Friday, September 18, 2009



I am extremely busy this week, but I just had to take the time to post this video. Admittedly, it's long, but oh so disturbing. Stay with the entire thing if you can.


diane said...

The disturbing thing here is how many people haven't done their homework. I think a lot of people want to know what's really going on, but they just don't know where/how to get the correct information. Honestly, I didn't like the interviewer one bit. Instead of focusing on what they don't know, he could have asked them about what they do know. And towards the end, when one woman asked him a question concerning Czars that he couldn't answer, he double-talked her and re-directed the question. He's no better than anybody else. H*ll, I would have been somewhat "dear in the headlights" too.

diane said...

deer, haha, not that I'm not dear. xo

Lou said...

Would be hilarious if it wasn't so scary - people spouting propaganda they've been fed and unquestioningly swallowed.

The Peach Tart said...

This is disturbing on so many levels. First, it's obvious that the majority of these people are uneducated and ill-informed. Second, I am astounded at how many people keep drinking the Glenn Beck kool-aid. I almost spit my tea out when some ass said "Glenn Beck is such a logical thinker." There was a lot of distasteful rhetoric like Bury ObamaCare with Kennedy and Pelosi is a Jezebel (carried by a kid no less). And what about that dumbass carrying the cross?

It troubles me that there are so many ill-informed and radical people out there with so much hate in their hearts.

They talk about being Christians but Jesus would be appalled at their behavior in his name.

themom said...

Like the others commenting here...where do I start. First, isn't is sad to see the types of uneducated and illiterate people that showed up for this event, PROMPTED by Glen Beck??? the young man did an excellent job of stopping a few in their tracks, but many will still be continuing the talking points of complete nonsense. These people need to be educated. I think I will be "stealing" this video - thank you.

jadedj said...

Diane--did we watch different videos? He did ask them about what they knew regards their statements. To a person, they didn't know shit. They were spouting slogans. Period. And, what question wasn't answered? The czar thing? He went extensively into the czar fears. Seriously, I reviewed it, and could not find what you were referring to. I thought he did a superb job of correcting their misinformation. Hell, I would have been in their damn faces probably.

Sorry "deer", I ain't with ya on this one.


Peach---There was so much misinformation being regurgitated that I spent most of my time shaking my head while viewing it.

Yeah, the Jezebel thing. What the deuce was that? This young kid using a 19th Century term?

The idiot with the cross just came to see D.C. Har.

I also noticed that almost every one of them backed the hell down when he confronted them with explaining their position. And the Jesus card...God save me from the Jesus card!

Mom---These people don't want educating. They want slogans, platitudes and something to hate. Makes them feel better about themselves. Oh, and steal away. I stole it from Crooks and Liars...forgot to acknowledge it.

Mr. Charleston said...

Unfortunately, there's no enlightenment to be found here. Not here as here, but here as here. No, I mean there not here. You hear?

jadedj said...

Mr. C---sure deer, not hear...their.

intelliwench said...

Sadly, one of my cousins was there. He's not illiterate, uneducated, or even insane -- just incredibly susceptible to the mob mentality, I guess. And unwilling to even listen to an opposing point of view. When I try to talk to my family members who're drinking this Kool-Aid, they just laugh at me, and start blathering about being tired of paying taxes and getting nothing in return. Like this is something that just began as of January '09???

otin said...

Government bores the piss out of me anymore. It is like watching toddlers fight! What is gonna be is gonna be, and all the Glen Becks, and Rush Limbaughs of the world are not going to change that!

jadedj said...

intell---hard to listen to isn't it.

otin---not bored...disgusted is my feeling, and quite honestly ashamed.

Professor Chaos said...

That is just a stunning level of ignorance.

Which these people seem to wear as a badge of honor.

These people honestly scare me. The next Tim McVeigh or Eric Rudolph is probably in that crowd somewhere.

jadedj said...

Professor---that is a sure bet. One of the signs read, "we didn't bring our guns...this time."

the walking man said...

The cat with the cross not there to be a part of some movement but to illustrate the "passion" of Jesus, needed a foam pad to protect his shoulders. Look at the cross when he asks people if they want to sign it(before he burns it I suppose.) I think God would have something to say about the mans inability to suffer for his brothers sins.

