Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Note to the Idjit Element of America

"I am not a good American...I prefer to form my own opinions" - George Carlin

As a worker in America, you can be sure that all of the following benefits (and these are but a few) are the results of the efforts of labor unions:

- 8 hour work day

- 40 hour work week

- Unemployment insurance

- A minimum wage law

- Anti-discrimination in the workplace based on age, sex, or race

- Child Labor laws

- Safe and secure working conditions in the workplace

- Paid vacations

- Paid sick leave

So why in the world would you support the end of collective bargaining? Think about it, the end of collective bargaining benefits one entity, and one entity only...the buzzards of corporate America...and they are planning to pick YOUR bones next. Seriously.

This is only the beginning. Coming soon, your state will be adopting ramrod legislation, as well...just like this:


Debra She Who Seeks said...

When people don't know which side their bread is buttered on, they are idjits indeed.

jadedj said...

DSWS---Ain't it the truth. This shit is slapping them in the face...and butt...and they say, pretty please...more, more, more. I just don't get it.

Sue said...

I'm sick of these evil wingnuts and their plan to destroy America. I have some hope tho after witnessing all the protest rallies today. I am starting to see an uprising of liberals ready to take back their country from the crazies!

JJ do you mind if I put that list on my header??

jadedj said...

Sue---As am I sue. The list is absolutely up for grabs...the more people who post this sort of thing, the better. Please do.

Sue said...

thanks sweetie!

Mr. Charleston said...

You're wasting your words JJ. I've been making this argument to people for decades. Even to people who benefit from working in union shops but who refuse to join the union. Even to independent truckers who directly benefit from union driven minimum haul rates. In the face of dogma wrapped in the flag and God Bless America, people are just fucking stupid.

willis said...

Well put. Mostly unrecognized by those that work for a living without the benefit of a union but very true.


sigh* just boggles the mind..the absolute stupidity of the entire right wing party hats.

jadedj said...

Sue---Is nothing. Glad it makes you happy.

Mr. C---Maybe so, but it makes me feel good, just pointing it out to the choir.

willis---Makes my butt suck wind, it's so unbelievable.

YD G---See my butt wind sucking comment above.

Punch said...

All I can do is shake my head from right to left and walk away knowing that the children will be the ones to pay the price. Next could be women and equal pay.

Mr. Charleston said...

I know what you mean. We're too old to take it to the streets so the least we can do it continue to raise hell.

Susan said...

You are right, JJ. If it were up to those who sign the paychecks, I wouldn't even have insurance.

The people who agree with the Republicans either have no idea on what it is to work hard for nothing or they have drunk the kool aid--they think this will get them jobs and back to the great American dream.

tnlib said...

Great list. I'm going to put it on my FB.

jadedj said...

Punch---That's the truth of it, we'll be out of here, but our children will pay dearly for the actions of buffoons.

Mr. C---And often.

Susan---It would seem that their motto is, drink the kool aid, because it's easier than having to think.

tnlib---Thank you, and please do.

intelliwench said...

It's so pleasant to come "home" to my blogger buddies after this morning's breakfast table conversation with mother! (The short version, unions are corrupt, welfare mothers breed for more benefits, and my mother is glad she'll be dead by the time the muslim brotherhood finishes destroying the country. She didn't hear a damn thing I said in return until I mentioned that her social security and medicare are welfare benefits, too...then she suddenly needed to go have a cigarette.)

Will someone here please adopt me?

Tom Harper said...

One of the ironies I've noticed from this whole shebang in Wisconsin: When the state assembly Democrats were filibustering, they had to actually be there, physically, standing there, talking, debating, until they were totally zombied out from 72 hours with no sleep.

I had almost forgotten, that's what the word "filibuster" means. It's a grueling ongoing excruciating activity.

Compare these Wisconsin Assembly members with the rightwing bloatbags in the U.S. Senate when they "filibuster" a bill. There's no activity whatsoever. They don't argue or debate or stay up all night. All they do is announce that they're gonna filibuster a bill, and everything grinds to a halt.

jadedj said...

intell---It's not the muslims your mother needs to worry about...but then, I get the idea that it would do no good to tell her.

I will take the adoption idea under advisement...with my wife. I am pretty sure I know the answer, however. Meanwhile, don't take up smoking again (I know, I know...I just like a non sequitur thrown in here and there...spices things up a bit).

Tom---Everything grinds to a halt, except my teeth. I am so sick of this gaggle of goons lying out of every orifice in their bodies...and the goats who believe them, and keep bending over for them. GAWDALMIGHTY!

Chimp said...

They are working hard to eliminate not only labor unions but also child labor laws and the minimum wage.

They already eliminated free or discounted medical insurance or bypass it (like Wal-Mart) by hiring people part-time.

And they are constantly trying to destroy Social Security & Medicare by claiming it's broke after they pillage it.

They want us all back to the days of only two classes: royals and serfs.

jadedj said...

Chimp---Yes. Labor made the middle class. Labor supports the Democratic Party. Destroy labor unions, you eliminate the middle class, and severely damage the Democratic Party (lestwise the part that hasn't been bought up by big business). Don't tell me there are no conspiracies in the United States. Conspiracy is spelled...K.O.C.H.

Chimp said...

Eat The Rich!!!

jadedj said...

Chimp---and their stinkin' cake!

Harlequin said...

it's too easy to take for granted something so hard fought for .... and i am constantly amazed at the rhetoric against collective bargaining, as if anything would be negotiated in good faith ( or otherwise) without it.

The Plashing Vole said...

A very good article on this subject:

Who you callin' housewife? said...

Well golly Ned, that list of items -- that's what is hurting small business these days. (Small business -- that's always the excuse given by Republicans, right?) It's just unamerican to hurt small business (which is just another name for big business, apparently).

And to the person who suggested eating the rich -- they're full of cholesterol.

jadedj said...

Harlequin---Negotiating is no longer in the U.S. English lexicon, methinks.

TPV---Thank you for that, not good, but excellent article. It is spot on.

Wych?---Hey, thanks for coming by and commenting. Please come back.

I can't dispute one point you've made here.

As to chowing down on fat cats, I am told they are bitter, as well.