Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Love Goddesss

An old favorite of mine revisited. Judy Tenuta. I love you Judy in your Judyness. Jaded.

A couple of other notes regards Judy:

Other monikers include "Aphrodite of the Accordion," "Fashion Saint," "Princess of Panty Shields," and "Empress of Elvis Impersonators."

Tenuta's persona encourages fans to convert to her own personal religion, "Judyism."

She married Emo Philips in 1988, but they've since divorced and remarried again in 2000.


Punch said...

Where is Judy?

jadedj said...

Punch---again, she's still love goddessing. has her own

Xanadu said...

She was married to Emo Phillips? Two of a kind! lol. I've seen him in person, and he is great! Now Judy Tenuta---that was a blast from the past! Thanks for sharing. :-) Hugs.

jadedj said...

Xanadu---Glad to hear from a fellow Judyism fan. And Emo, I always thought he was underrated.

Judy was one clever lady. I'm going to do a post about my attraction to clever and funny ladies.

Thanks for stopping by.

SunTiger said...

What an incredibly beautiful woman. Very funny.

mister anchovy said...

Har I say!

jadedj said...

Sun---indeedy. Glad you enjoyed her.

mister anchovy---hold the Pepperoni! She is har.

Doug said...

She is kind of out there, eh? I like her little interjection, "It could happen". Does she make comedy sexy, or did comedy make her sexy...?

jadedj said...

Doug---it COULD.

Well, she IS a sex goddess. One of the Sisters of the Midnight Mercies, mention by Punch somewhere here recently.

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