Sunday, July 4, 2010

A 4th of July video just for me.


OK, I'll get in step...Happy fourth, even though at this point it's almost over. But, hey.

Actually, I hate this holiday. To me, it's backslapping at it's worse...not to mention, damn loud...starting way last week by every peckerwood in my neighborhood with a lighter, or a pack of matches.

So I looked on YouTube for a video that best expresses it for me. And my ol' buddy came through for me. Telling it like it is:


RealityZone said...

He is the man, bar none.

I have never understood why, African Americans, American Indians, Women, non property owners, celebrate the 4th.

Most of the [Founding Fathers] were not what peeps are taught in school.

jadedj said...

RZ---As they say over there on Wall Street, and in the halls of Congress...we are definitely on the same page, pardner.

There was a Foster Brooks video on YouTube, in which Foster was roasting George Washington, and while it was funny, as was most of his drunk routines, it didn't quite say what I wanted it to say. If George Carlin doesn't make one think, then one is brain dead.

Mr. Charleston said...

Thanks for the laugh JJ. I needed it. Nearly burned the house down today by punching a hole in a 220 line in the wall. Knocked out the AC and I've spent most of the day repairing it. Crap!

I guess I'm one of those who actually enjoy the 4th. Probably because it's a casual holiday, no pressure... don't have to cook a turkey or buy gifts, just hang and burn a hot dog. Finally, I'm getting to my hot dog and beer and good old George put me in the right mood.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You can always count on George Carlin.

Chimp said...

George Carlin explains our country the best! July 4th has been the worst holiday to work at my motel for the past nine years! This year I lucked out! My co-worker asked me to work a day for her and I said, "Yes" if you work July 3 and 4!!! She did! She'll probably hate me for it in the future, but...
Since it also rained here all weekend, Iwould have also had to listen to the tourists complain about the weather and demand that I fix it!

Punch said...

He was just so very right, right on.

Chimp said...

Of course, I had to run out and post an appropriate George Carelin video. You can't have Carlin all to yourself.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---I won't pontificate with my 4th opinions. Glad it gave you a chuckle. Hope the dawgs were all that you expected.

DSWS---So true.

Chimp---Baaaaaad your co-worker, that is.

Punch---He's da man.

Chimp---Hey, YouTube is an equal opportunity soapbox thingy, you know.

PENolan said...

What a coincidence! I was just talking about George Carlin with my mother.

Hope you're having a swell weekend.


i think if our founding fathers knew what we had done to their country, they'd take it all back.

jadedj said...

PE---It was a bangless rained, har har har har. have your sense of humor back.

YDG---And give it to the indians, perhaps? Nah.

jadedj said...

Mr. C---I just realized that I completely passed over your shocking story of the fourth. Sorry. I hope it didn't burn you up.

Anonymous said...

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