Wednesday, August 19, 2009



An aside added after posting this. Over at distributorcaps blog today is the most logical posting of the health care mess I have read yet...entitled, Twisted Prezel Logic. Please, do yourself a favor and go read's not very long. HERE. more add on, Tome of the Unknown Writer. A companion piece to the distributorcap post, which is where I stumbled on the Tome. For sure a MUST read.

Yes indeedy. I was awarded Diane over at Cooking Blind, who has a unique and many awarded blog herself...if you haven't done so, check her out.

The award is the Honest Scrap Award. I thought she had stumbled on the wrong blog, but after checking it out, it would appear that she really intended for me to have it. I can't attest to her state of mind in doing this, but I am honored. Thank you Diane.

The deal is, I have to pass it along to someone else, and, here is the difficult part, I have to reveal ten unknown things about myself...publicly. I don't even know ten unknown things about myself. But I'll try.

All of that being said, I am going to bend the rules a bit, and not award this to one person...but two. They are...Punch at A Theater of the Absurd (who, btw HATES awards ((hee hee---suck it up P)) ), and Mr. Charleston over at Termites of Sin (who, btw, LOVES awards and attention of any sort). So go check these two cretins out, and if you figure out exactly what their ramblings are about, please enlighten me, OK?


1. My real name is not Jadedj. It's Elvis Presley, and I was last seen near my house.

2. I didn't go to college right out of high school. I enrolled when I was twenty-five, and graduated at twenty-nine.

3. I worked a full-time night job as a trucking dispatcher, my final two years of college. I averaged about four hours sleep per day. The good news was, I had plenty of idle time on the job to do papers, and such. If I had to do that now, I would be dead, pronto.

4. I have to give myself injections one a week, to stave off the pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Such is life. The shots would cost me, if I didn't have insurance, $750 each. With the insurance, my co-pay is $20 each. Related to this, my wife took a position about two years ago with a company which had incredible benefits. Prior to that, and prior to my diagnosis of RA, we had no insurance. There was no insurance through my job, and my wife was a contract worker who did pharmaceutical audits (irony?). The insurance on our children was through the state Medicaid program. We had a heck of a time keeping our income at the level to qualify for that. Now we have good insurance, but pay out a hefty chunk of money each month for it. However, considering my medication, it is worth it.

5. Half way through this arduous task. OK, I cheated on this one.

6. I started playing the drums at age 12. Haven't had a pair of sticks in my paws for many years. It's still in my head though. Vada boom, vada boom, boom, boom, boom, etc.

7. As a child, I did not get along with my stepfather. My mother finally decided that one of us was going to die, if she didn't do something about it. So my grandparents raised me from age 9. She did not leave the drunken bastard. My half-brother, stayed with my mother and his father. My half-brother, quit school and ran away from home at 16. I cannot to this day figure out why my half-brother did not bludgeon my stepfather to death. I suppose my brother's pacifist genes were from my mother. Some men, and women, just shouldn't be in charge of children is my conclusion from all of this.

8. The two roaches in my thumbnail, are two certain bloggers with whom I commiserate. No names...OK, initials...P & C.

9. My wife is considerably younger than I. It wasn't planned that way, it just happened. We've been together 13 years and have two children. The best phase of my life yet. Oh, and you will never know just how much younger. Blaaaaah to you.

10. I recently won the Nigerian Lottery. I am still trying to raise $500 to send to the Lottery Secretary, Mr. Mumgotcha (you must pronounce that rapidly), to cover shipment costs to the U.S. At this point I am about $490 shy. I intend to do a post about it after I get the money together.

Oh, and if anyone is interested, I have the address of where you can purchase Nigerian Lottery tickets. Just ask.


Mr. Condescending said...

Oh that sucks about the RA, I do card magic and it would be devastating for me! I hope those shots do their job, they better for what they cost!

So elvis, sing somethin for us!

The Peach Tart said...

