Friday, August 20, 2010


"I am not a good American...I prefer to form my own opinions" - George Carlin

I haven't been in the mood to post this week, as it was filled with trauma events for me...and I am majorly glad it's all over. I sat down here a little bit ago, and started catching up with my favorites and a glass of Merlot. Consequently, I lifted this from Planet of the Chimps. It is one of the more powerful Keith Olbermann commentaries I've watched. It's a bit long, but worth the time and certainly worthy of passing along.

It says everything for me about where I think we are heading. I don't care if only the choir (as I commented on Chimp's blog) watches it. It articulates, and puts much of our fellow right-wing citizens recent madness's in perspective, I think.

Thanks Chimp, for this post.


Sue said...

I saw this comment on his show JJ, it was one of his best.

Hope you are doing okay!!

RealityZone said...

Yep, I put it up that same night.
This was one of his best ever.

The right wingnuts will never see this.
What a shame.

PENolan said...

Thanks Jaded, I've seen this clip floating around but hadn't taken the time to watch it until I found it here.

Hope your life gets back to normal soon so you can keep an eye on the neighbors.

Punch said...

Jacksonville, my home town. Hell, Judge Gooding told Elvis he could not wiggle his hips. How can a Mosque expect any better treatment.

I saw this live. He makes several good points.

Punch said...

Was Elvis a Muslim?

RealityZone said...

No. Elvis was not a Muslim. But yes, he has left the building.

Nor was Tim Mc Veigh a Muslim. But he blew a building up. Or so we are told.

jadedj said...

Manana...all. Tired.

boomer bob said...

Awesome clip Jaded. Olbermann is incredibly articulate. What a difference between the educated/intellegent and the morons of the tea partiers.

boomer bob said...

"intelligent" I guess I better watch out how I criticize :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's refreshing to hear a voice of reason in all this. Americans, listen!

Brett Payne said...

that was damned GOOD - thanks Jaded. Not just Americans should listen ...

Bob said...

It's nice to see a voice of reason shine a light on the lies of Gingrich, et al, though I think you are right, and only "The Choir" will appreciate this.

Heidi Germanaus said...

Hope everything gets groovy again for you and whatever trauma's you've been rolling through go sit down somewhere.

I've given up on all this. Currently losing the 10 pounds I need in order to qualify for New Zealand citizenship.

jadedj said...

Sue---Much better, thanks.


Tricia---Har har. The neighbors put up a wood fence. I see her giving us the peeky eye through the crack in the gate, now and then.

Punch---Not surprised, I take it. Nor am I.

Punch---Yes, a member of the Shakitte Sect.

RZ---See my comment to Punch.

jaded---Wake up dude!

boomer bob---And they get more moronic by the day.

boomer bob---It's OK to abuse it if you know the difference.

DSWS---Fat Chance...listening, that is.

Brett Payne---Hmmm, I had not thought of that. Good point.

Bob---I find it amazing that a guy such as Gingrich, who is obviously intelligent and educated, participates in such outrageous fear-mongering. At least the baggers have an excuse...they are just fucking stupid. have to lose weight to move to NZ? What's that all about?

Liberality said...

Great! Now I'll have to post this ;~)

Hope your situation clears up soon. Take care.

jadedj said...

Liberality---This is good. Spread it around.

Thanks for your concern. Things are back to normal, at last.

Doug said...

That was good. A good counter to that Englishman (Pat Condell) who says all kinds of things about Muslims and says Americans don't have the backbone to stop the center.

No Mosque at Ground Zero
Islam is not a victim

I see no reason why Park 51 can't be built.

intelliwench said...

Watched the clip with intellikid -- I'm glad for the reference to Niemöller's "First they came..." That has always given me goosebumps. And I'm glad we can still find a voice like Keith Olbermann's on mainstream media.

Mr. Charleston said...

Would comment but I've got to gain 10lbs so I can move to New Zealand.

Heidi Germanaus said...

