Monday, March 29, 2010

Precisely why we need a public option.

Read this New York Times article.

Could there be any worse slime balls in this country than the insurance industry? Health as a commodity, with a bottom line...profit, profit, and more profit.

I am not a religious man, but I have to say, oh lordy, lordy, lordy...please let there be an eternal fire and brimstone for America's insurance execs.


Sue said...

JJ, I got an email from one of the progressive organizations today on this subject. They are working hard with alot of our good hard working Senators and Congressmen and women to bring us a public option or better yet single payer. Our countrymen deserve better then what the status quo gives us!

Jerry Critter said...

I hear about this on the Thom Hartman Show this morning. This is just another example of why we should prevent for-profit health insurance companies from providing primary health insurance. They are no about helping people. They are about making a profit by NOT helping people.

I agree with Sue. We deserve better.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...


Holte Ender said...

Time for an Executive Order to stop this crap. Quick while Congress is on Spring Break.

Tom Harper said...

Would drawing and quartering be unconstitutional for these insurance thugs? I'll settle for that Executive Order in the meantime.

jadedj said...

Sue and Jerry---Amen to that. When I read this NYT article, I was so pissed I had to post it.

Sue you are correct, I am getting bombarded with progressive petitions, etc, and signing every damned one of them. I don't know what's going to quell my anger though. How did we ever come to produce these kinds of people in this country (rhetorical). It's all most unbelievable.

Bucko---and morally reprehensible.

Holte---I agree and can you hear the hate media goons jumping on that one?

Tom---I am of the hot tar and feather school.

mo.stoneskin said...

And there I was, moaning about car parking charges. To be honest, rather than worrying about fire and brimstone why don't you just come over here and pike off our NHS, it's much better.

jadedj said...

mo---I would, but it's that left-hand side of the road thing. I'd be T-boned and dead in two days..NHS nothwithstanding. However, thanks for the invite, mate.

Moko 2.0 said...


Maybe you can help me. I'm actually trying to figure out the American - see what I did there, I refrained from using Seppo ;o) - health system. It seems I can't get a straight answer on my blog without politics getting involved.

So, if I may....

1. What's the negatives of the current health reforms regarding insurance for all(?). It seems to me it merely comes down to the connotation of "socialist health care" and people not wanting to cover others who don't pay tax. This true, or is there some real flaws with it?.

2. Is there no free health care for everyone?. I understand private health care and the insurance needed; we have it here, but the public health system is effective - (on a grass roots level. They REALLY need doctors running hospitals, and not business people) - but I don't get individual health debt that you guys have. That means there's no basic care for 'free' or through a medicare or something?.

Sorry if I come across as retarded. Just trying to figure you guys out. o.O

RealityZone said...

Health Care belongs on Main St. not Wall St.
Lets get one thing straight right out of the gate.
Public Option, Or Single Payer was never ever in the cards for the Obama Team, Or the spineless dems.
The only way we will have Socialized Medicine is when we are forced to. That crucial decision will be made when HC becomes 25% of our GDP. This might not be too far away, Especially with this watered down legislation that was written by, and for Ins. Corps. and big Pharma.

Punch said...

If i spend more than 1 minute thinking about it all, I begin to rant. All my compassion for understanding of the nature of men, goes flying in the direction of the opponents of health care reform. A plague on their house. (chuckle)

jadedj said...

Moko---good to hear from you...long time no hear.

First, understand that you are speaking to a liberal here. I am biased, and I can understand why you are getting biased answers, because this is a volatile issue.

Simplified, and I do mean simplified, conservative Republicans stand for NO interference from government. Their mantra is, the free market will take care of any problems. Which in the case of our recent bank debacle, and health care...we find that it does not. In fact, this philosophy, starting with Ronnie Reagan, and expounded upon by George Bush, has brought near disaster on this country.

Okay, there...I got in my licks.

It is difficult to condense all of this in this space and time. There are nuances and history which have built up to this point, which one needs to study to understand, but I'll try. Anyone else, feel free to jump in here.

At any rate, your questions:

1. Negative - there is no public insurance to counter the excesses of the private insurance industry. Many progressives, such as myself, wanted either a public option, that is government health insurance, to compete with the private sector, and keep the insurance industry and it's excesses in check, or an extension of Medicare, that is medicare for all, currently it is for seniors over 65 only. Depending on whether they include prescriptions in their Medicare program, the seniors pay about $100 per month. This program is already in place and would require no new agencies. We didn't get either. Many of us are hoping the recently passed HCF, will lead to a more expansive and inclusive set of bills, which will include the above ideas.