What is absolutely stunning is you have these people full of anger and they really don't know what they are angry at. They feel pushed and pulled thin like not enough butter on a piece of toast (I forget which lyric I stole that from.) And in that helpless feeling they are simply being prodded to move to protect the financial wealth of the very entities that are harming them.

What them that are pushing the herd do not understand is that it is not a far stretch for the herd mentality to turn to the mob mentality. Charles Manson wanted to ignite a race war in this country (fool) and it appears that them who are protecting their wealth are wanting the same thing.

While there is strong sentiment against this foolishness there is also very little media outlet for that opposing sentiment. There are blogs like this one but nothing like what I am about to post below:

the walking man said...

Newscorp holdings controlled by Rupert Murdoch.


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the walking man said...


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the walking man said...


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the walking man said...

To me the above is much more concern than the sheep who can not think for themselves but rather let Rupert and his ilk do their thinking for them.

the walking man said...

diane said...

It's o.k., I think we are seeing the same thing, because I see everything you mentioned. But I am seeing something else as well. I like Walking Man's comment, on how these people are being pushed and pulled thin, and then he posted up all of those information sites. Good man.

Btw, bravo for a great post. xo

Doug said...

I keep trying to come up with some kind of explanation or smart ass remark, but this just boggles the mind. I have seen stupidity before (I saw a guy make a U turn on a four lane highway IN FRONT OF a provincial policeman) but never have I seen acres and acres of it. Well, maybe on TV at a Yankees game :-)

Punch said...

This is obviously a plot by the vast right wing to conspire to make america look as dumb as it really is, in parts of this great nation.
and another thing. what is it with the fucking tee shirts, just make a tee shirt and you are a star.
Kiss my ass. well no
ahhh sign my tee shirt.
ahh say lady ahh
can I sign your
tee shirt?? huh please huh...
ok just asking.

Tom Harper said...

These people sounded like a bunch of parrots. "It's, you know, all these taxes, you know." "The government, you know, they're just, they're taking over."

And I liked where the interviewer was explaining something very clearly to one of the parrots, about Czars under Bush and Reagan, and excessive spending by Bush, and this clown says "and you know this, how?"

By turning off Fox News and stepping out into the real world.

Mr. Charleston said...

You guys need to all go back and re-read Walking Man's comments. Pay particular attention to Murdoc's control of FOX, the organization, that more than any other, is spawning the hatred and rancor that is dividing our country.

Here's the kicker... the mother fucker isn't even an American.

Our leaders knew what they were doing when, years ago, they made it illegal for any non-citizen to own any US media. Guess who abolished that ridiculous notion... the great patriotic communicator himself... Ronnie Reagan, a 20th Century Fox employee! I'll be damned.

diane said...

@Mr. Charleston: I stand corrected. I can only blame my dim bulb on the flu.

Harlequin said...

Further proof, as if it is needed, that " slogan breath" is NOT a compliment. And yet, susceptibility is so well engineered... and vigilance in such short supply.

jadedj said...

Everyone---I apologize for not having the time to respond individually to your comments. It has been a hectic week for me. And Sunday night is our family night, my family comes first.

As usual, walking man has elaborated on a subject that needs elaboration...and added facts (Murdock, for example). I thank him for it.

The only thing I would add is for Mr. C...and I need to qualify my response to him with, I AM NO FAN OF ROBERT MURDOCK...TRUST ME. However, C, I think you are in error (or maybe I am) but in 1985 Murdoch became a naturalized citizen in order to satisfy the legal requirement that only US citizens were permitted to own American television stations. So, technically, he is within his rights...he's wrong of course, but he's right...jeez.

This was probably the most responded to post I've done this year and I thought everyone made excellent points. But, having re-watched this video, I am still of the opinion that these misinformed, albeit, disenfranchised individuals, are not interested in the truth...or discussion...or doing the right thing. They want to keep the status quo, and the status quo for them does not include, black, brown, yellow, red, but only white. They will never admit it, but that's what's really on their minds. I am convinced of it. They are definitely being lead by the noses, but the leading makes them feel good about themselves. Hate is like that.

The Plashing Vole said...

Weird. I thought the election was proof that the US was now cool: healthcare, the environment, seeing other countries as more than just target practice… instead, your distorted media and nasty astroturf groups have managed to whip up a storm of bigotry and ignorance. Keep fighting!

Anonymous said...

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