Well from what I've heard from friends who've traveled there, it seems that you can only apply for residency if you are between the ages of 20-55, are able to speak good English, that you are in decent physical shape and have the ability to provide a positive impact in the nation. They aren't really big on "give us ur poor"...and all that stuff.

I'm a notorious sheep herder sooo....skills-CHECK. I speak the "King's" very well and I got the age thing. But,I'm thinkin' I need to drop 10 pounds to hit the physical aspect.

I'm not political, I swear but these kind of requirements don't seem like such a bad idea for the U.S. to take note of. I'm over having to pay these outrageous taxes for nonsense.

At the very least, you should have to take a drug test each month before you collect a Welfare check and there should be bar codes on junk food and premium items like steak so they cannot be purchased with a government debit card. It's bullshit.

And why the hell aren't they taxing the dick off of any corporations that are currently employing more overseas than in the U.S.? It just feels like were getting screwed over at every turn by every party. I have no faith in our government to do anything any more for our people. If my generation was anything like World War II's we would've probably already started another American Revolution, disbanded the current lobbyist, corrupted system and started over. But were a bunch of apathetic douche monkeys.

sorry to rant on, on J! Too much coffee. :)

Heidi Germanaus said...

1 last thing, if you are a man who has fathered more than one child that you cannot provide for-mandatory vasectomy by law. When you have proven that you can care for the ones you've sired, it can be reversed.

Tom Harper said...

Excellent speech. You go Keith! A local bookstore had a few excerpts from that speech on their chalkboard the other day, but it's nice to hear the whole speech.

jadedj said...

Doug---Thanks, wish I had said so eloquently. Also, I have a flash for Mr.'s not about "backbone", it's about religious freedom that is guaranteed by our constitution. There is nothing gray about it. We can't simply pick and choose who gets the freedom...otherwise, we are not what we pretend to be (not that we are anyway). Obviously he is misinformed regards the matter.

intell---He is whip as we old guys are wont to say.

Mr. C---What in the world do you know about sheep? NO...don't answer that.

Heidi---Well, I am certainly with you on the corporate crap. Rant away :)

Heidi---My feeling is, we get into dangerous waters when we start talking about controlling who breeds, and who doesn't. Because the next step is to decide that not only are irresponsible fathers not worthy of siring, but low I. Q. people (although GWB makes a case for this one)...then redheads...then...well, you know. Now, should their asses go to jail for non-support, or maybe even abandoning their family...hell yes.

Tom---Best speech I've heard in many a day.

Punch said...

Redheaded step chrildren. That! is what is wrong with America. Too many of them and they get to go out any day of the year.
I say beat them for all the sins of mankind. Redheaded stepford Women should be stoned! Well 'cause they might be easier that way.
But I digress, we were hating Muslims i believe.
WEll I don't believe like a muslim, but...nevermind.

jadedj said...

Punch---Get ready, just incurred the wraith of...Tricia and...intelliwench. Your ass is grass. They are going to light on you like the proverbial flies on bat turdies. You poor sumbitch...just can't keep a lid on it can you?

I liked the stoned part though.

Punch said...

uh oh

Punch said...

Hey? wait a minuet,
A) if my ass is grass
B) they light it
C) every body must get stoned.

Just like Bob said.

jadedj said... redeemed yourself...that's pretty damned funny!

I'm fur it!

PENolan said...

I was going to say that demanding all Redheaded women get stoned isn't such a bad idea. The thing is, though, I'm actually more naturally blonde than redhead - which you might think explains a few things except I'm not as dumb as all that. I knew that frosted flakes were not puzzle pieces for Tony the Tiger.

jadedj said...

Tricia---You are obviously in a mellow mood tonight.

Punch, maybe you should run down to the Quickie Dicky store and buy a dozen lottery tickets... before they make the draw.

However, intell has not checked in regards to your not thought-out yet.

Hmmmmm...blonde, eh?

PENolan said...