JJ- You know Punch and Mr. Charleston are probably going to hem and haw about that damn award but they so deserve it as do you. The three of you and our buddy the walking man were some of my first friends when I started blogging 5 months ago and I can't wait to see when any of you have posted something new.

Good to learn more things about you although there's still so much I want to know. Just because I'm a curious bitch.

Perhaps if we ever get health care reform, your family's health care costs will go down.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---mostly ok...shot results that is. The problem is, it attacks the immune system, so I have to be very careful about infections.

Singing only on Saturday nights, in the shower, after my wife brings home the brown bag with the daddy medicine in it.

jadedj said...

Peach---why thank you. As to P & C, they have to take it, or I will reveal which Witness Protection Program they are in. And there are some real bad boys who would like to have that bit of info.

Not that interesting really.

Well, we are ok at the moment, but I do feel there are others in the same boat who are not. If my wife were to lose her job, we'd be screwed, as far as insurance is concerned.

Quite honestly, I find those kinds of prices for medication beyond evil. Yes mine is being paid And I read that my meds are Abbott Lab's highest money maker. Reeeeeeealy? Can't imagine why. $3,000 a month just from my prescriptions alone.

PENolan said...

congratulations on the well deserved recognition, and keep on singing

jadedj said...

PE---thank you from me and my mama.

Lou said...

Very interesting, slowly (very very slowly) I'm building up a picture of you and yours. Heavy bummer about the RA, I've seen what that's like and it don't look like fun. It is so wrong for people to have to worry about the cost of critical care/drugs. My dad always said you could judge a society by how they look after their kids, their sick and their elderly.

Did your half brother make it through OK or is he screwed by life?

MeanDonnaJean said...

Oh Lord have we go AGAIN with these damn "awards"....{where ya gotta stand on yer head 'n spit wooden nickles 'n rub yer belly 'n pat yer head 'n don't forget to grab yer keyboard while yer at it cuz ya gotta pass it along to the next 10 shmucks who ya really wanna torture to death but who won't know any better cuz they think they're special cuz they're gettin' some damn award 'n ya gotta repeat after me ten times 'n lick yer forehead 'n promise to sacrifice yer last born kid 'n ya gotta bite every third toenail on each foot 'n ya gotta do this all o' this shit at the same damn time}........just fuckin' shoot me already, will ya please???? ;-)

(wellllll, what I REALLY meant to say was THIS: Better u than ME!)

Nah, really.....I'm happy for ya. Congrats on the award, kiddo.

jadedj said...

Mean---Har, har, har, and precisely why I didn't give it to you. Ooooooh, I did consider it, yessiree, did indeed. But let me throw this at could still happen. Punch and C have to give to someone too. HAR HAR HAR HAR!

jadedj said...


jadedj said...

Lou---for some reason only known to Blogger dogger, your comment came after MeanJean's...but is here, before hers. Hmmmm. Time difference?

Your dad was spot on. We Americans have become some very mean spirited people.

My brother is an inspiration to gumption and over coming great odds. He quit high school. Knocked up his girl friend. Married her. Had a son. Went to night school to get his electrician's license. At the same time he took correspondence courses to complete his high school diploma, while trying to raise a family, and working. He later started his own electrical contracting business and was very successful. He got a degree, at night, in electrical engineering. Got a marine pilot's license, became a scuba dive instructor, and spent 4 years in the Bahamas as pilot of a three-man marine research submarine. Quite a guy. He now lives in California, has his own consulting business. His father was a drunk and wife beater. In contrast, my brother is a compassionate and intelligent man.

Mango Girl said...

Elvis: I do empathize with the RA. Get some sticks on your paws already!

I too am trying to gather the funds to collect on the lottery that I won. Now some woman who is blind and dying from cancer wants to share her husbands fortune with me, providing I send her money first. Working on that one, too.

jadedj said...

Mango---I ain't nothing but a hound dawg...with no sticks in my paws.

