Monday, September 21, 2009

Comparatively Speaking

...not much has changed in some small minds.
UPDATE: Sorry the video has been removed by the user (?whatever that means?) 9/22/09


intelliwench said...

You make piñatas? Can you make one in Glen Beck's likeness -- I'd buy one. Just don't fill it with the same sh#t his head's filled with.

I wish that I could feel assured that the neo-McCarthyites are just a noisy minority, but I don't have any confidence that that's the case.

jadedj said...

intell---ahem, I happen to be a renaissance manly man. There isn't anything I can't do. Have you not heard?

I will tell you that it is possible to give a pinata (how did you get the squiggly thing over the n?)...a lobotomy, which would be appropriate in Glenn's case, methinks.

No, nor do I. Or is that, yes, nor do I.

Hey, what happened to the jar of brains?

intelliwench said...

You can copy & paste my eñe if you like, jaded.

My jar of brains is taking a break. The new picture seemed more in keeping with the new header. You just don't like it because it's a French artist, right?

Doug said...

There is more to fear in the ranting of a man with a microphone and a cause than there is in the stupidest politico.

Your mileage may vary.

Punch said...

Bull Shit.
I can't stand to
listen to these creepers.
Keep up the good
work but No, my off hours are
too precious to listen to this shit.

My bad bro, someone has to sound the alarm
and it is not glenn pecker, or
Lou Dobbs or
Rush, i'm an old junkie, or
bill Of rightswing
'what the fuck.
My apoligies to all the
tender spirits out in the world.

These guys are nasty.

jadedj said...

intell---I haven't had an offer such as that in a mighty long time. I would love to copy and paste your eñe...oh, I just did. Thank you...that WAS good.

Franchy painters. I have nothing against them, or your new icon. According to a certain clown...I would have said, harlequin, but that's far too classy for this joker...would have everyone believe that my best friend, in my younger years, was Paul Gauguin, and that I harbor ill-feelings toward Paul and French painters in general, because of the STD thing. Is that from whence you get this notion? IT IS A LIE!

Doug---Agreed. And, my mileage needs running back.

Punch---I am convinced that when you are are off.

Lou said...

"The age of unreason" without a doubt.

the walking man said...

Video removed 8sigh* miss a day and the party moves o without you.

jadedj said...

Lou---I see you slipped in under the wire...before it was removed (not the age of reason...the video, that is).

wm---and a hell of a party it was too.

The Peach Tart said...

Well I'm late to the party too so missed the video, however I can imagine. I'd like to be invited to the next party, the one when we take swings at the Glenn Beck pinata.

Holte Ender said...

I was lucky enough to see the video on another site yesterday, it too is now removed. It proved to me how much we need journalists like Murrow today, and a news organization with balls. We have neither.

jadedj said...

Peach---that is an insult to pinatas everywhere.

jadedj said...

Holte---sorry, you must have been posting while I was commenting to Peach.

Actually, I got that off of Crooks and Liars, and the interesting thing this morning is...I also can't pull up Crooks and Liars.

Indeed we do not have journalists with moral fiber. We have "personalities".

themom said...

I just don't understand, that if a film clip is available on youtube, it allows the embed...then you get a statement, that it "has been removed" - pisses me off. Did Edward R. Murrow come back from the grave and take his video back?

Mr. Charleston said...

Embedding a video doesn't give you the video, only the link to the video. Embedding only means that you don't open it in another page or tab but within your own tab. Unless, of course, the tab is on a Budweiser can and then you can actually embed the contents into your being and become a chemist and turn beer into urine, which should not be confused with uranus which happens far to often these days, vis a vie the embedded video.

Punch said...

it was glenn pecker that removed the vid and
JadedJ he knows where you live.
He has a list of known Liberals in his coat
pocket and he will show it if
something is not done to
stop this wicked invasion of our great land that
God has put to smite vengeance
upon the face of the axis of evil.