Yes, blonde
Various shades over the years

But really, Jaded, you told me a long time ago not to pay too much attention to Punch. As soon as he wound himself up about beating stepchildren, he jumped straight to Stepford women when everyone knows it's Stepford WIVES. Then he instantly went for the double entendre by saying Redheaded Stepford women should be stoned because they'd be easier to get along with. The thing is that the Stepford husbands tampered with the brains of their wives - so the Stepford Wives were not stoned at all. Not even chillin' out on Valium.

Poor ol' Punch was mixing his metaphors so thickly he even confused his own self. I can't get fired up about a Punch Misfire.

Punch said...

Mixed metaphors are best shaken and not stirred.

PENolan said...

Well, I had a feeling you'd been drinking.

Distributorcap said...

sometimes keith is over the top - but his special comments are always right on - and this might have been one of his best

intelliwench said...

Oh, hell...late to the party. Yes, I am a redheaded stepdaughter (but my haircolor, if not my psyche, is mellowing with age). I have a feeling Punch knew he was playin' with fire when he embarked on that tirade, however. Often burned, still hasn't learned . . .

jadedj said...

Tricia---Not to add fire to the fool here, but I have often hear Punch say, he never met a Ford he didn't like.



DC---It impressed me as one of the best.


PENolan said...

A Ford?
Fix Or Repair Daily?
Fire it up.

PENolan said...

And Thank you to D-Cap for steering the conversation back to Keith Olbermann. Sometimes I wonder how different Keith Olbermann is from Glenn Beck, except for the fact checking thing. Like TV people in Network or Broadcast News. Manipulation and Propaganda are not exclusively aimed at the Right.

Mr. Charleston said...

I'll have you to know I know quite a lot about sheep. Learned it all from Punch.

PENolan said...

And Yes, I have been smoking weed this morning.

Punch said...

Ahhh Yes the Step Ford.
One of the finest, but says James, in my opinion, there's nothing in this world beats a 52 Vincent and a red headed girl.

jadedj said...

Tricia---Weed? Que es?

Mr. C---I didn't want to bring that up, as I have picked on him enough in this post. Besides, Tricia resorted to weed puffing given the flippant turn of the moi. I stand down and move on...sort of.


Brett Payne said...

Heidi et al - As far as I'm concerned, you'd all be very welcome here in NZ, but I am, after all, just another immigrant. All the hoop-jumping is irksome, but after 3 months of filling in forms, gathering documents, medical examinations, and other minor indignities, it took the oft-criticised authorities a matter of days to approve our application. That was 11 years ago - just before the proverbial shit hit the fan in our country of former abode. As I know from my sisters experience emigrating here last year, the process is not quite so cut and dried now, but still very achievable.

Although I can see plenty of sheep from my window as I type, we've stuck to having a few cows to keep the grass down and the larder stocked - much easier to look after! Unfortunately, the critical commentary of national (NZ) that we see on our screens is far more sheep-like than I would like. There are precious few Keith Olbermanns out there, I'm sad to say, but of course our political centre of gravity is about as far removed from yours as our geographical one.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I know how you feel. I've been out of blogging commision, both as writer and reader. A lot of things just get you away from it and you lose the passion. I may be coming back as I'm starting to post more and read up on my buds. But this past year has sucked me dry--both with the economy and personal matters--it's just better to say nothing.

jadedj said...

Brett Payne---It all gets quite tiresome here, for me at least. I am an American, but I will admit that I don't like many of my fellow citizens and their thinking. But I am not naive enough to think moving somewhere else would fulfill my expectations of what a country ought to be. All governments are by nature, fucked up, even benevolent ones, I think. So, the best I can do is try to teach my children about what is going on here, and hope they will somehow be a part of changing it. I am not optimistic though.

EotR---I am with you. My fury is so up and down, as is my energy to shout out about these bullshit things that are happening. At this moment, I am in a shouting phase. But it somewhat like the felled tree in the forest...not so sure anyone hears it...and, what difference is it making.

Good that you are back my friend.

Chimp said...

Glad things are back to normal for you. Surprised so many had seen this and it made such an impact.

jadedj said...

Thanks Chimp...and thanks for pointing the video out to me.