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I am thinking that
God (if there is one) and the Prez are operating in mysterious ways. I am confussed. And I am convinced that they are purposely trying to confuss me. Check this out from Crooks and Liars. Oh, and HANG IN THERE AND LISTEN TO HOWARD DEAN, at about 1 min 30 or so.

Don't Panic. Howard Dean Says Bill Will Pass - With The Public Option
By Susie Madrak Monday Aug 17, 2009 5:00pm

Howard Dean on Morning Joe this morning:

"The president knows very well that you aren't really going to have health care reform without a public option. But he also knows he has to get this out of the Senate," Dean said on "Morning Joe." "He's got a very important member of the Finance Committee, Kent Conrad, who doesn't want to vote for this bill if it's got a public option in it. And he knows he's not going to get any Republican votes, of any kind. So at the end of this day, this bill is going to be written by Democrats. It's got to get out of the Senate. And you only need a few Democrats to take out the public option."

He added that with Republicans unlikely to support any version of health care legislation, he had no doubt that the final reform bill would be passed with the help of reconciliation, which means Democrats need only to muster 50 votes in the Senate rather than the usual 60.

Dean told RCP earlier this year that a health care reform bill without a strong public option was pointless. "If it doesn't, all we have is the same old stuff, and I don't think it's worth spending $634 billion on what we've already got," he said.

OK, OK, OK, if that is true, and I sure as hell hope so...isn't that giving the strategy away, by stating it publicly?


Mango Girl said...

Politics, schmolotics. We are all going to hell in a hand basket.

I am hoping they are tax free this weekend for back to school week.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Mango Girl has a point. I'd like the bill to pass, but everything in American politics is out to screw us and to help THEM.

O~ said...

Its all sausage making - throw in the undereducated and misinformed (and yes that includes the members of the house and senate as well as the majority of the population) and it gets really ugly - we're still a long way from having A bill. I am leaning toward Howard's thought process and Thom Hartman's - I am hoping Obama is playing chess - not a quick game of checkers.

the walking man said...

What is the difference between bush (besides two major wars) being bought and paid for by defense, oil and banking industries and Obama giving in to Pharmaceutical companies with back door deals?

Is there ANY politician who will not sell their principles to protect corporate profit?

The Peach Tart said...

I saw this interview too. I hope Dean is right. It's obvious the legislators most vocal against the public option are the ones getting the most money from the insurance companies.

I'd like to see a list published with every legislator listing how much they have received in campaign funding compared to their vote on the public option. It would be very telling.

The Ed Show on MSNBC last night had a viewer poll showing that 82% would feel that Obama had caved to insurance interests if the public option was not passed. That would not bode well for the 2010 elections.

Heidi Germanaus said...

Obama isn't anything special. He's bought and paid for just like the rest of'em. When I see him speak I feel exactly the same way I did when I watched Bush. Nothing. He inspires nothing in me.

mo.stoneskin said...

What I want to know is whether each president, after his first day in office, goes 'fuck, so this is how it really works' or do they know exactly what selling out they will be doing in advance?

Mr. Charleston said...

There is no strategy here. This is going to boil down to a fight. Those with the most votes win. Surely none of you thought Dems exempt from corruption.
I don't agree that Obama isn't special. He is, but there is only so much one man can do. Compromise is an integral part of our political system.

The St. Petersburg Times has a great website called Politifact, check it out.

jadedj said...

Mango---there is no hell...that's the hell of it.

EoR---It would seem. See my reply to Mr. Charleston.

O---I would like to believe it, but I don't.


Peach---it may not bode well for the election...but, the truth is, that 82% doesn't count. It's the one half of one percent that counts...and there is the problem with America.

Heidi---I can't go quite that far, but I can see why you feel that way.

mo---in advance...way in advance.

Mr. C---thanks for busting bubbles. Just kidding.

Stating the obvious about compromise is well, obvious.

I don't think anyone who has commented, believes Dems are exempt, but it is still disheartening to have one's cynicism reinforced.

As to Obama, I love to hear the man talk, but I never thought he was any different than anyone else who wants to be in mainstream U.S. politics. For me, he was just the lesser of evils.

Dedene said...

The French are watching this battle with total amazement. Who on earth wouldn't want a good health care system (we ask ourselves)?
We also laugh when we hear the bill & Obama criticized as "socialist".
Good luck with this craziness!

PENolan said...

Ditto Mr. Charleston.
Obama didn't walk across water to get in the White House. He's a politician - but I'm still betting he's a savvy politician and playing chess. I will be surprised if he doesn't wind up drinking a whole bottle of brandy every night like Winston Churchill. How anybody could listen to this shit day in and day out and stay sober is beyond me.
Willy Jeff is most likely right - the approval ratings will go up the minute the bill with a public option is signed. If it's one thing Bill Clinton knows about it's approval ratings.

diane said...

Hahaha, you couldn't be more right!

I've given you an award, btw.

jadedj said...

Dedene---who wouldn't indeed.

PE---I'll drink to that.

diane---me? I'm right? Are you sure you didn't stumble on the wrong blog? An award? Wow. Going to take a look now.

jadedj said...

Thanks again diane.

Pantsless Ponderer said...

I believe Dean is delivering a subtle message to Republicans: we're going to do this with or without you. A Republican strategy thus far has been almost a type of dare, as in, "you wouldn't dare pass something so huge when every Republican is against it and Obama builds his reputation on bipartisan cooperation."

Earlier in the week Dean also sent a not-so-subtle message to Democrats leaning on the fence: if you don't vote for this bill, we'll have primaries in your districts.

jadedj said...

Pantsless---that just shows how dense I am. Very good assessment...and...I hope it's true.

Pantsless Ponderer said...

You? Dense? Far from it. You have one of the most political savvy blogs around and your readers are all very interested and intelligent.

While I could be wrong, that's how I've interpreted the messages from both sides. I study political science more than I should - against my will - and it's pretty interestinf how often a politician will state one thing while delivering subtle messages to others.

I personally believe health care reform will happen. The Republicans aren't the true obstacle - that goes to conservative Democrats who don't want to toe the party line out of fear they'll lose funding from some major groups. But with Dean saying if you don't vote our way you face primaries...well, that's quite a quandary for those conservative Dems.

Health care will get done but President Obama is going to walk away with many bruises, though that was to be expected. He knew that coming in.

jadedj said...

Pantsless---again, thanks for the kind words. But you have hit on the real's my readers and their comments that keep this blog interesting, not me.

I don't really want the President to get bruised, but if that is what it takes, well. For me what the November election said was, a large portion of this country is tired of the same politics. We need to get tough, and giving in to a lunatic fringe, is not hanging tough. That's what was disturbing me about the compromise talk. Damn right, get the Blue Belly Dems in line and get on with it. Thanks again for your well presented insights.