Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Proverbial Picture of 3858 Words

I picked this up over at Planet of the Chimps It bears passing around, and repeating...repeatedly.

That's 3,858 active oil well platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.


Mr. Charleston said...

3,858 disasters in the making and the friggin' politicians want to drill more.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---I didn't want to say, but my conclusion exactly. I am like Lewis Black when he gets frustrated and yells "ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY??????"

Punch said...

I offer Spit
of Oil.
Dick Chaney and company will say: Hey,
One out of 3858?
That is a one in 3858 chance of losing.
Get a grip.
What's the worry.

Let's see now we saved a million per well, 3858 times 1 mil?? so add the zero's and what is 3858 million. Cool,
Oh, there is a comma missing.
See 3,858 million is 3.858 billion.
Well, damn shit happens?
I mean Hey, Hay, this horse racing! One was bound to fail.
'Send me dead flowres, by the US mail'

Give it a rest.
Well maybe not.

This is big and it is just beginning.
No one knows.
All some people want to do
is hoop and holler and point
ya know at the Negro
or is it the raghead or...
what ever:
and all the while we just might be losing
the gulf estuaries for a generation.

Let them eat corn, Nabraska.

My advice is or Nabraska to follow Kentucky's lead and make wiskey from that corn.
Yeah Buddy, and then put everyone in a car to race for 500 miles.
Free gas from BP!
boogidy boogidy boogidy

That will solve the lack of food from the sea.
but i digress.

visit Mr. Charleston's site, re: motor racin'. or is it just compressed gas?
I forget.
Pray for solution.
Fuck Blame,
there is enough to go around.

Chimp said...

I love Lewis Black! Not that way! I always loved how he covered the Bush Administration. When I see him on TV, he keeps me in stitches and I agree with most everything he says or yells at! I love his rant about Twitter. "If you are twitteting, go to hell..."

Sue said...

wow, whats wrong with us?? This is amazing, no wonder all those GOP'ers want the moratorium lifted! OIL Whores!!

jadedj said...

Punch---The motherfuckers will also tell you that the chances of this happening again, or ever for that matter, are in the millions. Uh huh.

There may be enough blame to go around, but we need to continually lay it where it lies, because they...THEY BEING BP...are counting on YOU forgetting who created this shit.


Chimp---I can't wait to hear his take on this.

I am with him on the twitter crap.

Sue---Yes, but more specifically...money whores. They have pissed on America...you...me...everyone, and have the gall to think they can control the spinout. Try Googling BP oil spill. You will get BP friendly pages, and their propaganda regards what's happening...or NOT happening. They spent untold dollars purchasing Google search words, to redirect you, and me, and Punch, and Chimp, et al to THEIR FUCKING BULLSHIT.

I tried to Google how many Gulf Wells are run by BP before I posted this...forget it. Can't find out...even 6 pages deep. Nada.


holy shit!..that makes me sick to my stomach

jadedj said...

YDG---Insane isn't it.

PENolan said...

Thought you might be interested in this fellow:


He has started a little movement to revoke BP's corporate charter. Interesting proposition.

PENolan said...

You'd know about it already if you were Tweeting every now and then ;)

jadedj said...

All---Above I referred to BP's purchase of Google search words in my comment to Sue. After trying unsuccessfully to find the actual number of BP operated Gulf oil rigs, I read this interesting post over at Reality Zone...worth a read:


jadedj said...

PE---Grrrr. I refuse. My daughter talked me into creating a facebook page. Now I am inundated with all kinds of crazy shit. Mainly from racist ass people I knew in high school, who assume that I share their sorry views. I sure as hell don't want their opinions second by second.

I prefer getting my news, and like views, from the beautiful people, such as yourself :-)

jadedj said...

PE---Oh, thanks for the link. Headed over there.

Doug said...

We have 1.7 trillion barrels of oil in our oil sands, but it would leak really... r e a l l y
s l o w l y...

Tom Harper said...

"3,858 active oil well platforms in the Gulf of Mexico." The fun is just beginning.

BTW, you mentioned in an earlier comment about trying to Google some BP oil spill information and not finding it.

This might explain a few things.

Apparently BP is rigging some of the search engine results, so that people doing web searches will only find what BP wants them to find. Et tu, Google.

jadedj said...

Tom---Thanks. I did correct my error and link back to where I read that...after the fact. Just read the article you linked. Even better explanation. Follow the money, follow the money, follow the money.

Evidently the corporate world thinks all of us are blithering idiots. Not at all transparent.

Chimp said...

His latest take on BP is to invade them and take them over like we did Iraq. Too oily to tell if it would work.

Chimp said...

That's Lewis Black's take.

jadedj said...

Chimp---Hey, better oily than latte.

Chimp---I knew this because I read it somewhere...where was that...that Planet thing blog...the Charlton Heston one, I think.

jadedj said...

Yikes DOUG, as I am wont to do when I get in a hurry, I skipped a comment. You this time. Not intentional.

My comment is almost as long in coming as your trillion some odd sandy oil. Being the dunce that I am, I am still trying to figure out the oil in the sand thing.

PENolan said...

Jaded, you can "like" his facebook page.

And you and I can be friends, if you want to - but I don't know your real name.
At the moment, I'm Tricia Pe Nolan. Facebook never lets me use my initials, and I can't stand being Pe. I heartily recommend using your blogging name as your Facebook name so you can ditch those teabaggers from high school without causing a tempest in their teapot.

jadedj said...

Tricia---I like him. Good thought about Facebook. I just don't go over there, unless my daughter wants me to see something.

PENolan said...

I have issues with facebook activism because it gives people the opportunity to act like they are "doing" something about the cause of the day without ever having to DO anything. However, FB and Twitter both offer an opportunity to join a larger community of like minded people, some of whom are actually DOING something.

And a lot of the bloggy buddies are there sharing news items so I think FB potentially creates a forum which alleviates the isolation institutions like BP are counting on. As long as we remain isolated and despairing, we won't rise up against them.

And thanks for calling me Tricia. Maybe if Mr C reads it, he'll quit calling me "Pat"
A girl can dream . . .

Sunny said...

Yup. I saw it before anyone, hehe. He mailed it to me !

This is crazy nuts and so scarey!

Alot of us ( like millions) may have to move and now they are telling us it's advisable to move *NOW* before the martial law takes effect!

I just KNEW I should have went home to Michigan last year, when I had the chance. Now I could be stuck into a Fema tin box with no doctors or or or HELP !!!

jadedj said...

Tricia---Good points, well taken. I just seem to be getting a lot of teeny bopper stuff from my daughter's friends. I just don't think I can take one more OMG, or LOL, or...

Sunny---Long time no see. I thought you had dripped out and gone back to Michigan.

The spill situation is somewhat like the health situation in the U.S...that one being, "don't get sick". With the "spill" (technically, it isn't a spill, is it), with the "spill"...don't go near the water.

Sunny said...

Hey JJ :) You are correcto ~ I was just talking to Chimpman about this last night on his way home from his work.

It's not a "spill." A spill comes from a ship, as far as I know, but what do I know ?

Seems like it's an oil volcano under the sea ~

I do know I'm plenty angry....and scared.

Yeah ~ guess I'm back here ~ this Oil Disaster brought me back, as I cannot keep all my thoughts inside my head, it's gonna explode!

Have a nice week,you and your family ~ maybe we all should "evacuate" out there where you are. No hurricanes, no oil chemicals, but ohhh so cold weather!

jadedj said...

Sunny---Well, out here we do have those things that spin...no, I am not talking about the other spinners (politicians). And then there are the locusts, pestilence, and rabid football fans. It's not ALL rosy out here.