Friday, October 9, 2009

Is This A Good Idea?

Did anyone else catch the story yesterday that NASA is going to drop a rocket bomb on the dark side of the moon today? I basically read the headline and moved on. But then today I read this:

Taken from the Seattle Exopolitics Examiner a commentary by Alfred Lambremont Webre, regarding the legality of the bombing.

"...Commentary: The planned October 9, 2009 bombing of the moon by a NASA orbiter that will bomb the moon with a 2-ton kinetic weapon to create a 5 mile wide deep crater as an alleged water-seeking and lunar colonization experiment, is contrary to space law prohibiting environmental modification of celestial bodies. The NASA moon bombing, a component of the LCROSS mission, may also trigger conflict with known extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon as reported on the moon in witnessed statements by U.S. astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, and in witnessed statements to NSA (National Security Agency) photos and documents regarding an extraterrestrial base on the dark side of the moon..."

But wait, there's more...

Apparently there are people who have worked for NASA and the air force who are ready to testify to the existence of alien bases on the dark side of our moon:

"...There are confirmed reports of an extraterrestrial presence on the moon, both from U.S. astronauts who have visited the moon, from NASA employees, from Soviet scientists and observers of the NASA moon visits, and from witnessed NSA (National Security Agency) reports on a moon based on the far side of the moon.

One report states that, “In a 2006 television documentary, ‘Apollo 11: The Untold Story,’ Buzz Aldrin admitted for the first time publicly that the astronauts saw UFOs on their trip to the Moon, but they were not allowed to discuss this information on the live audio feed to NASA. He stated that he felt it would have caused a ‘panic..."

OK. Extraterrestrials possibly on our moon. We are going to bomb them. Will this piss them off? Uh...yes? Have the NASA bombardiers never heard of H. G. Wells', War of the Worlds? At the very least, have they not seen trailers from the several movies of the same theme? Have they not seen the kick ass laser thingy thing? The ones which smithereens the piss out of entire cities.

Legalities notwithstanding, is this a good idea? I mean, if they got here from beyond our Solar System...even a measly couple of light years away...THEY ARE TECHNICALLY FRICKIN AWESOME...and we are piss ants...comparatively speaking. I bear them no ill-will and in fact, would like to talk with them regards their health care system, etc.

It does occur to me that this is possibly a ploy by our current commander-in-chief, who is actually a socialist Alpha Centaurian, to bring his buddies in to blast certain wingnuttery commentators...and other vermin into the next galaxy.

I am preparing messages in my backyard and on my roof this very weekend..."Aliens Welcome Here"...and, "I Voted for Obama!" You might want to consider the same.

Anyway, thought you might also like to see a video of an ex-air force sergeant's testimony regards his knowledge of the so-called bases.


PENolan said...

You know - that may not be an alien base. Henry Kissenger, Dick Cheney and other "Dr. Evil" types may have built a luxurious haven for the UltraRich.
NASA says that if there's water on the moon, it will be much less expensive to get there because hauling water is so heavy the fuel costs are prohibitive. If they get the fuel costs down, Dick & Co. could make a bundle . . .

Punch said...

Cryto (Krytoauw) clearance. I have to pray on this. A airman 2nd class is confused with C(K)ryto(auw) clearance.
Be afraid, be very afraid.
I must retreat to more research.

PENolan said...

I've got no idea what the hell you're talking about. Cryto? Crystaline Cement?
Well, I feel more secure knowing you're praying over all this.

Punch said...

Neither does the speaker. but he is on tv

otin said...

Maybe Binladen is hiding there!

Mango Girl said...

Que Pink Floyd...

Then watch Close Encounters...

O~ said...

I just personally don't think we should be f&@%ing with the moon... but that is just me. Obama won a nobel peace prize and is catching hell for it AND we bombed the moon - isn't america great? - its all beginning to feel a little surreal.

Doug said...

In space, no one can see you hallucinate.

Harlequin said...

I am enough of a moon ( and sci fi ) compulsive that the idea of bombing it just makes me sad. Sigh.

the walking man said...

"Fuck 'em" They can come to Detroit and we'll protect you sissy's from the horrible aliens. We're used to dealing with creatures from the dark. Now that Punch is praying we can do it with God on our side.

I'm just pissed because

A) The bastards are squatting on my moon


B) No one asked me if they could use my moon as a bomb range.