I don't quite "see" the lady sharing with you, but I do have some extra Nigerian Lottery tickets you might be interested in.

Mr. Charleston said...

Don't know where to start with this JJ. All agree, bummer about the RA. These kind of prescriptions blow you through the donut hole in Medicare. Then they're free.

As to the award... We don't need no stinkin' awards. I absolutely refuse to divulge to the general public that I am a bi-polar, homophobic, hemophiliac, racist faggot. And that's that! Besides, I haven't gotten anything other than your word to show for it. No logo. No trophy. Nothing! So put that in your bong and smoke it.

As to the Nigerian lottery ticket... no thanks, got one. And on top of that, I have just been informed that I have won 800 pounds in the UK lottery. I was going to blog about it until this mermaid thing came up. I've always had a thing for mermaids.

BTW... Your brother is an inspiration. Was he perhaps working for the Jason project?

otin said...

I seem to have won many things from strange over seas people!? hehe!

jadedj said...

Mr. Chas---Probably shouldn't have mentioned the RA. I am covered. I am relatively pain free. These shots are a miracle. I can't imagine having this even 20 years ago. I am ok with it.

Yes the donut hole. The fucking BUSH donut hole. Yet another watered-down turd of a bill. Now you've gotten me started. When that particular dog and pony show legislation was passed, it pissed me off so bad, I vowed never to participate. At the time of course, I didn't have RA. So. And that piece of crap almost requires that one have something as fucked up as I have in order to be effective. See...drug companies at work...again. This is my problem with compromise on the health care will be so watered down that it will favor the drug and medical industries, and pad the pols campaign, if not private, pockets ad naueum. Enough already.

Dumb ass...the logo is right up there at the beginning of the fucking reads, HONEST SCRAP. You/one right clicks, saves, and posts to one's/your blog. Links it to my blog, and moves on with one's/your life...such as it is. Jesus.

The general and blog public already knows this shit about you. So, use your pitiful imagination and make something up.

UK? UK, beaucookay. 800 Pounds? We are talking MILLIONS in Nigeria. You can blow up as many mermaid dolls as you want with that.

My brother knows nothing about the Bourne guy. Nothing.

Otin---over whose seas? :)

Doug said...

I hate memes. I'm happy that you have your RA under control, and may it always be, bro.

jadedj said...

Doug---I agree. Although, I think Marcel Marceau had his moments.

Thanks for the very kind words.

Punch said...

Dumb ass...the logo is right up there at the beginning of the fucking reads, HONEST SCRAP. You/one right clicks, saves, and posts to one's/your blog. Links it to my blog, and moves on with one's/your life...such as it is. Jesus.

(ahem) do you realize what you just asked this ol' boy to do??? huhhhh/??????/
number one thing - why do i have to do all the work, right click,save, paste, link, move on. See, right there, I knew you were a right wingnut. Nothing wrong with moving on or...nevermind I mean, you gave me the award, and then why don't you give me the...nevermind.
number 2wo thing...this ain't a fuckin'post, jack, I don't see anyone copulating, anywhere, anyplace, no how, nope, nada.
number 3hree thing...i am sadden to hear about the RA,truly that is not funny, BUT that don't give you reason to give me an award. See that shit ain't funny either!
number 4our thing...see PeachT has inexorably connected you, Mr. Chuckton and my beautiful self. My life in the blogosphere is ruinit. Just ruinit.
number 5ive thing...Lou, please take a 5" wide paint brush, dip in one of those buckets o' whitewash ya'll Z'Landers paint ya'll's houses with and start over on your portrait of JadedJ. I have used almost 5 gallons of Sherwin-Williams 'snow drift white' and I still can't get the image off the canvas.
number six thing...See JadedJ, now you have upset MeanDonnaJean, I have been trying to calm her down 'cause of the heat and the A/C she's atryin' to buy and all' and now this fuckin' award thingie, damnit you might as well have called her SweetDonatellaJacqueline, jesus she agonna be pissed. And now I practacialy have, fucking HAVE to give her the fucking award, (not that you don't deserved it Mean I mean REALLYmeadDonnaJean, 'cause you do, but Mr Jaded Shit for BRAINs don't...) fuck I'm a dead man walkin'
number 7even thing...MangoG if he is Elvis, I'm Pricilla
number 8ight thing...MR. Chuck, you live for awards, why I recall just a few years ago you won the 'Most likely to run off with a blow up mermaid' you were like a kid with a new bicycle. Don't be em barrassed. har gwuphaaww chuckle
number 9ine thing...otin I sure this is one of the strangest oversees things you have met.
number 10en thing... Memes hum, nothing to hate? or is there?? Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes, in that they self-replicate and respond to selective pressures. Memeticists have not empirically proven the existence of discrete memes or their proposed mechanism, and memes (as distinct from ideas or cultural phenomena) do not form part of the consensus of mainstream social sciences.
Perhaps you might be onto something, this blog is definitively out of the mainstream.

