Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dumb down, and down, and downer.

I read an article on Yahoo News today entitled, "Anti-mosque protests on the rise..."

As I am wont to do, after reading the article, I scrolled down to the comments section. This particular piece had 671 comments at that point. The main thrust of the article was about the protest in some right-wing corners about the proposed mosque in New York City which is a couple of blocks away from the 9/11 ground zero. Apparently a whole lot of "patriotic" Christian folks aren't very happy about it...including the moose gal herself, Sarahspeare (who actually twittered about the process coining new words). They consider it un-American and a slap in the face of, well...America. And it would seem there have been increasing demonstrations across the country in other communities where new mosques have been proposed.

Quite honestly, I don't give a shit, as anyone who has read this blog with any regularity would have figured out. For me, all organized religion is an abomination...with not a nickel's worth of difference in the final analysis.
One is as violent as another...although most Christians would argue that the process, totally denying the history of Christianity. But that's another post, and not what I intended this one to be about.

Most of the comments were anti-Muslim, and totally backing the protesters...and...most of them were damned near illiterate. But one in particular struck me. The person who wrote it is so misinformed, that it is comical...almost. I read it again and decided that her view, and lack of logic is actually pathetic. Here it is, sans comment by me...which is a major self-restraint. what do youse guys, dudes and dudettes think? BTW - my spell check kicked in high gear after the next sentence.

One aside: The proposed mosque in NYC, is being proposed by...Muslim Americans.

I just want to say first of all, no one can take what doesn't belong to them. The United States of America belongs to Americans. There is no reason to fear another county's countrymen. We are born here and no one can take that away from us.

Second, Why is it that it is so easy for people from another country, another faith to come to America, Home of the Free, and start up businesses, obtain monies from the United States Government and build massive structures and implement their religion? I thought it is a requirement for a person to become a citizen of the United States of America, they had to give up their nation's ways and adhere to this nations ways. They were to forsake their old life style of the country they fled from and sware to live by America's Rights?

Third, Why is it is easy for people from another country to come and open up all kinds of businesses. And it is almost impossible for an person born in this wonderful country, land of the free, to obtain a $1000.00 business loan to open up a doughnut shop? These people are allowed to purchase land, build super huge homes and yes, mosiques also. They were to leave that religion behind and live the American way, unless our way is not their way and never will be to them, they just want the benefits of being in a free country.
Hardly any Americans own, Bueaty Supply Stores, Gas Stations, Jewlery Shops, Clothing Stores, Resturants, Nail Shops. They are all owned by people from another country. This you can bank on, The next person from another country will run for President of the United States, and will propable be a Muslim, a person who does not recongnize their sexuality, or Religious Person of another faith than ours.
We should be preparing our own citizens to abtain business, and be productive in America, not allowing others who by birth dose not have the same priviliges as a native born American, for they can share in the free life, but to limits. I garantee you, that an American cannot go to their country and start business, open shops, and build churches like American is allowing others to do here.


Mr. Charleston said...

Christ! I believe this thing was written by my ex-wife!

Doug said...

I believe it was written by a ex-kindergartner.

RealityZone said...

Home of the ?
Land of the ?

Punch said...

Sarah will be pleased. Spellin' don't count kneether dose grammir. I think I have foun the promissed land. Thank you brother.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---It seems almost made up, doesn't it?

Doug---Nah, an Amurican patriot. Oh, difference.


Punch---Sorry man...I don't have her email address. You'll have to write, or Twitter Sarah.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

If this had more swearing in it, it might have been written by Mel Gibson!

Bob said...

It's what happens when morons have computer access.

Harlequin said...

I think you need that graphic designer from your July 15 post to respond to this guy.... or the gal who lost the cat... or the cat.

The Plashing Vole said...