If there is only One Liberal in the govenment of this land that is one Liberal too many. We must root out this enemy within or else we fall like domineos before the gathering gloom of liberal social fascismo which is spawning in the very soul of pornography.
or something like that. It's been a while since the last meeting. Most members of the sect ran out of money and had to sell of the guns and ammo. gone now but some good deals went down. Actually the guns were selling like hotcakes (no pun) until some ass said we had to quit sellin' tequila shots, shoot (no pun) those chumps started soberin' up and those rusty AK's did not look so good anymore. Damn, christian do gooders. ruin every thing. somebody orta shoot 'em.

jadedj said...

mom---Edward actually came back for a pack of cigarettes.

Mr. C---I suspect the only embedding of which you are really familiar is the silver railroad spike which the villagers drove into Uranus upon finding your secret lair in the Transylvania forest. You should never have trusted those Weiser brothers. And urine even worse trouble now that you have messed with themom.

Punch--- I was wondering when you were going to notice that Beck rhymes with peck and...we ain't talking Gregory...who was a Pope...which rhymns with dope...and has nothing to do with Snow White...and everything to do with why the Americas do not belong to Indians...not the Inja Indians...the mis-named Indians...and they want their America back...not Beck. It all falls into place when you rearrange the words.

As to the axis...the Tappet Brothers would be more than glad to advise regards that problem.

I know nothin' about AKs...only OKs. The OKs when I am embed.

All---I have no idea at what point this very serious post turned into the Theater of Absurd Termite Silliness. My advice...RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY...or have a nice glass of mellow of your choice.

Punch said...

anyone who take glenn beck seriously is a prime time writer for the Termites in the Absurd Theater. Your check is in the mail.

SunTiger said...

jadedj ~ just letting you know I was here peeking in on you. ~ SunTiger

jadedj said...

Sun---Long time no see. But I guess turn about is fair peeking on you, I mean. Sorry there was nothing to see.

boneman said...

They PAY to badmouth Beck? Dang! News to me. I'll have to give it a go.
Just been too busy slamming the traitors fresh out of office.
( delicate lil soul)
cheney and his wartime Japanese ideas of getting info. Bush senior covering the butt of his daddy, Ronnie.
Reagan the twit that trained, supplied and supported bin laden (you know him, rightie? The bestest friend of bush junior)
Nixon. The ass who, along with McCarthy got the idea going that contrary thought is evil that should be destroyed...(and, by the way, also OKed the first CIA excursions into VN, so, that he got us out of HIS war was not exactly a great thing. )

But the queen of them all has set upon us a terrible thing.(not that any rightie worth his chops would concur)
After letting bin laden live so comfortably in the mountains all these years, keeping him safe, spilling our blood in a land we had no business in....he ups the anti.
The one and only unstable Islamic nation in the world with proven nuclear capabilities...though no deployment system.... and what does he do?
SELLS them F-16 fighter jets.

Well, i guess that means they have a deployment system, now.
Thanx, junior, for fucking the world hard!

But, tell me...when the shit hits the fan, is it our delicate Liberal views you will blame, then?
Straight from LIBERTY.
Glad you're enjoying it so much as to step on people and their beliefs.
could it be you are the reincarnation of McCarthy?
Or just some loud, brassy noise in the night?

Jadedj, can we recreate the video on our own and republish it?

jadedj said...

boneman---too tired to recreate...videos, that is. Have you not heard? We libs hate our country, but neocons such as Chuck Norris thinks every red-blooded patriot ought to stain their flag with tea, or just fly some other flag in lieu of, for a year. Now there's patriotic love.

boneman said...

yewah, I'm not ready to give up my freedoms to some yahoos just because they got loud voices, that's for sure!

jadedj said...

boneman---hell yes, I can still yell, with the best of their sorry asses.

Punch said...

loud brassie noise.

jadedj said...

Punch---I don't appreciate you dragging my MinL into it.

Punch said...

You orta here her scream in the night. Curl your ears, toes and mr. happy.