Heidi Germanaus said...

Man, all I can think of is that old "Mr. Show" sketch..

and that this is a VERY bad idea.

Mr. Charleston said...

Of course there's life on the Dark Side of the Moon... where do you think Pink Floyd came from?

As to the moron in the video... Yes, there is such a thing a crypto clearance, it's the highest top-secret clearance there is in the military, at least at that time. (I, as an airman 3rd class, was once cleared crypto for an assignment. If only they had known that I am a communist.)
They guy speaks of examining data at a time when there was no such thing as computers. What he means is photographs. Sounds to me like he's the sucker for a great practical joke. 30 years later he still believes the "photographs" and is willing to testify before congress. I'll bet the other guy is laughing his ass off.

intelliwench said...

Don't listen to Mr. Charleston. He's obviously "one of them."

*sigh*...isn't there some better use for all the billions that are being spent on f*cking with the moon?

Holte Ender said...

If there are aliens living in bottom of that crater, hogging all the water, growing alien food, they will be pretty angry right now. Not satisfied with pissing each other off, we've gone and made some sentient beings extremely upset lets hope they are not republicans.

jadedj said...

PE---I'm speculating that NASA has been bought off and the blasting is an initial ground breaking for a new Wal-Mart. I mean, aliens like cheap ass, shoddy goods too, wouldn't you think?

Punch---I AM afraid...afraid that I am beginning to understand your cryptic messages.

PE---There is still some hope for you. I don't think he meant praying...he meant braying.

Punch---Claiming his 15.

otin---Could be. The Pakistan Space Agency is on top of it.

Mango---Have you been talking to Punch?

O---ditto to that.

Doug---Ha ha ha.

Harlequin---I know. that part is not made up.

wm---Thanks dude...I can sleep easy tonight. Not so sure about the Punch part...what concerns me is that long list from his past, that G wants to talk to him about.

Not to mention, who's going to clean up that mess.

When was the last time they asked you/me/us/anybody about anything?

Heidi---could be a start. But hey, we can all have a party!

Mr. C---"I'll bet the other guy is laughing his ass off." Aha. that clears it all up...YOU are the other guy!

intell---this is no time for reasonableness. Screw all those people out there with no insurance...why should we spend tax payer money on that...we need water on the moon. What the deuce is wrong with you?

Holte---Hmmmmmm...maybe I better take the "I voted for Obama" thing off my roof.

Sunny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sunny said...

Ohhh nooooo!!! Here we go again, bombing where there should'nt be any bombing ...Nasa has no business doing this!!

They did'nt do anything to us, and me too, I'd like to talk to them about their health system!!

Great entry you posted here, JJ ! :)

jadedj said...

Sunny---This is why you are Sunny. Thanks kiddo.

MeanDonnaJean said...

Is it a good idea ya ask? HELL NO it ain't a good idea! That's the problem with our sick society these days.....everybody's gotta go 'n mess with stuff that they got no damn business messin' with in the first place, 'n then they end up fuckin' evvvvvvvvvvvverything up. I still live by the motto "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Works for ME!

jadedj said...

Mean---This would be the "if it's ok, time to break it" society...compliments of Wal-Hell.

PENolan said...

I hate to tell you this JadedJ, but I was confused when I read the praying comment. I thought you said it, not Punch. A praying Punch is cause for alarm, but if you say he's braying then I can relax again.

A Wall Mart in space is, in fact, a logical explanation. About that photo with the two glowing "stars": Aren't those the parents from the Star Trek episode The Squire of Gothos? (I had to look up the episode; I'm not such a trekkie that I remember episodes) He was a very badly behaved advanced being.

jadedj said...

PE---Well dang, I misread that, I thought you meant preying.

Also, there is no call to relax...things are probably worse than you think.

Two stars: All these years I thought that episode was titled, "The Squid of Gothos". A bad dude indeed.

The two stars would be Alpha Centari, Obama's home solar system...he was sent here to weed out undesirables, and to establish the new world order by brainwashing our minds into thinking that we can do better by one another...respect those who can't help themselves and just improve our lot in general...a socialistic alien plot designed to keep us from doing things like...oh...denigrating the have-nots...elevating them that already have beaucoups of shit, and help them, by the blood of our sweat, get MORE addition to blowing up moons, and other heavenly spheres, and possibly the entire universe, and such...see? Of course it is all much more evident after a couple of stokes...if you get my drift...wink wink.

