Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Siberian Shuffle

We've had 5 straight days of 50-60 degree weather. I've seen people in shorts. I had to dig out a light jacket and tee shirts. We've only run the furnace very early in the morning. We've laughed and scoffed at the groundhog...I even wrote a piece about it on my blog. There's been no ice on the roads for at least a week...out of sight, out of mind. We haven't had to warm up our cars in the mornings. We've not scraped, or brushed a windshield. We've not pushed one morsel of snow flake down the driveway. We've been in a mental tropical zone, sans palm trees.,..and loving it.

Seen here are some locals taking advantage of this unusual February weather here in Nebraska:

And now this, this afternoon:

Warning Issue Date: 102 PM CST WED FEB 11 2009

The National Weather Service in Omaha/Valley has issued a Winter
Storm Watch...which is in effect from Friday morning through Friday

Snow...heavy at times...should begin to overspread the watch area
Friday morning and last through early Friday evening before
tapering to flurries later Friday evening.

Snowfall accumulations of 5 to 10 inches are expected across a large portion
of the watch area...with locally higher amounts possible. In addition
to the
snow...Northeast winds of 15 to 30 MPH would cause areas of
blowing and drifting snow...resulting in reduced visibilities...
and hazardous Driving conditions.

If you aren't feeling sorry for us right now, it's because you live in Canada.

I just want you to know that come Friday night, this will be ex-Floridian/Californian,
displaced and mistaken for the Thing From Outer Space (look it up):

I personally want to remind the weatherman of the fate of the last weatherman
to predict this sort of thing in the middle of February...and ask if he would like to reconsider this ridiculous forecast...


Doug said...

They didn't give a temp with that forecast. Ours are going to be back in the seasonal range next week, around 26-27°F, but there doesn't seem to be much snow forecast. Rain tonight and tomorrow.

Just another couple of weeks till March, jj, and three more till official spring. You should be thawed out by then ;-)

jadedj said...

Doug---I will say, my plight is no where near as dire as yours has been this Winter. So it is poignant that you offer sympathy to me at this point. The temps predicted are in the low 20's, which ain't too bad. It's the thought of maybe shoveling 10" of snow that grabs my craw. I hate that damned groundhog.

yankeedog said...

Well, it appears that the People's Republic of Iowa seperates you and I. And like you, I've enjoyed the thaw and melting of the snowpack here.

You can, however, keep that snowstorm over there in the Land of the Cornhusker. I've seen enough for the season, thank you.

jadedj said...

YD---it's entirely my brother's fault...he lives in Southern California. Every time they get significant rain, it makes it's way here...frozen. He's been reminding me of this for a week now...while laughing. Unlike me, he is a smart ass.

Dr Zibbs said...

Nice. Except for the dudes and that chick with the huge butt on the far right.

Chimpplanet said...

Maye we should strat building some guillotines to take care of the weathermen, the bankers and others wjo do us harm.

jadedj said...

Dr.---I agree, but what ya gonna do...that's the mayor's nephews...and the mayor's wife.

Chimp---I have the tools. Give me a list. I am short on tempered steel, however.

MickH said...

Just be glad you don't live in Victoria Australia dude, it's been a tad hot down there lately.

Nice to have found you again by the way :-)

jadedj said...

Mick---I've been following that. Except for the fire part, I'd love to be there because I'm a lizard by can't get hot enough for me...well, except for that lady's husband back in '87 who set fire to my pick I was sitting in it. But that's another story.

Glad you stopped by. I've been over to your blog a number of times, but it seems it's usually when I'm in a hurry.

miss amy said...

No sympathy from this gal.
I am from Canada mind you.

jadedj said...

miss amy---Nebraska is definitely in the bush league regards serious snow. I lived in Ann Arbor, Mich for 4 years. My Canadian friends always rolled their eyes when I whined about the Michigan snow, and it snows all the time in Michigan.

btw, thanks for stopping by.

intelliwench said...

I'm not feeling at all sorry for you -- because that crap's heading this way next!

jadedj said...

intell---har harf...we almost dodged it. Still we only got 3". Piece of cake.

Somebody up there read this blog, because the rest of Cornycobland got plastered, deeply. You are hanging out with the great influence(r) here...I'll put in a couple of words for you...dabba abba du, keep intelliwench from the snew. There.