The stupid, it hurts! It's not worth deconstructing the errors here, but I enjoyed some of it.
Perhaps the US needs slightly fewer doughnut shops. At least mosques will give this individual some exercise, by going on racist demonstrations…
I wonder if she's ever left the US. From my office, I can see Starbucks and McDonalds, Texaco and a range of other US businesses (I'm in the UK).
She seems to assume that Muslim and American are contradictory - despite using the phrase 'Land of the Free'! Clearly rights are apportioned according to the order in which you arrive. I'm amazed the Native Americans haven't stepped in to sort you all out!
Umm… you can't run for US President if you're born elsewhere. Thankfully, or you'd have President Schwarzenegger. Or Kissinger. Though Neil Young would be cool.

PENolan said...

Jaded, I may come back and actually read this post, but I'm here right now to say that I gave you another award because I noticed that empty spot on your little graphic.

Chimp said...

How did you find out that Sarah Palin wrote this????

Well, I guess it must have been written by an American Indian as she believes all foreign-born should not have any rights in America. I guess you have to practice the "American" faith once you move to this country (Christianity, Judaism?).

As Sarah Palin says, our founding fathers were Christians! They weren't? They were mostyly Deists, agnostics and atheists???

I know how to resolve this. Let's build a Jewish synagogue along side the mosque. Tadah! or Torah!

PENolan said...

I read it, and now I have a headache again. For some reason, I've had this twitching headache for a couple of days - about the time Sarah Palin started refuditweeting Mosques and the NAACP.

jadedj said...

DebraSWS---Nah, he's busy in the Gulf.


Halequin---I am already in contact with him...and the squished legged cat.

The Plashing Vole---The subtleties of the phrase, Land of the Free, are somewhat lost on the lady, methinks. And her grasp of who is an American, and who is not is, well...graspless?

With you...Neil Young works for me...and it's easier to spell than Schwarzenegger...or Kissingballey.

Tricia---Always the keen observer with pure motives, is what I tell people about you.

Now I have to go open my graphics program, wait for it to load, figure out where I put that file, go get the thingy from your blog, import it, stick it up there in a pleasing and aesthetic manner, export to my desktop, import it into blogger, make another post regards the award because that's the kind of guy I am...and then award it to somebody else.

I am not unappreciative, mind you. Thank you, dear Tricia, thank you :-)

Chimp---I know this because I have my little lefty, communist/socialist/Nazis out there keeping me informed...and taking names...for the camps.

You are correct, the "founding fathers" were all those things...and slave owners.

You thought regards building a synagogue next to the mosque is a good one. Although, can you imagine the noise coming from the two buildings at worship time? Holy molely.

Tricia---I think I am going to design, and give her the Elmer Fudd Award. Sorry about your headache.

Liberality said...

Using her logic, most of you people need to pack up and get on a boat and get the fuck out of here. It's my country and not yours or hers. Plus, you need to start believing in the "Great Spirit" and "Mother Earth" and stop believing in those middle eastern heathen religions and stop building those super large ugly ass churches that are all over the place.

jadedj said...

Liberality---...and quit killing the Tanka.

Jenniferq said...

I wouldn't even know where to begin. My eleven year old niece could formulate a more coherent argument. They're a curious crowd, these news story commenters.

I have learned to never read them anymore because I have tended to get into stupid online arguments with stupid people who would do better to take a bunch of key words and put them in a blender and dump them onto a page.

PENolan said...

Jaded, You're thorough and conscientious. That's why I always slap the award graphic up in a single post and pass it on to you. Although last time I had one to pass on I gave it to Punch. I know it's kind of silly, but after a while, Punch grows on a person (go ahead and say "like a fungus").
I just couldn't give him one again - and you know, I'm not sure he qualifies as a Ray of Sunshine. But between that woodpecker and the neighbor with the dogs, you're positively ridiculous. Positivity is key with the Ray of Sunshine.

I would imagine an Elmer Fudd Award would have a very different criteria.

PENolan said...

Actually, it wasn't the dogs that were ridiculous. It was the red car.
Is that car still there?

jadedj said...

Jenniferq---Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I love new (and old) readers, commenting or not.