PENolan said...

He's originally from Alpha Centari or was he brainwashed there and sent back to be The Centarian Candidate?

jadedj said...

PE---None of the above. The Centarian Candidate was John McCain.

Punch said...

Well I am back from my research. Hurrumph.
number one thing... God likes with i Pray, she don't like when Ya'll bray 'bout my preying over the foder from the Moron's.
number two thing...God said, for me, to tell JadedJ, that he is gawldanged, but she is cool with it.
Just go on to sleep,
don't worry
'bout a thing.
number three thing.
otin...bin boy has a video studio just outside of Crawford, Tx
MangoG...Pink understood, all those years ago.
O~...Scary isn't it? is an hallucination.
WalkingM...Well stated, the part about fornicating. the bad news. God said she don't give s***.
Heidi...Nice spoof, to bad there are members of congress that will not get it. Yeah, let blow up the moon.
Mr. C...Intelliwench is right. nailed Mr C., but he might like that. Techniclly (sp?) they are not "f*cking with the moon" they are blowing it up. We are F*ucking with health care.
HolteE... I said 'be afraid, be very afraid' they laughed...
Sunny... first you post a cryptic message to the true believers and then you retract it all. Then you post a channeling from Ronnald Reagan and claim (wink) you want to talk (wink) to them.
be afrain, be very afried. (wink, wink)
jADEDj... Abandon hope all ye who enter here, this createn is a part of the plan to take over america by aliens, be afraid, be very afraid.
MeanDonnaJean...Damn girl yout are the onlyest one that knows the secreat. don't be afraid, be well, you know'
PENolan...JadedJ, does not pray. I pray for him and he is a deadman walking. be afraid, well not so very afraid, just scart,
By the way it is my braying that causes the moon to rise and set.
PENolan...number four thing? "was He's orginally from Alpha Centair or was he brainwshed..." is that a refference to me or the mook on the vid.
JadedJ... you allowed people to think it might be me. (see above)
Hey just because you are parinoid, that don't mean they aren't after you.
You tell 'em MeanDonnaJ.

jadedj said...

To ALL who give a shit about such things...please welcome my guest blogger - Punch, albeit uninvited, but what are you going to do. Be so kind as to humor him...or not.

Punch said...

See I told you so.

jadedj said...

Punch---humor humor humor.

Punch said...

Jadedj---location, location, location

jadedj said...

P---locution, locution, locution.

PENolan said...

Punch, I was referring to Barack Obama. But you can be a Manchurian/Centaurian Candidate too, if you like, although I wouldn't recommend it. I believe the candidate gets killed at the end despite Frank Sinatra's best efforts.

Mr. Charleston said...

Holy #@%! Christ! There he goes again. Only this time Punch is back to his normal unintelligible self. But I think it's a good idea that we all pray. It's our only hope. That and Walking Man's magnum. And you better watch it Intelli... I'll zap you with my magic twanger.

diane said...

Nasa is run by a bunch of morons. I love your point on the ET's, I never would have thought of that. I have to confess, I only made it through the first 15 seconds of the video before my eyeballs started to glaze over.

jadedj said...


Mr. C---Word on the street is, ain't nothin magic about that twanger...

diane---Kristol Kreme on the moon? See...glaze...donuts...oh, nevermind.


Mr. Charleston said...

That might be the word on Mulberry St., but on Main Street that thang is real magical. It's just that the battery doesn't last as long anymore.

Elizabeth said...

A delightful post, Jadedj. We just can't restrain ourselves from bombing any available surfaces and then making sheepish comments about it (as the NASA press conference, post-Moon-bombardment, proved).

jadedj said...

Elizabeth---Thanks for visiting. Always grateful for classy visitors.

I've not seen the press conference, but can well imagine. For sure going to look it up.

Please come back again.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---sorry...ignoring you...and your lack of batteries.

Holte Ender said...

J - Try this


themom said...

Yes, I presume it was a base built to HIDE Bush/Cheney and all other idiots, because they saw the evil they were doing and knew one day it would kick them in the ass.

Sign me up, if I can visit with the aliens!!

jadedj said...

Holte---you know a recognition whore when you see one, don't you?

mom---Punch has the list.