Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kreativ Blogger


PE Nolan, a youngster who originally hails from Texas, and somehow or other, ended up in New Yawk City, and seems to be none the worse for it...has seen fit to bestow upon me an award. The second one she's given me, I should add. I can only think that the idea came to her during one of her menopausal stoner periods, when she was taking the name of her funny, and insightful blog, literally. The name of her blog is...Menopausal Stoners. The award's name is, Kreativ Blogger.

I think probably most of my readers are already following her blog, but just in case, go give your funny bone a work out, if not.

As these awards are wont to do, or ask rather, I have to do something in return. In this case, list seven things that I like that have nothing to do with people. That's going to be an easy one, as I am often accused of being an extraterrestrial from the Planet of Uno, who basically prefers the company of moi...and this from my own family...who are people.

The other requirement is to give the award to four other people. No problem with that, I follow so many clever and inventive bloggers, that actually it will be difficult to weed them out and down to just four. So if your blog isn't one of them, please...it's not because you weren't considered. On the other hand, maybe you are basically an undeserving person in general, and why would I give it to you, without some sort of compensation...you know who you are.

Here then are my seven inane and self-indulgent pleasurable, sensuous and suggestive things which turn me on. Need a cold shower now?

1. Oops, this one is invalid, as it involves people...of questionable repute, but people nevertheless.

2. I love the play of tree leaf shadows on the ground. Particularly on a slightly breezy day, which gives the shadows a ballet of sorts. A moving, almost living thing sometimes. For me, it isn't necessary to watch this kind of beautiful show for long. Even a short session seems to free my mind, and makes me more at ease. Don't know why.

3. I have the same fascination with the ocean. But the problem with the ocean is, I tend to get lethargic. What I mean is, I lived at the ocean for a few months years ago. I found that I spent most of my free time walking up and down the beach, picking up shells, or sitting and looking at the ocean in wonder, and otherwise unable to do anything productive...like...laundry, cooking...going to the store...paying bills, etc. But, God I do love the ocean.

4. Red wine is fine. Need I say more? Interesting note...I just remembered, this was the first item on PE's list.

5. I could eat every raw oyster in the world. I love raw oysters. And I especially...even though I can no longer partake of this baby...love oyster shooters. .
For those who have never experienced one, and are curious, here is a recipe:

In a shot glass,
1 raw oyster and it's juice, preferably from Apalachicola, Florida
1 ounce ice cold Vodka
As much Tabasco as your stomach can take
Fresh-squeezed lemon juice

DO NOT SIP IT...toss it!

My mouth is hating me at this moment for even mentioning it. BTW, did I ever mention my tequila experience in Baja, on a cliff, back in '85 I think it was. No? Well...no, next time.

6. Sort of fudging, but listening only involves me, so...I love Blues music of any era... in addition to Classical music. I do listen to other genres, but mostly to these two.

7. I never really learned to "play" the guitar, but I did manage to teach myself a few blues riffs to amuse myself with. Unfortunately, when my arthritis started interfering with my finger grip a couple of years back, I had to give that up. One of my favorite things though, just sitting and messin' 'round with the guitar...back when.

8. (cause I fuked around with number one) I am not an outdoors jock guy, but I love the outdoors. I would rather be outside than in. I would rather be in a boat, or hiking in the desert, or watching the buffalo roam (yep, there are actually buffalo on the plain plains again...albeit, they all belong to Ted Turner...but, hey) But, damn do I hate the ferking snow. I don't even like books, or movies that take place in the snow...it could all melt, flood the oceans, cause Californicate to mud slide away, and old JJ would laugh, and laugh, and laugh...til I had to mow the grass, that is.

The truth of all this is, I am really a people person, and while on occasion, I like to be alone...just as everyone does, I suppose, this exercise was a little more difficult than I made it out to be. Because I especially love my family, and they are actually my favorite pre-occupations...and they give me what I can't get alone...unqualified love.

Again, thanks PE for the award.

And the four souls who will have to come up with seven of their own sans people activities by being awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award are:

Intelliwench of post-raphael sisterhood---who really is, intelligent...and witty...and just a good egg, not to mention post-raphael.

Becomingkate of Blogging Is My Only Vice. When I first read Kate's blog a couple of years ago, I have to tell you, she made me cry. Someone who has experienced a lot in her life, and much of it not so good. She has come to terms with much of it, and continues to amaze me with her good humor regards daily struggles. Kate you deserve every award ever created.