2. There is no free health care in this country...neither government, or private. One can go to an emergency room at any hospital, and they will not be turned down for care. However, they WILL get an outrageous bill from the hospital and doctors involved. It is not free...ever. Many, many, many millions of Americans have gone bankrupt over these kinds of medical bills of a catastrophic nature.

Unfortunately you have hit on the American medical system....that is, it is run by corporations who have a bottom lots of it. What we liberal/progressive types are up in arms over is the exorbitant private insurance rates which many people cannot afford, thus denying basic health care to millions of Americans. We are also pissed regards the convoluted conditions of health insurance. For example, one can have insurance and yet be canceled if one exceeds a certain limit (determined by the insurance company). One can be denied certain tests that the insurance company doesn't want to pay (thus negating what one's doctor thinks is necessary). One can have what is called a pre-existing condition and be either denied, or canceled...and an infinite amount of rules established by the insurance companies, ad nauseam. In other words, health is treated in this country as an commodity, and a profit producing product.

Reality---I can't argue with one point that you make. At this moment, my money is on Grayson of Florida.

Punch---I will double that plague, with very large rats. I too am sick of their shenanigans. My wrath is at an all time high. Seriously.

Moko 2.0 said...

Thanks heaps mate.

Mr. Charleston said...

Wanda Sykes has a good bent on those opposed to public health care. She proposes an "opt out" option. People who don't want public health care can wear a bracelet that identifies them as opted out of the system. That way, when they lose their jobs and get hit by a bus, all you have to do is look to see if they are wearing a bracelet. If they are, "You shit out of luck bro."

Great job describing the mess JJ.

jadedj said...

Moko---I am sure you lads think we are totally insane. But I hope that muddy puddle is a little clearer for you.

Mr. C---That will be one whole hell of a lot of bracelets if you believe the tea bag mob.

Thanks bro.

Kulkuri said...

On your response to Moko, not all ER's will take you. The only ones that have to take all comers are ones that have excepted Federal money(usually county hospitals) under some bill from the early 50s. If they took the Federal money, they have to take anyone that comes in the door. Private hospitals can refuse anyone they think won't be able to pay. The Librul Media hasn't said anything about it in years, but there were stories some years back about people dying in ambulances while going from hospital to hospital looking for one that would take the patient with no insurance.

Kulkuri said...

Make that *accepted* Federal money.

jadedj said...

Kulkuri---Thanks for the input. In my haste, I had forgotten about that. All of which makes resistance to HCR all the more deplorable, methinks.

Chimp said...

The insurance companies were in the forefront in their attack on healthcare reforms. They sent out their employees to protest with threats that they may lose their jobs. The sickness of most corporations nowadays is that they are not happy just making a profit. It has to be a humongous profit and every year, higher and hgigher.They are not here for the people. They are here for thewir stockholders!

jadedj said...

Chimp---And added to the sickness are the dopes who think somehow this is some socialist plot against them. Fed, duped, and screwed...from the rear by the profit mongers of America.

Punch said...

You think too much.
"Clever people and grocers, they weigh everything."

jadedj said...

Punch---Ahem...indeed. There are those who think and appear to be thinking too much to the non-thinkers, methinks.

I am now convinced, beyond a shadow of doubt that you and the "C" are one and the same. Did you ever watch the movie, The Three Faces of Eve? Here we have the two faces of Punch.

BTW, that weigh thing is whey out of line.

Punch said...

Which Way leads out of here?

jadedj said...

Punch---Out of HERE? Slightly to the right.

Punch said...

I should have known.

Christina said...

The government does not have the right to tell me I have to get insurance!!! Granted health insurance premiums are just too expensive - one reason why I stopped paying February 2007! Ive got a mortgage to pay couldnt afford both plus too I got tired of having to pay for some 'illegal' robbing the system!

Also where do you 'Progressives' think the money is coming from to pay this very huge bill of 967 billion? I guess you havent heard, America is BROKE!!!!!

Jerry Critter said...

Are you willing to get only medical care that you can afford to pay for? For example, if you fall down and break your leg and you cannot afford to get it fixed, will you not go to a doctor? Right now you can go to an emergency room and they will fix it FREE to you if you cannot pay it. All the rest of us pay for it for you.

