Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You're pulling my leg...right? Right?

"I am not a good American...I prefer to form my own opinions" - George Carlin

And my friends wonder why my blood pressure is so high...and why I just don't seem to be able to Ommmmmmmmmmm out. Well, friends read this hockeyness.

This from POLITICO:
GOP frosh: Where's my health care?

Andy Harris is pictured. | AP Photo
Republican Andy Harris demanded to know why his health care plan takes a month to kick in. | AP PhotoClose

A conservative Maryland physician elected to Congress on an anti-Obamacare platform surprised fellow freshmen at a Monday orientation session by demanding to know why his government-subsidized health care plan takes a month to kick in.

Republican Andy Harris, an anesthesiologist who defeated freshman Democrat Frank Kratovil on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, reacted incredulously when informed that federal law mandated that his government-subsidized health care policy would take effect on Feb. 1 – 28 days after his Jan. 3rd swearing-in.

“He stood up and asked the two ladies who were answering questions why it had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care,” said a congressional staffer who saw the exchange. The benefits session, held behind closed doors, drew about 250 freshman members, staffers and family members to the Capitol Visitors Center auditorium late Monday morning,”.

“Harris then asked if he could purchase insurance from the government to cover the gap,” added the aide, who was struck by the similarity to Harris’s request and the public option he denounced as a gateway to socialized medicine.

Harris, a Maryland state senator who works at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and several hospitals on the Eastern Shore, also told the audience, “This is the only employer I’ve ever worked for where you don’t get coverage the first day you are employed,” his spokeswoman Anna Nix told POLITICO.

Under COBRA law, Harris can pay a premium to extend his current health insurance an additional month.

Nix said Harris, who is the father of five, wasn’t being hypocritical – he was just pointing out the inefficiency of government-run health care.

Harris hammered Kratovil on health care throughout a bitter fall campaign, despite the fact that the conservative Democrat voted twice against the reform package backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), a close Kratovil ally.



Sue said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! Sorry, I have no words...

jadedj said...

Sue---Amazing, isn't it?

Doug said...

So, this douchenozzle doesn't get any health care insurance from any of the hospitals he works for, or can't afford his own premiums? Gosh. Odd that he can't see the irony in his question. Wait, he's a douchnozzle, of course he can't.

PENolan said...

Thank heavens I've already been smoking weed tonight. Smoking weed and wondering about whores.

Jerry Critter said...

I am going to repeat my comment that I left over at Tim's place.

"Tell the Son of a Bitch that he can go to the Emergency Room like his constituents that don’t have health insurance. Shit! He’s a fucking doctor. Heal thy self, Asshole!"

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a hypocrite! But why should that be surprising?

diane said...

He's running on 1/2 a brain, the other half gets sat on.

Punch said...

They are all whores and thieves.

jadedj said...

Doug---Good word, douchenozzle! This guy is such a hypocrite that I seriously doubt that he gives a flying ef about irony.

Tricia---And then you come over here and read about one.

Jerry---Hear, hear!

DSWS---You are right...it's not. What is surprising to me is that these guys have the balls to pull this kind of shit....repeatedly.

diane---Or, he's a cunning slimeball.


tnlib said...

I'll ditto Jerry. Freshmen should only be seen and not heard. Or, it's better to keep your mouth shut and show no ignorance than to open it and leave no doubt.

Kulkuri said...

Like he can't afford Cobra coverage???? If he can't how in the hell does anybody expect Joe Six-Pack to be able to afford it??? He needs to be Dope-Slapped and told, "Welcome to the Real World"!!

Even a douchenozzle is useful at times, a more appropiate term would be HEMORRHOID!!

Mr. Charleston said...

Now, now. You should give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Like, I doubt this asshole needs government health insurance in the first place. Or, I wonder if he's going to refuse the lifelong government retirement benefits that come with the office... I doubt it.

Or.. I wonder if JJ is ever going to get rid of that annoying word scramble that he raked me over the coals for.

Tom Harper said...

I'm glad so many bloggers have posted about this. For years to come, every time somebody does a web search for "Andy Harris," the first ten screens will be nothing but blog posts describing this incident. Serves him right.

jadedj said...

tnlib---I'll ditto your ditto and raise. There's no accounting for taste or stupidity...something like that.

Kulkuri---Cobra coverage for a cobra. Hemorrhoid, in deed.

Mr. C---Or, I am wondering if C can let it go, seeing as how it was TWO YEARS ago...said in jest. Otherwise, I don't believe one thing Punch says about you...you are OK with me.

BTW-that feature IS NOT activated...I have no idea why you're getting that.

Tom---You are spot on. We can't yell about this kind of inconsistent GOP crap enough. That is the problem, we need people in D.C. and with the press who will get right in their lying faces with this sort of thing. These are not the times for gentlemanly behavior.

Chimp said...

Since this A-hole is an anesthesiologist, all he has to do is give himself an anesthetic and go to sleep for a month and then his Tax-payer paid healthcare will kick in. He can put a cardboard cutout of himself in the House of Representatives with a recording saying, "No!" all the time and no one will notice that he's not there.

When he says, “This is the only employer I’ve ever worked for where you don’t get coverage the first day you are employed,” he must not have ever worked in an American company.

These are the Republican A-holes that don't want Healthcare, Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid for the American people.

Chimp said...


Jerry Critter said...

Are you saying that republicans would rather kill people than save them?

I'm shocked, I tell you. Just shocked! :)

jadedj said...


Chimp---Say what? Nah. The benevolent GOP? The kill a commie for Christ bunch? Say it ain't so.

Jerry---No, not at all. I'm saying they want to eat them. Soylent Green on it's little old corporate way.

Chimp said...

Instead of the "Drinking The Tea" Party or the "Eating The Macaroni" Party we should now form the "Eat The Rich" Party. We are getting poorer and our food is getting more and more expensive and the rich are getting richer and fatter. This would be one way for the middle class and the poor to get the protein and fat we need, for free. The next time we have a party for our party, we invite the rich for dinner - our dinner!

jadedj said...

Chimp---bon appetit!

Land of shimp said...

Yes, Senator, now imagine millions of people feeling what you are feeling "But what will I do without healthcare? Where do I turn?" and let that previously unknown feeling bite you firmly in the butt, and spur you to a different course of action.

That feeling so foreign to him and known as "empathy".

He's never had an employer that didn't offer health care of the first day, eh? What nice, rarefied air he breathes.

jadedj said...

Los---And I bet if you asked he'd tell you he is a God fearing, bible believing Christian...you know, the ones who believe in do unto others, and love thy neighbor...all that good shit.


holy shit...that's the weirdest thing ever..

jadedj said...

YD G---Weirdest INFURIATING, (and this one's for you), FUCKING thing ever.

Harlequin said...

scary; verrry scary. please, keep them below the border... please??

jadedj said...

Harlequin---Not to worry. This bunch would never step foot in "a commie, socialist medicine" country.