the walking man said...

Old man snagged his self a young hottie *Slap the high five* Two young 'uns in his old age *slap the low five* I had to inject insulin everyday for the past ten years *flip the finger at the drug profiteers* I don't worry about shit when it comes to myself.

But I have been writing letters like a son of a bitch to The White House. congress and every committee I can think of that has a dick in this whole health care wringer.

They all want to reform insurance. I want to reform Health Care.

Grats om the 'ward bro. Thank you for not passing it my way I just put them in a file and make a nod to the giver....never could get them to post ha ha ha this is when ignorance IS bliss.

Heidi Germanaus said...

Also sorry to hear about your arthritis. I've heard it's quite painful but I was happy to learn more about you. We have more in common than I realized.

Congrats on your major award! hee hee

Dedene said...

Gee, I've won the same lottery several times already. But I've never sent them any money. Just for giggles, I called their phone number in England, and got some drunken Nigerian on the phone.

Sorry about your RA, thank god you've got good insurance!

Congrats to P&C!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Are you really Elvis? I got questions.

jadedj said...

Punch/Priscilla---I rest my case.

WM---bummer. My ex wife also had to do the daily insulin shot. And like you, she had a good attitude about it. That's just the way it is.

I really didn't mean to dwell on the RA thing as oh pity me. My motive was to point to the sorry ass state of our medical options. My wife loses her job = we lose our insurance. The COBRA plan is a crock of shit...far too expensive. The only good news would be, our kids could get on the state Medicaid program...A SOCIALIST PROGRAM, of evil intentions, according to many of our less intelligent brethern.

Ditto the reform of Health you know.

Two things I knew with this award...DO.NOT.GIVE.TO.MEANJEAN.AND.WALKINGMAN.

Heidi---you are far too kind to this ex-R&R Idol.

Dedene---are you sure you didn't get 10 Downing Street?

The RA is under control...our Congress is not.

Thanks for the well wishes.

EoR---ask away (as long as they are not about my mama).

diane said...

Just to show you what a dedicated reader I am, it took me almost an hour to read and comment on all of those links. And it was an hour well spent.

I can't work like I used to either, it sucks about your step-dad, and why can't they track down those Nigerian scammers already?

diane said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Global non-compliance day, no spending, August 25th.

jadedj said...

diane---Well, my sources tell me that they have tracked down two of them. One runs a Theater, and the other is a Bug exterminator...not sure where though.

No problem with the money anyway. Great idea, if we all do it.

Punch said...

JadedJ...Who's yo Daddy?

jadedj said...

Punch---The Mississippi is ma daddy, boy. Born on a sandbar and riding a catfish afore they cut the cord. Be damned glad you didn't mention my mama.

Megan the plumber said...

Great article, very interesting

jadedj said...

Megan---you actually read this pathetic stuff? Very strong constitution, methinks. Thanks for your comments, and fortitude.