Friday, May 28, 2010

My Protest

My beloved Gulf of Mexico has been violated by greed...and our insatiable need for petroleum products. The latest efforts of pumping mud and debris into the pipe have failed. And there's a high possibility that the oil could work it's way around the tip of Florida and up the East Atlantic coast. The economic and environmental consequences will be with us for decades.

It was know that this could happen...and in the interest of profit, the necessary fail safe equipment to handle such a contingency at such a depth, was not installed. If I had my druthers, somebody would swing...and I don't mean just BP execs...but...they never will. Meanwhile all I can do is stand by and watch...except, you can bet your ass I will NOT participate in buying petroleum products from these money sucking devils. I'd love it if you would join me.

If you would like you own Boycott BP bumper sticker, visit HERE.

Affiliated companies:


At the very least, BP is inept. I believe they are more than just inept, which is bad enough in and of itself. Don't believe it? Watch this video over at Reality Zone, posted today (Sunday, 30 May).


Doug said...

What's the difference between the money sucking devils at BP and the money sucking devils at ExxonMobil/Chevron/Shell etc? :-)

Sue said...

It's just horrific, all in the name of greed....


big money will win out everytime

PENolan said...

I've been wondering how long it will take the oil slick to get to Coney Island.
And now there's talk of nuking it.
I really liked the gulf, too.
And red snapper
And shrimp

If you ask around the oil patch, the difference between BP habitually neglects to honor its agreements with the other oil companies - like when a group of them are pooling their resources for a specific project, BP doesn't come across with the cash and equipment as contractually stipulated. So when it comes to BP, the other oil companies have always said, "You can't trust those bastards."

Given that the other oil execs are murderous thieves, and they think they're good guys doing us all a favor - exhibit Dick Cheney - I'd just as soon buy my gas from Gulf or Shell even though they all start wars for their own benefit. By extension, I guess I started those wars for my own benefit too - but I haven't figured out a way to live comfortably off the grid, grow my own food and leave no trace. Until then, I've got to buy gas somewhere, and I only drive my car 6,000 miles/year. I stopped buying it at BP weeks ago. Like Public Enemy says: Fight the Power

Here's the Raging Grannies singing "Haliburton and BP You Suck"

jadedj said...

Doug---Not much...and in terms of devious greed, none. However, my beef at this time is the Gulf of Mexico, the others have yet to contribute to the slick...YET, being the key word. Meanwhile, having children, it is a bit difficult to get about without gas in the cars...but it won't be from BP. The only thing they pay attention to is the bottom line. I hope enough people participate in a boycott and hurt the fuckers badly in their pocketbooks, because it is the ONLY consequence BP will suffer.

I realize you are a bike person, and I admire that, but it isn't practical for us. :-)

Also, PENolan says it very well below. Much better than I.

Sue---Which is exactly what BP is concerned with...not the spill, per se...the fucking profit margin.

YELLOWDOG---It all makes me want to spit. At this moment, just sitting here re-reading this, I am getting pissed.

PE---A great assessment. I have nothing to add to it. LOVE THE VIDEO. Thanks.

intelliwench said...

Hmmm...maybe living in the middle of nowhere has its advantages at times like this. There's no BP dealer in Bubbaville.

The Gulf situation IS beyond sickening, though.

jadedj said...

intell---Does this mean you don't use the restroom?

intelliwench said...

Oh, do you mean I shouldn't even P at a BP when I'm road-tripping??? I can do that. Or not do that. You know what I mean.

jadedj said...

intell---no, no, no...I like the idea of peeing on BP.

Mr. Charleston said...

I'm running out of oil companies. I have never bought an Exxon Mobile product since the Exxon Valdes incident and now I won't shop at BP either. And they have such a nice green logo.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---That's what my oldest daughter said, "but, dad, they have such a nice logo." We had a long talk thereafter.

Liberality said...

The logo is slick green washing no doubt. I've not bought gas there since this started and I have a youtube video at the wulfshead explaining how a boycott hurts them.

PENolan said...

There's an Independence From Oil protest in DC on July 4. A group called a Peace of the Action is organizing. Maybe other organizations are involved - I don't know yet.

SHIT - I just spilled coffee all over my keyboard. It must be a result of the corporate conspiracy to keep us isolated from one another.

jadedj said...

PE---I can only be there in spirit.

How about "Ban Yuban"?

jadedj said...

Liberality---Sorry, didn't intentionally skip over your comment...older guy brain thingy. I'm going to check out the video. Thanks.

Harlequin said...

amen, amen, amen.
I will boycott with impunity!

mo.stoneskin said...

I may just have to get myself a bumper sticker. I'm ashamed to be British.

jadedj said...

Harlequin---Tell 'em I sent you.

mo---It sure as hell isn't exclusively British. This particular incident just happens to be a British firm. Power, arrogance and greed is universal to the human species, methinks. Anyway, we still have Monty Python, and the lads from Liverpuddle, the Bard, mo. stoneskin, and uh, er...Twiggy.

tnlib said...

I have spent lot's of years on my beloved Gulf Coast. It's easy to shut my eyes and make believe that I'm on a pier watching the fisherman, hearing the Sea Gulls, smelling the salt in the breeze and tasting it in the water, getting sand in my arse, jumping up and down in the waves, eating shrimp and snapper, feeling the sea life brush against my legs, etc. It's not so easy visualizing none of the above - just thick black stinky oil permeating and destroying everything it touches. Just silence.

Neat video, PE. There's nothing like the wrath of a granny.

jadedj said...

tnlib---Not to mention the people whose livelihood depends on the Gulf...and I have no doubt that they will never be compensated for their loss.

I'm not crossing any way...uh uh.

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