I agree. I have given up trying to convince anyone of anything, especially the hard of learning types. And for some inexplicable reason, online idjits are the epitome of cretinism.

jadedj said...

Tricia---Oops one of those ships in the night moments. Back in a bit.

jadedj said...

Tricia---I would never pull a cheap shot and refer to Punch as a fungus. A STD maybe, but never a fungus. No, wait, that would be Mr. C. Punch is more like a mellow jello fellow type of growth.

Elmer is in the works.

Ah, the red car. Yes. Same spot. New layers of dust. Same clothes jammed inside. No stench from the trunk however. A doggy containment fence is in the making. Posts are set in concrete. Not too sure what else is in concrete out back, possibly a dead policeman...or sister...or dog. I simply do not want to ask, or engage the woman in conversation. She may actually tell me. In fact, when I read the comment which is the subject of this post...I briefly thought...aha, my neighbor. I gave that idea up, because she is too busy satisfying the dogs, and making up stories about her invisible sister to make an online comment, methinks.

Punch said...

Hey Wait a minute.

Punch said...

Acquired Taste.

Punch said...

PenO...You are absolutly right,I must say, he is a positively ridiculous Ray of Sunshine.


just as there is no cure for summer time blues..there is no cure for stupid

jadedj said...

Punch---OK, you're cool.

YDG---No shit.

boomer bob said...

WTF!! Typical narrow-minded right-winger. I found this today too - Sarah Palin is, of course, jumping on this band wagon too.

"Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is an UNNECESSARY PROVOCATION; it stabs hearts,"

It's stupifying to see such moronic shit coming from people's heads It seems as though it's becoming more common by the day too.

Tom Harper said...

That commenter was absolutely right. Americans are prisoners in their own country. Real Americans, that is. But them furriners and Muslims can just come in and get handouts and start businesses and build mosques.

So -- I'm gonna become a Muslim, fake a foreign accent, and just sit back and wait for all them gubmint handouts to start pouring in.

jadedj said...

Punch---OK, you're cool.

YDG---No shit.

jadedj said...

boomer bob---I know, it just beats the shit out me how anyone could think this way, or where they are coming from. Dumb fucks are all pissied off at something some of their FELLOW AMERICANS want to do. As to Sarah, we know where she is coming from...which makes it even more onerous.

Tom---Yeah, I'm really pissed about how THEY have cornered the donut business. As to your bizness plan, I'm thinking you'll be raking it in before you know it. Best do it before the Muslim-commie-Antichrist gets out of office though.

Chimp said...

The good thing about the Mosque and Synagogue next to each other is that one has the holy day on a Friday and the other on a Saturday. Just have all Christians visit ground zero on Sundays! The atheists, agnostics and deists can visit on Monday thru Thursday. Isn't that democratic?

jadedj said...

Chimp---Democratic...sort of. But you won't get me within a mile of any of.

The Plashing Vole said...

Here's another delightful member of the intelligentsia putting forward a reasoned argument (from The Guardian):

"Illegal immigrants are raping and molesting children. We hear about it every day when you turn on the TV," said Martha Payan, a retired nurse from the Phoenix area. "They are all prostitutes and drug mules."

In fact, crime rates across America's southern border are generally decreasing. In Arizona, for example, property crime has fallen 43% since 1995 – the national average drop was 30%. FBI statistics show violent crime in the state is either flat or down slightly. Even the state's hardline governor, Jan Brewer, who regularly paints a dreadful picture of lawlessness, recently admitted that crime in her state was indeed falling.

jadedj said...

Plashing Vole---Rampant rape is really riling up really raging rabble Rebas and Roberts in America, I hear. Especially when the perps are illegal prostitutes and mules (are there legal prostitutes and mules?). Maybe those retired nurses shouldn't turn on the TV.

I suspect you could take a ball peen hammer and beat those facts you cite into their pea heads and they would still deny it. In their vacuous space called a brain, there is only one recurring platitude...everything that is wrong in this country is of foreign origin...or it's Obama's fault.