Thursday, January 21, 2010

coup d'état

coup d'état - the sudden deposition of a government - mostly by arms...sometimes legally.

U. S. Supreme Court decision Thursday, January 21, 2010: corporations may spend freely to support or oppose candidates for president and Congress.

Scenario: A U.S. Senator, who has received a two million dollar contribution from an insurance corporation to help his/her re-election campaign is soon to vote for health care reform not favorable to the corporation...what do you think his/her vote is going to be?

"With its ruling today, the Supreme Court has given a green light to a new stampede of special interest money in our politics. It is a major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans. ... We are going to talk with bipartisan congressional leaders to develop a forceful response to this decision." - President Barack Obama.

Mr. Prez, talk with "bipartisan" congressional leaders?...get real...they are peeing in their pants over this...already calling it a victory for "freedom of speech".

The United States as we know it, ceased to exist today. Welcome to, as Tom Harper at who hijacked our country puts it...Corporatocracy.

I don't know about you, but I am majorly depressed by this news.


Sue said...

depressed is putting it mildly, I'm scared!! Impeach the bastards! Barney Frank said they will be talking and hopefully can do something about this hideous ruling. Our democracy is doomed if they don't!

O~ said...

It is scary - kinda like Rome I would guess in the end. The curtain is being pulled back but instead of hearing "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..." I'm hearing "Screw you!" We lost our democracy a long time ago - its just being announced loud and clear right now... very very depressing.

Liberality said...

The human race is doomed to kill the Earth, or will die trying. This just speeds things up a bit.

Lou said...

A catastrophe for democracy and for the environment.

RealityZone said...

Great comments. The word has to get out on this. I hope people understand the consequences of this. Can you say ---FASCISM----

Tom Harper said...

Thanks for the link.

To paraphrase O` -- instead of "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," they're saying "Yeah, what the F#$! are you gonna do about it?!?!?"

the walking man said...
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the walking man said...

Though it becomes a major pain in the ass, now you actually have to research your vote, discount everything that comes out of anything politicians mouth and look at their history.

This is the accumulation effect thus far of a 100 year war that has gone on between business and government. The first battle was when TR broke up the trusts that ruled the economy at the beginning of of the 20th century.

The war has raged ever since on many fronts the people won some (unionization) and lost more (deregulation).

So where do we go from here?

As much as possible withhold your money from the economy, shred your debt through whatever means necessary (default, bankruptcy, refusal to pay, live within your means) and deny them as much a portion of your wealth as you possibly can.

The weapon is money in this case and the way you wield the weapon is to stop spending as much as you can and then spending only in locally owned family run business' on locally produced products as much as you can.

While no one can not feed the conglomerate conspiracy, you can slow down the amount you feed it greatly if you but take stock of your wealth and the preservation of it.

Be vigilant and be ready to protest in whatever way is necessary including mass protests to redress grievances with the LOCAL government.

This court is just as bought and paid for as any other part of the FEDERAL government. What do you think the justices do during their summer break...go fishing? hell no they make hundreds of thousands on the speaking circuit which is how they are lobbied and purchased.

Being WISE is all you have right now so use it. Wisdom is the direct application of knowledge.

Punch said...

Whores and thieves.
That is all they are.
Whores and Thieves.
Maybe a potion of Thieves Oil.

mo.stoneskin said...

I'm not depressed by this news. I would be if I hadn't already been pushed to the pit of despair...

But anyway, have a good weekend old chap.

Mr. Charleston said...

I'm glad you posted this JJ. If I hadn't just posted something new I would have done this.

This ruling is the single biggest set-back for election reform and government serving the electorate in my lifetime.

In the local paper there's a big photo of and quote from a man who is chief lobbyist for Blue Cross Blue Shield, a so-called non-profit health insurance company, touting what an important decision this is for the future of our country.

The fuckers have got us and there's no way out except for outright armed revolution. From this point forward I am in complete support of the populace arming themselves with whatever weapon they can get their hands on because, sooner or later, the dumbasses will wake up and realize they're getting fucked and the armed rednecks will be what finally overthrows our corrupt to the core government.

Holte Ender said...