I will be willing to agree that you don't need health insurance if you are willing to forgo medical care if you cannot pay the FULL cost yourself, even if it means you die.

jadedj said...

Christina---The subject was, insurance companies cutting benefits to children...with profit being the motivational force.

No right to tell you to buy insurance. So you mean for example, oh say, auto insurance?

The mortgage story is a sad one. None of us "progressives" have that problem. That's a great idea though...cut off your nose to spite your face, because some boogie people are out there using your hard earned money. And what "illegals" are you talking about...the brown ones, the yellow ones, or the white ones?

I get it, on the conservative planet, health care = no...two equally expensive illegal wars = ok. What is broke Christina, is that many in America have lost their compassion, and money, killing and arrogant attitudes have replace it.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your "enlightened" opinion. Next time, READ the post, or the article to which it refers...and stick to the thread, or I will delete your comment.

Jerry---You cannot reason with, not change the opinion of, an echo. Good point from my view, though.

Land of shimp said...

"Also where do you 'Progressives' think the money is coming from to pay this very huge bill of 967 billion? I guess you havent heard, America is BROKE!!!!!"

Yeah, I'd heard that. Eight years of Bush did wonders for our deficit, not to mention fighting a hideously expensive war in a country where we have no business being.

Wow, and I just had this scathingly brilliant idea about where we could save some money. Just came to me.

Anyway, my son has Type 1 diabetes so I really wish a host of plagues upon the insurance industry as a whole. He does have coverage through us, but you know what, lots of children are nowhere near as fortunate.

I've been a supporter of Universal Health care since back in the days that Clinton took a run at it. Hopefully someday we'll get there, and this is a step in the right direction.

If I had access to a time machine I'd use it to do one thing: Go back and emigrate to Canada before my son's birth. We have a positively medieval approach to our societal structure.

I hope things will change.

Oh, and I hope that the blighted souls in the insurance industry who routinely condemn people to suffering and dying, end up in the worst parts of know, across the tracks hell. Forget eternal damnation and suffering, send them to a hell dimension where they are gifted with human compassion, and have to live with the guilt of what they did in life for eternity.

jadedj said...

L o s---I second every word you've written here. My oldest daughter and my wife have asthma. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Between the three of us, we have some heavy duty costly medications. Currently we have insurance through my wife's employment. We have lived in fear for a number of years that we could lose our insurance. Currently we expend almost $700 per month in premiums for a family of four, but without it, our medications alone would run well over $30,000 per year. So, my feathers get in a dither when folks such as Christina, (who also will benefit from this bill)get all pissy and spout the company line about what a bad idea it is. Bullshit! Go the fuck away pissant.

intelliwench said...

Hi, Jaded - long time no comment, I know. Mostly it's because I'm so enraged by what's going on in politics, health care, education, etc., I'm reduced to angry, incoherent babbling if I try to express an opinion.

However...the snow is finally all gone (except where they artificially enhanced it at the ski resorts), my Bolivian Love Amulet is having some sort of, um, "effect," and the Wailers are back in town next weekend, just in time for an early birthday get-down. Life ain't all bad...

Punch said...

L.o.S...."Forget eternal damnation and suffering, send them to a hell dimension where they are gifted with human compassion, and have to live with the guilt of what they did in life for eternity".
This is perhaps one of the most poyianant thougts of this blog post.
If one is to view one's fears of 'illigals robbing the system' (technicality they are 'stealing') none the less, if that is viewed as a prayer, then a Godlike system will answer in another life by allowing them to live the life of an 'illigal, robbing', the people they live around. Hard concept to grasp, sorta like a rich f****r coming back as a begger in Calcutta.
In the end we all recieve what we pray for.

jadedj said...

intell---Angry minds run in the same vein. Wid ya...I have lost all civility with the right. My conclusion is that it is a major waste of time to even try to communicate with parrots. Their callousness and arrogance keeps getting in my face. So here I sit with my delete button perpetually on the ready.

Are we going to hear more regards the Bolivian mojo?

Punch---That is probably the most succinct "Ommmmmmmm" comment I have ever read. Moo Om, bro.

intelliwench said...

Jj - "mojo" details have been sent to you via e-mail...and that's all I'm sayin' here :-)

longge said...

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