Saturday, March 31, 2012

And now, some craft talk...just for Ricky

"I am not a good American...I prefer to form my own opinions" - George Carlin

I can't take credit for wife found it on line and bless her, she thought of me...and you...and Ricky Santorum, the pinky kind of guy (see last post). Ol' Ricky would like to get into every uterus in America (for godly purposes, mind you). So I'm of the opinion that we all should buy one of these and send it to him. The address...wait, there is some confusion as to that...check this site out and make your parcel post out according to what you deduce...that is, if you can figure out where he actually lives,  I love me some lying sack of batshit politician:

Btw, my apologies to the creator of this great idea. No disrepect intended...except to Santorump, that is.

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Crochet Uterus Softie
Crochet Uterus Softie Crochet Uterus Softie
A stuffed crochet uterus with ovaries. She's a happy uterus!

Uterus is about 5" tall and 10" wide. While she is sturdy and machine-washable, she's not recommended for small children.

I can make this into a hanging ornament at your request, just leave a note about it in the comment to seller!

Please note that this is handmade, and your uterus may be slightly different than the picture shown. I can also change the colors if you'd like, just leave a note to seller when you check-out! You can also opt to have the face left off.

These are made-to-order and I will ship within 10 postal business days of the order being placed.
Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.


Mr. Charleston said...

Might be more effective for everyone to send Ricky Scrotum an email or Facebook thingy with the image of the pink uterus. Who knows, could go viral.

Sarge said...

I hope he gets on the ticket - that will be another landslide win for Obama.

Good post..



what Sarge said.

Tom Harper said...

This crochet uterus will go well next to my hanging pink crochet ultrasound device. Every uterus must submit to the ultrasound, as God intended.

boomer bob said...


Where's the counterpart? Huh???

Pink Balls Ricky is gonna be very, very mad about this oversight

boomer bob said...

I just realized this! I actually had a true, unadulterated epiphany!

Dubya had his soul mate in Putin
Reagan had Thatcher
Slick Willy had Tony Blair

And now I give you: Rick Santorum and Joe Arpaio

YES!! Rick Santorum is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s soul mate. Pink undies and all.

Move aside Warren Commission - you ain't got nuthin on me

jadedj said...

Mr. C---Ah but, you can't stuff the Facebook thingy with pink slime...which I plan to do.

Sarge---I don't think I can put up with his whiny ass voice one more minute. Wouldn't be worth it for me. Wait a minute, maybe this is the plan...wear us down with whinyassness.

Thanks, btw.

YD G---Thank my loverly wife person.

Tom---Is this what they call soft porn?

boomer b---The counterpart is a cocheted prostate finger prober. Manly blue, of course. Ricky LOVES that one, I'm told.

boomer b---In my view, Old Joe and Ricky should be deported to Joe's country of origin...Fatassbigmouthastan.

Good report, though.

the walking man said...

So you really, I mean REALLY don't like this stupid fucker? He's simply trying to lead us to be a moral, upstanding, God fearing, misogynistic, controlling society. Jaysus man don't you see how well that works for the Saudi's? It wasn't their ARAMCO oil finds but their Godly ways that made the House of Saud all that and then some and ol' blow me Rick just wants the same for the bunghole of Santorum. Leave the bitch alone says I!

Chimp said...

I'm thinking this uterus thingy is big enough to cut out the eye holes and put it over Rick's head with pink pony tails which will then match his pink tie. He can also wear his blue 'prostate softie' over his pants. He can also get a pair of chartreuse 'walk-on-water-like-bejezzus' softie slippers. Praise his sweet lord!

Kulkuri said...

But where do you stick the ultrasound probe????

jadedj said...

w m---It's not so much contempt, hate and loathing (all of which has it's merits as regards this douche brain), but more the fact that he makes my ass suck wind every time he opens his sniveling, pseudo-pius, anal sphincter of a mouth.

For sure, GWB had a similar effect on me, excepting the wind went the other way...out.

Chimp---Works for me, brother.

Kulkuri---Ricky bends over, grabs his ankles...and yells, oh God, oh God, ooooooooGawd!!!

Punch said...

I'm with walking man.

jadedj said...

Punch---I will stay out of Ricky's wife's uterus, if he stays out of my wife's uterus.

Punch said...

Say What?

jadedj said...

Punch---Say what what?

Punch said...

Say What Again!

jadedj said...

Punch---Again, say what?

mo.stoneskin said...

I'm glad my uterus may be slightly different than the picture shown...wait, do I have a uterus?!

jadedj said...

Mo---I cannot attest to the fact, but I believe you have that other Latin thingy, the scrotum.

There is a detachable version...but that is the subject of a future post.

boomer bob said...

I think we might want a few for the Supreme Court Justices too

jadedj said...

boomer---I hear there is a special crochet piece for that gang...douche bags.

Shrinky said...

Brilliant - hell, I'll even throw my own uteres in too (I'm done with it), if it helps the cause..?

jadedj said...

Shrinky---Have you any idea what the postage is on that? We have a limited budget. The gesture is a grand one, however.

Harlequin said...

great post and great comments;
finally, a product that i can dangle from my rear view mirror with great good glee.

jadedj said...

Harlequin--I have no idea why, but Blogger put your comment in my spam folder. That is why it's taken me so long to respond. Sorry.

This is a much better idea than those things I see now and again dangling from trailer hitches on some pick up trucks.

Gorilla Bananas said...

That's the happiest looking uterus I've ever seen. Can anyone use her or she is impregnable?

jadedj said...

Gorilla---You've seen a lot of uterii, have you? ;-)

Demeur said...

After seeing your post on flying I now know why I'll be taking the train. Maybe better luck there. All ultrasound questions I see have been answered here except for their medical necessity.

Can we have a set of boobs to go with this softie?

jadedj said...

Demeur---I'm of the opinion that the WalTrak train is somewhere in between the WalAir Terminal and the WalHound bus station in terms of clientele wardrobe. And remember, the latter is the place of which YellowDog Granny warned us. When YD Granny speaks, I listen.

It is good that you should bring this up because hese babies are made for BOOBS...the ones on the right side of the aisle in in Congress...vada boom!