So now a corporation is a person and has 1st Amendment Rights, what a pathetic interpretation of the Bill of Rights. The 5-4 verdict tells you it was a political decision and not a very creative one.

intelliwench said...

'Soon as I get the PayPal link set up, I'm going to start taking collections to start my own country somewhere. Anybody with me?

Kulkuri said...

Corporations have been considered persons since the 1880s when a court clerk worded a court decision in such a way as to declare corporations as persons. This is just the latest decision in a long line of court decisions to further the rule of the Corporatocracy. But we can't have activist judges, now can we???

becomingkate said...

As usual, I won't comment on US politics. Canada has it's own issues :P


Chimp said...

Up to today, the 1000s of lobbyists in Washington were already controlling our congress but lots of the bribery money they spent was hidden.

Now, they can come right out and “elect” or “buy” politicians.


Slavery is back and you didn’t even feel it, America.

Chimp said...

"1984" happened in the year 2000.
"The Matrix" is happening now.

JenJen said...

I wanted to check the box for Loud Obnoxious Noise but I didn't want you to confuse my feeling about the topic with your blog.

jadedj said...

To all - for those of you who would like to hear Keith Obermann's take on this (he is beyond pissed, methinks), paste this link

Sue---I am not quite as optimistic. In fact, you can be sure plans are already afoot to get rid of the Barney Franks at the first opportunity. Money rules in politics.

O---Yep, what has changed is, now there will be no need to hide their misdeeds.

Liberality---Hey...what is good for business, is good for Amurica, you know.

Lou---In agreement with both of those statements.

RZ---Fascism is good for business and family values.

Tom---You're welcome. And the answer is...nuttin'. As Keith Obermann pointed out, those who have the balls to try to do something about it, will be totally replaced by bought ten short years.

wm---Philosophically I agree with your suggestions, but there are some economic realities we can't subdue. Phone service would be one example that comes to mind. Another is, my mortgage was bought up a couple of years ago by Bank of America...I had no sayso in the matter. They now hold my mortgage. I fucking despise BofA. Talk about an evil institution, they are the epitome. But, I have no choice, but to grin and bear it. For sure we can take stock of how we spend our money, and who we deal with, but some things have us by the cajones. But then, you said that didn't you?

Punch---What do you have against ladies of the night?

mo---Sorry to hear of your despair. Thanks for the weekend wishes, but I just learned today that our new neighbor, whose driveway abuts ours, and whose house is extremely close, has two of them is a Pitbull. I have two children, one is six years old and likes to play in the driveway during warm months. MY WEEKEND BECAME FUCKED TODAY! One of my worse nightmares is looming on the horizon...speaking of pits.

Mr. C---Agreed. What is amazing is, I haven't read one word of outrage from the teabagger set. Dumb fucks don't even know they're being manipulated.

Holte---Keith Obermann liken it to the Dred Scott decision...only worse.

intell---Can I deduct it from my taxes?

Kulkuri---I knew this about the clerk rewording, but have forgotten the particulars. I've been in argument with my brother about it, and thus far can't give him the facts. Help me!
Activist judges? Har!

kate--- That's okay kiddo, and waving back from South of the Border (while we're stilled allowed).

Chimp---My sources tell me, Soylent Green is next.

JenJen---Much of the time either would qualify. It's my favorite category.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I hope that the next step will be to put limits in place similar to the contributions allowed directly to candidates.

Comrade Kevin said...

We've come this far. Why stop now?

Harlequin said...

Harper is quite the harbinger. This ruling is frightening..... it seems to put a whole new spin on " representative democracy" :(

jadedj said...

Bucko---One can hope. This issue requires immediate cajones.


Harlequin---Harper is the man.

Stephen said...

These are scary times indeed.

jadedj said...

Stephen---They are. I am particularly depressed with what my daughters are going to face as adults.

Kulkuri said...

I googled "Corporations as persons" and this is one of the things I found:
It was a 1886 decision in the case of Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad.

jadedj said...

Kulkuri---Thank you for the information. I guess I could have done the same, but hey, I am a lazy lout. Forwarding this immediately to my know-it-all sib.