Lou whose blog is named, The Quiet Life. Lou lives in New Zealand, a place I must admit I knew not much about until discovering her blog. Lou, like intelliwench is witty, caring, and very smart. I try not to miss any of her posts...although of late, I have been amiss in that department.

Doug of The Voice Inside My Eye, is a quiet and unassuming Canadian (aren't they all, though?). With a great photography talent and a keen wit. I always enjoy going over there.

It truly was difficult to pick four. I am already feeling bad that several of you weren't on this list...and I do mean several.

Next time, amusements, funny things, and general guffawness.


Doug said...

Thank you, JJ, very much! I haven't ever got an award before. I'm all verklempt... :-)

I shall make a list of seven pleasurable and humanless things, but maybe tomorrow. I'm still processing two pints of Steam Whistle Pilsner...

I barely know any Blogspotters (I know a lot of former JSers, but they all went over to keepconnectedlive), but I shall strive to pass along this award.

Thank you again, sir.

Lou said...

Thanks jaded one, that even sounded kind of genuine *tears in eyes* I will treasure this award. I'd firstly like to thank my parents who made all this possible...

mo.stoneskin said...

You and I are remarkably similar. I love fine red wine, my soul was clearly borrowed from an elderly blues player from Chicago, I hate outdoor pursuits but feel cramped up inside and after living practically on the beach for two years I realise I love nothing more than the sea.

Punch said...

I'm tellin' MeanDonnaJean.

the walking man said...

*Taking the microphone from JadedJ*

Wait one minute *pointing to the crowd* Punch has one of the best blogs around...he should have *boos from crowd* his is better. *hands microphone back to JadedJ*

"Wheres my Hennesey"

*sober happens* "I'm sorry...Oh yeah and well deserved guy."


*New controversy begins*

PENolan said...

I love hazy confusion and drunken controversy.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I accept your apology, but think nothing of it.

Raw oysters--dude, we have to go drinking!

The Peach Tart said...

Now you got me thinking about oyster shooters. Must have tonight.

intelliwench said...

I'm speechless. Speechless that you would award me something so horribly misspelled.

But I am deserving, so I'll comply with the requirements. Beats doing actual work ...

jadedj said...

Doug---Oy, you and intell, always making me look up words, like Verner Klempt..no, wait...as in, "OY, vey. When that schmuck of a doctor told me I had a STD I got all verklempt." That kind of verklempt? This has nothing to do with Hogans Heroes?

God, sorry, I would never interrupt someones Pilsner. On the other hand, possibly that is the exact condition under which one should do a dastardly thing like this.

Very welcome my friend.

Lou---Nah...I lied.

Mo---Blues, wine, sea...only one thing missing...and I ain't tellin.

Punch---There's no accounting for intelligence, taste and finkyness.

Wm---get out of my brain. Can't speak for Mr. Brainless, however.

PE----Kiwis Rock!

EotR---Name the seaside place. Wait, what did I apologize about?

Peach---And...include Mr. Peach...he he he. BTW---not ignoring your blog, just very jammed with biziness right now.

intell---What are you talking about? Blogger is misspelled?
You R deserving...but it better be good.

becomingkate said...

I'm a few days late. But thank you, thank you! I apppreciate your kind words. And you picked TWO Canadians, I'm from the west while Doug is from the east. They're the ones that decide everything...and they win most of the sweepstakes too.

Linda Himes said...

Your descriptions of nature and its effects on you are stellar! I share that wonder and enjoyment; my experience expresses, then, in form of mystic poetry. Your words make me think you might enjoy my newly published book, Live, From the Mystic ~ for info about it, please visit my website, http://www.strategicbookpublishing.com/LiveFromtheMystic.html ~ and keep ON keepin' on!! Linda Himes

Harlequin said...

congrats and thanks for a wonderful list of blogs to visit and appreciate...

jadedj said...

Kat---and speaking of being late. Busy beaver this week, so not even much time to respond to commments. You know, I didn't even realize that I was picking two Canandians...not that it matters one idota. You both deserve much accolades beyond my feebleness.

Linda---I also apologize for my tardiness in response. Thank you for the kind words...not sure I deserve them. I will for sure get over there.

Harlequin---That's what I like about you, your willingness to explore new blogs and ideas. Thanks for the...thanks.