Friday, August 19, 2011

PBS', Making Sense: 'Land of the Free...Home of the Poor'

"I am not a good American...I prefer to form my own opinions" - George Carlin

I saw this on Cooks and Liars. An excerpt from a PBS News Hour episode. A must watch, in my view.

"Making Sen$e correspondent Paul Solman reports on the extreme inequality in the U.S. It's now on par with African dictatorships"

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

And things are only going to get worse if the Teaparty ever gets its hands on real power. Wake up, America!

Tom Harper said...

Them there African dictators are a bunch of commies. America needs more inequality.

squatlo said...

I think the lady at the very end of the video who wanted to live in the country with the most inequality (USA) simply wanted a yellow pie. Maybe she has a thing for lemon pies?

Actually, this was very interesting and I can't believe it hooked me for eleven minutes on a busy day.

How'd THAT happen!

Mr. Charleston said...

Didn't have to watch it. Saw it when it aired. Made me sick then. Didn't want to get sick all over again. Excuse me, there's a Bogart movie on.

jadedj said...

DSWS---Depressing, isn't it?

Tom---Well actually, the Soviet Military build-up makes those guys look like pussy willows...per M. Bachwad.

squatlo---No doubt.

The same thing happened to me...I just couldn't stop watching it. I usually don't post any video that is more that 4 or 5 minutes. People are reading on the fly, and many have several blogs to catch up with...and are simply at work and too busy. I felt this was worth it.

Mr. C---Sorry, that wasn't my goal. Give me Bogart any day vs. a pie chart.

Punch said...

I can't even listen beyond 2 minutes.
It is the weekend;

This too shall pass.
Think I’ll mow the grass.

America is approaching czarist Russia,
Or perhaps French and their revolution.
Let’s see now what was it? Church run, very rich government.
Or was it a very Church run government of the rich.
I forget.
Heads began to roll in 1789, over low wages.

Oh, here is the good news.
The American Rich are skimping on paying, the cops and firefighters. (Pensions and all like that there…)
Duh, you fucks have the money…why do they rob banks…DUH… (it is a rhetorical question!!!! Dickhead!!!) Look at England…
They are not going to rob me DickHead. I’m broke.

Let’s see now; your house is on fire; and the raccoons are running, loose and looting and shooting and grabbing and washing their hands, and, knocking over lids and where are the fucking donuts shops?

I need a godDamn fucking cop…oh yeah WE,
Cut back in government spending.

And all you needed to do was, get to the airport to fly to Aruba.
But the chopper can’t land ‘cause you passed laws against that,
in your deed restricted ‘hood.

Who you gonna call?
The LimO! Just like you always have.

I pray this does not happen, in my lifetime,

“Now you can say that I’ve grown bitter of this you may be sure
The rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor
And there’s a mighty judgment coming, but I may be wrong
You see, you sear these funny voices
In the Tower of Song”
Leonard Cohen

(sorry for the rant)


face it..we're fucked

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

I must admit this was too depressing to watch all the way through. I think I'll move to a country that takes better care of its citizens. Like Mexico or something.

intelliwench said...

There have long been vast numbers of "invisible" poor (read Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed), but maybe if things keep going the way they are, there'll be some critical mass reached, where the poor can't be ignored, and that will open people's eyes.

(No, really, I haven't been smoking anything this morning....really.)

Susan said...

I'm with Eliot. It is horrible to contemplate, but all too real. Yeah, we are fucked and it isn't fair.

jadedj said...

Punch---Rant away, pal. I can't pick at anything you said except to say...they, THEY hire their own Blackwater poooooolicemen. They don't need no stinkin' police force.

YD G---How did I know you were going to say that? ;-)

Elliot M-M---Indeed it is. However, there's also Greenland...or, Iceland, even. I'm pretty sure the wealth is equaled out over there...and the walrus blubber.

Incidentally...thanks for the follow and comment.

intell---I don't know. These people, THEY, are so damned powerful, that I don't have much hope that we can curtail them...but then I am jaded, aren't I. smoke here either...just java, java, and joe.

Susan---I've nothing to add to that. Well, except...M O M M A!

Punch said...

I was going to mention the private cops, but wanted you to bait the field.
They are paid mercenaries. They are capitalist. They listen to Glenn Beck.
They want to get paid in gold. The most gold for the bang. So to speak.

While rich fucker A is negotiating with them, the hoodlums are ransacking His/Her house. Rick Fucker B sees what is going on and does not want to pay for bad workmanship and refuses to pay.
Now the not-Paid Mercenaries are ransacking Fucked Richie B’s crib.
Rich Fucker C is beginning to piss his pants ‘cause he knows the check will bounce, just like Rich Fucker D, Rich Fucker C’s lawyer, told him it would. (no problem let them sue we can tie the up for years (no pun)
Now Rich Fucker D, also negotiating for Rich Fucker A,is about to learn what a crab feels like crawling across the floors of silent seas.

Louis XVI, late husband of Marie What! No Cake! Antoinette, had the entire French royal guard (spare me the jokes) to protect Versailles. The French women butchers, with there knives, 20,000 of them, stormed the castle, cut off the heads of the guards, stuck them on their own pikes and went into the castle.
Louis XVI, ahhh lets say relieved himself without removing any clothing.
For a while there the French people played Boules with the heads of church leaders and monks.

Nasty bit of history.

BTW the catch phrase is ‘we don’t need no stinking badges’

jadedj said...

Punch2---You do realize that your dissertation(s) almost exceeded the length of the video, do you not?

But, that's OK, because some of us (THEM) need to be reminded of historical events (even Franchie ones) least they be repeated (as you seem to be saying.) However, I am pretty sure our women butchers with, or sans knives, voted Teabageringly (sic) (is it sic if I made it up? intell...please advise) and will not be cutting any rich bitch throats, or religious mucky mucks either, any time soon...they now have Ricky Dicky Perry to masterbate over.

Btw...the American gentry do not refer to the gendarmes as "badges". Es verdad, senor!

Chimp said...

Amerika the Ugly

O disgusting for chem trail skies,
For eColi waves of GMO grain,
For Iraqi mountain massacres
Above the bloody plain!

Amerika! Amerika!
The rich shit his crap on thee
And killed thy poor with tax-hood
From sea to bloody sea!

jadedj said...

Chimp---Under God...under forgot Unter Gott.

Chimp said...

Which God? These are the ones I pray to every day, to make sure I have the right one. Of course, there are hundreds more:

Allah, Aphrodite, Apollo, Atlas, Bacchus, Dagon, Diana, Eos, Hades, Hermes, Iris, Isis, Jesus. Juno, Jupiter, Krishna, Luna, Mercury, Minerva, Muses, Nemesis, Neptune, Odin, Osiris, Pan, Phoebe, Quetzalcoatl, Re, Seti, Shiva, Sin, Sol, Thor, Venus, Vishnu, Vulcan and Zeus

jadedj said...

Chimp---Don't ask me...ask them.