you are presenting neither as absolutes if you are doing it to educate, which is allowing the student to gather as wide a variety of information on which to base their own theories of life. Isn't that what the Socratic method of teaching is? which is supposed o lead the student to being a critical, exploratory thinker.

Personally I think that with careful study of the Judeo/Christian one can back up science and the evolution theory. But one has to go back to the Hebrew and then study with someone who is intimate with the language.

Find someone to translate the very first sentence in Genesis from the original language and you may be a bit surprised at what it says.

jadedj said...

Simon---Excellent comments. Thank you.

This is my problem...I just don't give a shit what Christians, or other God based faiths want to believe. This particular post was in the spirit of humor...satire...whatever one wants to call it. My own view regards the God vs science issues is, I do not believe in medieval fairy tales. Science may not have definitive answers...but, nor does faith based THEORIES (and they are nothing but theories...they are not divinely inspired...regardless of how many times bible-thumpers want to proclaim it so). So in the interim, pre-Rapture, I choose reason and intellect over boogiemanism. Of course I could be wrong, and maybe on my death bed, I might be wanting to get back to you on this.

Dadene---indeed we are...and some of us aren't even doing drugs.

Mr. Chaz---Hey, if it works for you, that is good. However, what most Creationists want to teach in public schools is NOT theology. Their goal is to teach ONLY Christian, bible inspired tales. Don't believe it? Go check out the Creationists Museum website. Teach this shit to my daughters in school...and we are going to have some words. My children get all the theories, not just one. And, NOT just Christian theories. This will allow them when the time comes, to decide for themselves. The room for belief of something higher, of which you speak, needs to be kept on a personal level. And don't forget C...Jesus is watching you (yes, even when you do that thing you like to do...you know).


jadedj said...

WM---well shit, somehow the electronics of it all got mixed up and I missed your comments as I was making my comments.

I am in total agreement. The entire argument of whether the bible is God inspired or not lies in faith. But what most faith based people do not realize is...it depends on who translated what. Me, I have no problem reconciling both ideas...evolution, God...whatever.Based on nada that I can prove. Could happen.

Punch said...

The way i's sees it is God, don't give a rat's ass what we think.
Too busy speeding off into the dark void of space.
Sos if we say God is Intelligent Falling then God must be a fallen Angel, ergo God is Satan. Damn jadedj, your a prophet.

jadedj said...

Brother Punch---afuckinmen/women (just in case).

Mr. Charleston said...

See what I mean? I knew you'd get pissed. Only Walking Man got it right. The only reason I used Christians is because I was responding to Simon. I know how screwed up the ultra right is, but the great majority of Christians are moderate and they have a point. Theology, philosophy, science... don't you agree these are subjects worthy of study in public schools? I see nothing wrong with Christian creationism (as a theology) being taught right alongside evolution or Buddhism. Let's let the kids decide which they like best.

All of mine are heathens.

And how do you know what I do in the bathroom?

jadedj said...

Not pissed. Basically amused that you would spend so much time fucking around with this nonsensical subject. And that a throw-away post would evoke such banter.

It simply doesn't matter. To God. To me. To the world.

What bathroom. Who said anything about a bathroom? Get hold of it man.

Simon said...

Mr C – that’s pretty well what I was trying to say. I’m perfectly well aware that science is an ongoing process, and cannot empirically prove anything. Scientists come up with what seems to be the most reasonable and testable theories that fit, according to the available information at the time. Theories come and go, but on the whole most people would accept it’s a progression, and that newer ideas build on old ones (which they generally do).

Regarding the teaching of theology in schools, I have no objection to that. I have a great interest in mythology, and would like children to learn about the Greek and Norse pantheons, so they can not only have a better knowledge of these early gods, and the stories associated with them, but also because it will allow them to realise how many religions there have been in the world that, as you observe of scientific theories, have risen and fallen. I’m not being sarcastic. It will give them a better understanding of human history, and human nature, and the way they have created so many religions over the millennia – all of which were regarded as The True Faith by their followers at the time.

the walking man said...

Truth is as truth knows itself to be regardless of what flavor anyone thinks it is.

Mr. Charleston said...

Well said all.

JJ - It's funny how what we consider to be a throw away is somehow the thing that causes the most damage. Politicians have learned that well which is why they measure their words so carefully. My God, Ooops, I mean, my... shit, my ah, my Dog, sometimes I wish Obama would just spit it out.

I promise I won't start any more debates on your blog. I'll mind my manners. Promise.

Comrade Kevin said...

Intelligence, FAIL.

jadedj said...

C---there are no restrictions...or manners here. Sorry that you would think so. Just stop with the malicious rumors about my sister and the probing thing. A little low don't you think?


PENolan said...

Lord, all this and you speak Russian too.

Mr. Charleston said...

The Russians are known intelligent fallers. Aided and abetted by vodka of course.

jadedj said...

PE---ain't it grand. A renaissance linguist I am, I am...with the aid of Google.

Mr. C---Of which, I am told, you know nothing about...is that correct?

PENolan said...

I'll admit to more than a passing knowledge of vodka, but it never made me fall down. Jagermeister made me fall down, though. An Irish friend said, "Oh Drink it. It won't kill ya." The worst was that I kept knocking the toilet seat onto my head when I reached up to flush.

Is that intellegent falling? The toilet seat falls onto your head?

jadedj said...

PE---you can't trust an Irishman...or a Greek offering ouzo. Now that will cause major intelligent toilet seat banging. Isn't it amazing how smart you feel the next morning?