Friday, July 3, 2009


My good online friends Punch and Mr. Charleston have lately been posting about one of my favorite subjects, God and Heyzeus, and Zen things, all like that there. I thought it was time I posted something I presented a couple of years ago over at JournalSpace. It's a couple of videos which deal with creationism and food. I DID say food.

But, in my travels looking for those videos to share with you, I ran across this. It is so fucking ridiculous that I finally opined...this can't be has to be parody. But is it? What do you think? Could be real.

The presenter's name is Edward Current, which is, in and of itself suspicious, methinks.

If he is not real, then he is good, very good. If he is real...he's a fucking idiot. I remain agnostic on the subject of Edward Current.

The floor is open for discussion.

Bananas tomorrow.


Doug said...

An eddy current is an electrical phenomenon, this guy is an internet phenomenon. He wrote a comic in 2006 with a scenario that put Obama in the White House, a year before Obama announced his presidency. Hmmm... maybe the Prez was an Eddie Current fan...

Punch said...

Ok, Jack! I listened to the whole thing. All the f*****' way through. Dry humor is among the lost arts. So my vote is he has his tongue in his cheek. But that is very close to the way those folks think. "the bible says it, I believe it, that settles it"
YOu need to stay away from those sites, you could get a virus, start singing hymns and such, learn to not like Mark Twain, Richard Pryon, George Carlin, and all like that there.

Lou said...
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Moko 2.0 said...


Atheism, good grief. Just as retarded as Scientology.

the walking man said...

"My religion videos are comedies. I am not a Christian." Edward Current

And thou art cast into the fiery pit of hell.

Punch said...

He says Fundamentalist Agnostic like it is a bad thing.
BTW where is the good in grief?

jadedj said...

All---coulda fooled me. After further investigation, I concluded...he did.

Moko---I'm not understanding the rant. Are you speaking to me? If so, I don't recall saying that I'm an Atheist, or anything else for that matter. Just presenting what I thought was possibly a funny routine.

As to atheism being retarded, that would be one man's opinion...but there are a hellofa lot of very intelligent people out there that are atheists.

the walking man said...

...and Jesus said to the crowd on the hill; "Lighten the fuck up willya?"

Fancy Schmancy said...

I came to say something but can't remember after reading walking man's comment. LMAO. I just love Jesus humor.

jadedj said...
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jadedj said...
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Benjamin Judge said...

Well if it is a joke it backfired. I used to be a pretty commited athiest but having seen that I am definitely going out to get me some churching. Check mate!

Punch said...

ok ok so what the fuck did jadedj delete??? just what mutherf*****r??
Bet it was him admitting to going the an AA meeting. atheist anonymous, you know the 12 step program to being programed.
I kinda Fancy Schmancy!

jadedj said...

Doug---I just realized that I didn't acknowledge the eddy current information. Thanks...I for one didn't know that.

Benjamin---You've been had. It was a double ruse...sort of like a mole...a double agent. It was designed to GET you to join the holy smollies. Rusing for Jesus!

Punch---you are pathetic. Did you have a little to much of the blood of Jesus at the services today? I deleted a grammatically incorrect sentence. You see, Mr. Paranoia, one cannot go back and make corrections to the comments. One has to delete and start over...and then one can start on the blood.

jadedj said...

wm---thanks for reminding me of this humbling quote. I was just last week reading that in my King Jim Bible. I believe it was in Lobotomy: 3:12, v6. Yes, that was it. Thanks again brother.

Fancy---I love it when readers forget what they were going to say. It makes it so much easier for me and my responses.

Did you hear the one about Jesus and the blind leper beggar who was selling pencils? Jesus came upon him and said..."dude, those aren't pencils...they're fingers"...vada boom.

Punch said...

Two (2) posts now have been deleted!!

When i late wrote it was one (1) uno, eine.
Just how long did it take??? hummm??? to delete it??? 18 minutes??? and you call ME pathetic. I did not drink the blood of... well ok i am having beef for supper, but The Word is paranoid.!!
See!! D not an A. A stands for...well you guess it, atheist anonymous,... (you need to run for public office) Two (2) posts deleted, already, and I'll just bet this makes three?
Poor Fancy Schmancy, the dear child is looking for cover. (Fancy, catch up to rapidly Walking Man, he is a good guy) don't look back.
Did you hear the one about Jesus walking into a bar? I didn't either.

jadedj said...

Punch---I was not aware that there is a limit on the number one is allowed to delete. Also, it was two COMMENTS...not posts. Posts are the main body...subject. I repeat, one cannot edit COMMMENTS. One must delete them (refer to my previous COMMENT to you regards this SAME subject). If need be in my next POST, that is main body, I will be glad to go over this again for you.


\ˌper-ə-ˈnȯi-ə, ˌpa-rə-\
New Latin, from Greek, madness, from paranous demented, from para- + nous mind

1 : a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations.


Perhaps it was a bad choice of words. Maybe MR. ANNOYING? or, MR. PETTY?, or MR. Can't grasp simple explanations, or concepts, after being told twice, even though we know a certain person WAS indeed ingesting a bit too much of the blud of the lamb.

I thought it was...the one about Jesus walking into a Bar Mitzvah.

Mr. Charleston said...

Boys, boys! What the fuck?

Here it is the evening of Sunday, July 5th, when Real Americans are nursing a hangover and JJ has to attack the Christians. Attacking Christians apparently launches brother Punch into a feeding frenzy.

Fix yourselves a drink and jerk off, or whatever it is that makes you smile.

Jeeze, I take one day away from the PC to just hang with the young-uns and come home to find a shit fight over atheists of all things.

Didn't matter to me whether Eddie Current was faking or not, I was too busy laughing my ass off to care.

But Punch has a point about the deleted comments. Sounds like brother JJ had a change of mind about publishing something to me. I wonder what it was he was going to say?

jadedj said...

OK, brother it is...this is what I deleted...twice...sit down and take the fucking it is:

First delete: Jesus Loves You.

Second delete: Jesus loves you even though you are ABC Zero.

jadedj said...

Oh yeah, Mr. C---don't go hanging out again. This is not that kind of blog, er, journal.

Mr. Charleston said...

How glorious to awake on a Monday morning to learn that Jesus loves me. Hey, wait a minute, wasn't he that Puerto Rican in the boneyard?

jadedj said...

Mr. C---No, no, no...that was Geraldo.

The Peach Tart said...

I was laughing my ass off (which is a good thing after the recent holiday eating and drinking binge) watching this video. It reminded me of the childhood indoctrinations in the southern Baptist church.

I sensed a little bit of hater going on here amongst you all in these comments and well whether your a Christian or an atheist, ain't no hating allowed.

jadedj said...

Peach--- Oh, no, no, hater stuff. It is subtle, but this thing between the three of us (Punch (as in drunk), Mr. Charleston (who names oneself after a town?), and myself (Mr. Magnificent, the All Knowing), is tonguey-in-cheeky banterism at it's finest. Honed by 3 former good ol' boys, and years of shedding the shackles of sensualness and sinnerlyness between Sisters of the Midnight Mercies. See? We know that Jesus and Karl loves us...especially after the 5 p.m. hour, when one sheds all doubt.

The other angry ones need to speak for themselves...except the walkingman, who speaks eloquently and rhymnedly for all of us.

Simon said...

Haha. Very good: dry humour at its best. I even saw the ‘God designed the banana so it would fit in the human hand’ argument on a genuine Christian site once. Also, as Doug pointed out, the man’s name – Eddy Current – is an electric engineer’s joke, though I’m sorry to say I didn’t see it at first.